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Welcome to my workshop on the web. Think of this as the front hall, from here you can visit the different studios and workshops. I have many interests, from fashio design to lace making to painting to gardening.


The Litter Box: My day to day journal of things I am doing, comings and goings in my family, what I am making, what I am thinking of making, sewing, fashion, beading, jewelry making, and other assorted fussing, mewings, and scratchings. I have eclectic tastes and I never know what I'm going to dump in the litterbox. It might be trash, it might be treasure. Feel free to dig around!


The photo albums: Click on the Photo Albums link up at the top to see my photo albums.  I have some vacation pictures, a stroll through my flower garden, And a few older albums of things I've sewn in the past.

The Sewing room: I have a whole bunch of original projects here, some with patterns and instructions.


The Craft Room: Here you will find instructions for making your own Torchon Lace bobbins, Tatting instructions, a few lace patterns, embroidery patterns, knitting patterns, whatever else I have worked on.


Gluten Free recipes:Here are a few Gluten free recipes that I made up from myself. I have included a few original gluten free cookies, schnitzel, a coating perfect for chicken fingers, mushrooms, and onion rings, and whatever else.


>My NovelMany years ago while the kids were napping or at school I wrote a novel. I titled it Baseball Annie, or One of the Guys. Still can't decide which title I prefer. A Baseball Annie is what players call over-enthusiastic femal fans who have extensive knowledge of the game and how it is played. Annies are NOT typical groupies, they always know as much about the sport as the players. When you read the stry you'll understand who is the real "baseball Annie" I'm quite proud of my story. I first posted in on line almost ten years ago on a free Geocities site and it is now in its new happy internet home. I think it's pretty good for a novel I wrote while not know anything about writing a novel. Parts make me cringe, parts I still enjoy. I'm working on a sequel whenI have the time and inclination.



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