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Friday, 19 July 2013
yet another different look
Mood:  accident prone
Topic: The New Box!

And here's yet another different look.  This time the title is where it's supposed to be...but I can't get it any bigger than that! That's not big enough or bold enough!

I'm thinking that the buttons are far more appropriate for the current scope of the blog. This blog has somehow morphed from an personal opinion/anything/everything blog to one that's more about sewing, design, and creative stuff.  I like the little kitty, but for the life of me I can't get the Litterbox title to show up in the right place. 

And that's it for today. Coming soon: dyeing something that doesn't want to be dyed. I'm experimenting with something that's not well covered on line. Even an expert is a little short of details in her website.  By Monday all the experiments will be done and I will post the results and a couple recipes.  

Posted by lincatz at 11:19 AM EDT
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Thursday, 18 July 2013
new designs -but not in clothes!
Mood:  accident prone
Topic: The New Box!

Notice anything different with the old Litter Box?  I've been fiddling around with a bunch of settings and pictures and it looks a little different.  I've got only one problem -the litterbox title is supposed to be BETWEEN the kitty and her ball of yarn. Not below.

However if that's the only failure then I'm happy.  I might change a couple colors -I think they are a bit blah -or not.  Apparently the six people who tested this layout and color scheme scored it high on easy to read, easy on the eyes, and good use of graphics and text. One objected to a couple of pictures in past entries. Apparently this one was offended by a couple things and is not a fan of truncated horses, girls in bikinis, the show CSI, or mild suggestions of incest on said TV show.

I also have a couple new layout and designs for the main site.  This is a preview shot of one: 

The right side stays stationary and the left side has room for pictures, text and links.  The right side has room for "widgets" like a twitter feed, follow me on facebook, share this,  my soundcloud and last-fm playlists, weather window, and that type of thing.  The left side is where the main text and links go.  There will be directory of sub-sections and sub-domains.   Each will be a panel with a picture and a large title in a special font.  Place the mouse over the panel and it will open up and the text describing the section will appear. 

It was suggested that since I have sub-domains I should use them for stuff that isn't fashion and art related.   Like the squirrels, it was suggested that creative writing goes in a subdomain and

Here's a preview shot of the second page with a couple of the title panels: 

There are more panels below titled "to sew: fashion clothing" "to Craft: accessories" "DIY Lacemaking for beginners" "Art Gallery"and a couple more.  Hover the mouse over each panel and again a picture, text and link appear.  The link will go to another table-of-contents type page with a list of clickable article titles that each have a brief description.

The top sample is supposed to be modern and sophisticated. It takes some of my favorite colors and puts them together is a very clean and minimalist art deco inspired page.  It suits my retro inspired yet still  modern aesthetic. The second sample is younger, free-spirited and inspired by street art.  I can use a graffiti tag inspired Lincatz logo -which I also happen to have. It represent the free spirited less is not more aesthetic

So the choice boils down to the overall image I wist to project: retro/modern and sophisticated or forever young and free-spirited.  Either one would work.  -although I am starting to see the merits of one over the other.  One has far more room to grow and evolve and the other has a little less scope for growth and change. 

And that's what's been going on here in Lincatz-Land! Coding websites isn't easy -especially when one has no idea what one is doing.  Now I have to go and add the "Share this" code and the sitemeter code to the blog and see if I can get the title between the kitty and the yarn without blowing up the whole darned site! 



Posted by lincatz at 10:07 AM EDT
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Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Topic: The New Box!

Good morning.  notice anything different?  Yes, that's correct.  The litterbox is a bit different.  It's going to be a bit different every day for a while.  It's like going into the store dressing room with a zillion new outfits to try on.  I have to try them all on and in different combinations to see how they look on me.  So I'll be trying on a bunch of new clothes on the litterbox to see which one I like best. 

Not that new colours or graphics will clean up the stench around here, but it will make things pretty enough that I hope no one notices that while it's new box on the outside, it's still the same old crap on the inside!

Still patiently waiting for spring to arrive.  There's plenty of rain, and it is above freezing, but all that's doing is turning the snow into grey ice pellets.  We seem to have two choices, above freezing and rainy, or below freezing and sunny.  At this point I think I'll take the sun.  I don't get soaking wet from sunshowers.

I've been gluing crystals to a few things, notably some pink stretchy velvet.  I've really toned down my original idea for the one top.  It was way overboard when I laid out the crystals before gluing them down.  And for me to think something is way get the picture!   It might have fit in back in the mid seventies disco glitter era, but in the 21st was a bit much.

The tank top only needs its eyelets now.  Everything else is completed.  The pants have all the main seams done, all I need to do it attach the waistband to the pants. No crystals or doo dads here, that would look excessively tacky.  The pants are tacky enough as it is! 

I forgot to offer my pithy yet pointed comments on the latest episodes of Project Runway!  i know Christian wins, that's no surprise and the fine art challenge proved once again that someday he deserves to take over Dior.  The fine art challenge was interesting.  I loved Sweet P's peacock inspiration and hated what she did with it.  I would have made a bustled and trained dress, short in the front, long in the back and used miles and miles of layered organzas in blues, greens and golds.  perhaps with a gold bodice.  They had three hundred dollars and you can get some spectacular fabrics with that money --or you can get large quantities of fabric.  Of course rami the draper picked the grecian surprise.  This seemed to be the first challenge where Gillian wasn't on the verge of a nervous breakdown.   

Next week is the reunion episode where Victorya exposes herself as a first class whiny bitch.  It's also the first new episode of CSI:Miami.  A malcontent from the production staff has been posting all sorts of stuff about David Caruso, AKA Super Cop and his Sunglasses of Justice.  Most of it is the "he can't walk and chew gum at the same time and he can't remember any more than three words at a time" variety.  Who cares?  It's just a stupid cop show!  I still say that Caruso is this generation's Shatner and twenty five years from now there will be CSI conventions and a CSI nerd cults.  It's all good fun and not meant to be taken so seriously.  I assume we'll be watching Miami.  I wonder if they will continue with the planned story arc leading to Super Cop having a Super Breakdown.  (that's what the broken Sunglasses of Justice are supposed to symbolize; Caine having a full scale mental meltdown.)

So that's all for today.  Perhaps I will fiddle around with some more blog settings and hope I don't destroy it!


Posted by lincatz at 10:53 AM EDT
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Thursday, 28 June 2007
I've Cleaned Up the Old Box!
Mood:  cheeky
Topic: The New Box!

As we can see the old litter box has been freshly changed.  A whole new paint job, fresh filler, a pretty new colour scheme that will be changing a bit...notice all the little stitches that look like they are on denim?  It's sort of a sewing theme! My plan has always been to change the box when I got to the evil satanic 666 entry, and since that was yesterday, Today it's a whole new box!

BTW-If anyone gets any images of cats, tiles, pinks poofies, art supplies...anything that isn't denim blue and stitches, please let me know.  I'm attempting to clean out any old images and there's close to six templates I need to change, I don't think there are any residual images so tell me if you see anything.

In the coming days I'll be adding a few graphics and things, or I could decide this design totally sucks ass and I'll change the whole thing.  Who knows?

So the heat wave is gone.  It's now a brisk, cool 23 degrees outside.  Yesterday we were all doing a bit more than sitting on the couch sweating and watching Aqua Teens and Monty Python.  I painted the patio furniture, did a bit of weeding, cleaned up the kitchen and tidied up some of my out of control fabric on the table and got all my knitting needles together.  I don't know about anyone else's knitting needles, but mine have a habit of wandering off to see the rest of the house.  They don't get out of their case very often, but when they do, they are like two year olds who have to explore everything and get into everything.  So I found a couple in the basement, a couple in the dining room, one in the kitchen and the set of 15MM big boys in the back porch with the barbecue tools.  Knitting needles are not for shishkababs!

When is a horse not a horse, of course?  When it's a Zorse!  This allegedly is not a photoshop, it's what happens when you cross a zebra and a horse.  Talk about identity crisis!  But even in his worst moments he will never be like this poor catfish, who choked while eating a basketball.  The oddest part of the story is that the people who saved the catfish didn't save him for a nice cajun dinner of blackened catfish fillets.

Here's a whole bunch of  fractal videos.  Some feature that oddity known as fractal music. I like Julia set music, but Mandelbrot based music sounds...weird.  But not good weird, like Amy Winehouse, just weird, like a machine spit out the sounds based on its own gear ratios. Many mercifully, have no music so you can just enjoy the motion of the fractals as they fall to ever smaller and smaller pieces, then get bigger and bigger. This is part of an odd site known as sytes, a collection of odd sub-domains filled with links to other places.  This is from the Video wall page, and you too can make your own video wall.  This must me some type of web2.0 user content places that seem to be spring up like weeds in an abandoned Field.  The kitten videowall is sort of cute, if you like videos of kittens.  And who doesn't adore cute little kitties?

And that's all for today.  I spent so much time getting this new layout to work without destroying all 666 previous entries, that the morning in now all gone!  Later!


Posted by lincatz at 9:13 AM EDT
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Wednesday, 24 August 2005

Mood:  celebratory
Topic: The New Box!

Once again I am writing in a brand new box. The first new box kept on one point it crashed while in the BIOS setup! Then the hard drive started to complain...then we took it to the shop and now everything is working fine. Except for a few cookies that have been cleared out which contained a couple user ID's and passwords that I set up over three years ago and which I will likely never ever remember as long as I live!

I want to give shout out to a certain fan of the box who has wanted to know where I've been. Now you know! Now you can go back to polishing your bald spot.

So --plenty of weird things are happening in the world. The CBN/700 Club guy, Pat Robertson is once again proving why atheism is the only option for people with working brains. I must have been asleep in that part of sunday school, where they negated the "Thou shalt not kill" commandment. That one was probably declared null and void around the same time as the prohibition against boiling a young goat in it's mother's milk. I get so confused...first he says we must kill all those who espouse terrorism of any stripe, then he promotes terrorism by calling for the covert assassination of the president of Venezuela, and then says that the guy is a communist and a habourer of Islamic extremists. (In south America? A very Catholic continent? Where does PR get his news from?) and by his standards if we are to kill the ungodly terrorist who tell lies to further their cause then we should be killing him, but his holy book says thou shalt not kill but PR says it's okay because...Suddenly I feel like those androids in that Star Trek episode...the one where Harry Mudd has all those robots who do his bidding until they try to take over the enterprise...I feel like someone said something that doesn't make sense and my circuits are in danger of burning out, then my hard drive light will glow rather than flash...As I said, atheism is really the only way any of this makes sense. They're all whacked out loonies and should be ignored.

Speaking of odd experiences, There's an on line scientific study being done about Out of body experiences. It takes about five minutes if you've never had one, and about fifteen minutes if you have. Sadly, it doesn't give you a blog button to display when you are finished. The survey is found here OBE's are one of those things that are hard to prove and just as hard to disprove. As far as this skeptic is concerned...My mind is not yet made up one way or the other. Let's face it, the human brain is one place where the science is still in it's infancy. There's more we don't know about the brain that we do know. So OBE and telepathy are things that are still grey areas. I don't believe psychics like Sylvia Brown and her type, they're street corner magicians using tried and true cold reading methods. And when they have contracts with more personal space riders on them than Jennifer Lopez or Mariah Carrey, then you know what they really are about...fame and fortune and shameless self promotion.

My one son is obsessed with Mythbusters. His favourite one is Adam He will love this article in The Sneeze! The sneeze! Half blog half zine half bad with fractions! and if you weren't aware...Adam is also a Farker. So next time someone questions you science on Fark, it might be a mythbuster!

That's all for today! I have to get ready to go to Toronto Bye!

Posted by lincatz at 9:49 AM EDT
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Thursday, 3 March 2005
Look At My Pretty New Litter Box!
Mood:  celebratory
Topic: The New Box!

Tripod unveiled it's new Blog builder! Yay! It's just what I need! even the free account allows advanced customization and build from scratch options! I can add pretty colours, backgrounds and play with custom setting to my heart's content! Now I don't have to spend hours coding nested tables. I can even specify fancy fonts if I want! So I'm switching my blog to the official tripod blog builder!

If you are new and you've never ventured into the Kat's litterbox before, you might want to take a look at some of my previous litter boxes. which can be found here! To recap...we all know what goes into the Litter box. You never know what you will find in the litterbox, so don't be surprised. There might be buried treasure. There might be buried crap. You never know.

One thing you will always find is links to unique, wild and wonderful web sites. If it's out there...and it's *out there* You'll find it in here! Here's the post I made on my old page earlier today:

Yesterday while I was hard at work finding new and useless places on the web, my son Dan called me upstairs. He found something new in our junk drawer. Sorry...tool and other stuff drawer... he opened it up and showed me what he had found. He found a small brown dead mouse. We seem to have a bit of a mouse problem. At least once a month we are gifted with dead mice. It's nice that the cats are doing their jobs, however...I would prefer no mice at all.

By odd weird site of the day is... The Mouse Trap collection! If it can be collected...some one will collect it and then put up a web site about it.

Next in the line of weirdness is is World Jump Day! these people want everyone on earth to jump at the same time and knock the earth out of orbit. According to them, this will solve all the world's ills. Yeah right, all our problems will be solved as we go careening through space on a one way trip into the sun! I can hardly wait! How about you? In our time zone, EST, we are to jump on July, 20, 2006 at 16:39:13. They don't specify if that's standard time or daylight savings time. I suppose we'll have to jump at both times...just to be safe.

Someone has put Every Calvin and Hobbes Strip on Line! Obviously this man is doing the world a great service and deserves all of our support. There can be no higher calling than that of archiving my second favourite comic strip, after Krazy Kat.

Only You Have the Power to Save Toby! I say let the little rodent die and don't make this dweeb rich. Some people will do anything to suck money out of people. Remember, according to Bush, if we give in to bunny terrorists we let the bunny terrorists win...or something.

Perhaps you don't like fuzzy bunnies, perhaps you prefer Magical Dragons! Here's a downloadable toy for those moments when you need your toys to stare back at you. The main page of grand illusions has other such fun diversions to keep you away from what you are supposed to be doing.

That's enough web weirdness for now. On to other things.

I've been playing with different designs for skirts. I was inspired by something I wrote on a message board, that skirts are very basic, front, back, darts for shaping, not much else. That inspired me to think outside the old box, to discard the basic front back configuration, forget about the darts, and move into shapes that don't look the least bit skirt like. I started with the old fashioned skirt gore shape and went from there as the six gored skirt offers the most flexibility in drape and design. The gore became swirls, the swirls became circles. I broke the circle apart into fractals, adding the fractals at the hem, causing it to flip and ruffle while preserving the clean lines of the upper skirt. It ruffles but without having to add a gathered tier, which look too little girl or too "Little House on the Prairie." Then I took apart the swirls, turning it into a patchwork and adding further godets into the patchwork spaces, adding another layer of complexity to the skirt. These drape in new and interesting ways. I'm working in one third scale, I want to move up to half scale, then to full size.

After exploring the curve skirt shapes I want to move to "inside the box" shapes...where the skirt becomes a series of squares and rectangle, exploring the possibilities as these basic squares and rectangles are draped on the figure. Some develop a bias cut drape, some are severe lines, some form new and exciting patterns to their prints as gravity takes over and the drape to the ground. It's quite interesting to take something so simple and turn it into something new. I might post a picture of one of my patchwork swirl patterns.

Next. I plan to abandon the gores and use just pieces of fabric cut randomly and attach them to a waistband and see what happens.

Today is web site maintenance day. I'm moving my photo albums elsewhere and then recoding my pages so the links go to the new site. I need more space for pictures and the albums are taking up too much space. I may have to break down and get a paid site with more picture space. Well...time to get busy. Bye. work on more settings and stuff! Later!

Posted by lincatz at 10:59 AM EST
Updated: Thursday, 3 March 2005 11:46 AM EST
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