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Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Topic: Web Insanity
Good morning! There's frost on the lawn this morning and my marigolds all look a little frostbitten. It feels like October this morning. Only a few more days to my birthday. I think I'll make a gluten free chocolate cake for myself, or maybe a boston creme pie, which isn't a pie at all but a yummy cake with chocolate and rich sweet pastry creme. It's easy to make a gluten free boston creme pie. maybe i will make both!

I remember that for years i couldn't eat desserts because they would make me feel nauseated and give me an upset stomach for days. I used to think it was the acid in fruits that did it, now I think it wasn't the fruit at all, I think maybe it was a distant early warning sign that was misread.

I know I was going to make fun of some people who believe that UFO's are coming to earth on October 14, 2008. Some internet psychic named blossomstarchild or moonchild or whatever was channelling (not the kind that involves the television remote control) and picked up a message from aliens that they are arriving on the 14th in the UFO, they plan on hovering around for a few days so everyone can see them and -ergo -believe in them and then they will come out and solve the world's problems and we can take our place with all the other luminous beings of the universe.

Normally this would be ignored. But because there's a bit of turmoil in the world, the same kind of turmoil one would have found in October 1929, and there's is a bit of general tension among most people over what's going to happen next, people are looking for guidance. Since no one wants to hear that they should sell their McMansions, stop spending more than they earn, put away the credit cards, live within your means, and some thrift and belt tightening might be required for a few years, --That sounds like work doesn't it? That sounds like sacrifices might need to be made, doesn't it? That's not what many people want to hear, is it? They want the easy way out, so they latch onto a hope that can never be fulfilled. But it's such a nice hope, a world where everyone can have everything and they don't need money...just bliss and light and happiness...yadda yadda yadda.

Here's the original page with The Message: and for more crazy because this one has comments: and remember, these are the good aliens, not the bad ones who use anal probes, and they are going to solve all the worlds problems and lead us into a new golden age...I was going to laugh at these people but with the way the world is going, into a deep depression, then I kind of understand where these loonies are coming from. To be sure, this is an artificial hope, one that will never ever happen, but these predictions offer hope to those who -for whatever reason -have no hope. The ones who walk past "foreclosed" signs on the homes they used to live in. Or the ones who have everything, the car the house, the status symbols and have discovered that they are all empty and meaningless. I can see why this prediction, that would otherwise be ignored and poo-poo'ed is getting such a reaction. That we need superhuman aliens to solve the mess we got ourselves into isn't really funny as much as it's sad. It's a statement about our world and the times. People don't want to hear "stop buying on credit, don't spend more than you earn, and take responsibility for yourself" They want miracle fixes from aliens because that takes far less work and less effort.

So instead I'll make fun of this page here, one that calls itself the opening page of the internet. It scrolls on forever, and it's filled with marquee text, websafe colours and circa 1995 html. It's apparently the most valuable page on the internet, and the owner takes great pains to tell you in a dizzy array of fonts, font sizes and font colours to tell you this. It includes (if you scroll down far enough) information of free electricity for life, and includes this amazing statement/threat, spieled thus: "If you scroll below it is strickly at your own risk you could fall into a bottomless pit" There are a few hidden links to more madness about how children remember being born, the dangers of caffeine, free electricity, how to become rich and something about google and yahoo are evil twins and of course, a page about October 14, 2008. If you scroll down to the very bottom of the page, there is a pay off of sorts, a photo of three nekkid chicks.

And I can make fun of an awful on-line dress store, Yvette's. It's like someone vomited their pantone colour markers all over the mostly black background, the dominant colours being purple, green and yellow. There's a creepy javascript box that skulks around the page, And some of the underlined text goes to different pages, while some doesn't. There are pages with odd art, pointless poetry, and something that make no sense whatsoever. There's a page called the portal/alternate perceptions where all the real loony stuff is. which if you follow the "fastlings" link goes to another page that talks about alien sentient plant life here on earth. Here's a typical page: I will give props to blossomflowergirl, while her site made my bran cramp, this stuff makes both my eyes and my brain bleed.

And I found this by clicking a link contained in a "should I buy this dress" question.

So tell me, do you have the balls to visit this next site? It's all about a cooking contest where the main ingredient is! it includes some prize winning recipes for your enjoyment, provided you have an extra dozen kangaroo balls bouncing around. Get it? that was the humour folks, laugh now while you have a chance.

Okay, how about juggling balls, bright colourful balls like the ones clowns juggle? Cool! then visit the naked clown calender home page for your chance to see clowns get nekkid for charity!

Bacon, is there anything it can't do? It's been made into little bacon cups, bacon tiaras, it's an internet meme, and now it has it's very own page so you keep up to date with everyone's favourite meme: it even has bacon recipes including the one everyone has been waiting for BACON BROWNIES! YUMMY! Their philosophy is simple: Life is good, bacon is better! Take that! aliens, we have bacon, we don't need you eternal luminous secrets!

And if you do need a little spiritual fulfilment rather than looking to aliens, may I suggest the Holy Church of Bacon? It has everything the modern bacon worshipper needs, such as recipes, a code to follow, and how to apply baconism to your everyday life. I think I will apply some bacon to my everyday life through a sandwich, or possibly crumpled onto a salad. that way I can eat leafy greens like spinach and still get my bacon!

For some reason all this bacon talk makes me think about suntans, specifically bad tans. Why do i mention this? Because there's a blog filled with pictures of bad suntans: It includes ballcap tans, bikini string tans, oops I couldn't reach the center of my back tans and a few examples of tanorexia, where someone has gone crazy with instant bronzer lotion.

And here's something for my old buddy Dave Sim. One of Dave's most annoying habits is to use a huge word where a small word would suffice. As I have said, big words don't make big ideas. So to help my hyperlexic friend, here's a special thesaurus that takes big words and gives you a shorter word that means the same thing. The world needs simple easy to understand words and sentences that make sense and few long winded statements that ultimately mean nothing.

And i guess that's all for today. I'm getting all my fashion sketches together, they are an unorganized mess and it took me twenty minutes to find the picture i wanted yesterday. Later!

Posted by lincatz at 11:38 AM EDT
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Tuesday, 9 September 2008
The World Weird Web: It's still out there!
Topic: Web Insanity

So my day long job took about twenty minutes, from manually deleting Creature Creator to installing the new Spore game.  We followed the manual deletion information in the message board post and everything worked perfectly.  Those spore creatures are something else: the creature and the babies were funny enough -when you add two creatures with mating calls, mating dances, and two crazy creatures absolutely ecstatic when an egg hatches and a baby comes's all just too funny.  The look of utter joy on their faces when they see their little offspring is hilarious!  It's not often you see such unbridled and unrestrained joy in game or or real life or otherwise.  I think if I'm ever seriously depressed these egg hatching creatures would be a real pick me up.

They do form tribes and build civilizations and then engage in space battles, but the early phases of these things as cells and creatures, that's the real fun part.

Now for a few little weird things found on the world weird web.  They are still out there, but not in the quantities we enjoyed back in the golden age of weird ca. 2003. 

Let's begin with this little flash game Play with Spider: Spider is a Mexican red knee tarantula and you can make it walk, or you can feed it insects with the space bar.  If you grab one of her legs with the mouse button and swing her around all over the place, her legs knot up for a while and then she takes a bit of time to un-knot her legs.  Second of fun, guaranteed!

Next. from As seen on CBS, we have a great t-shirt: Know your Spock. it will help those who are still uncertain differentiate between good Spock and Evil Spock.  Know what I'd like to see?  I'd like to see Horatio Caine go evil.  That would be cool. Then we could have a "know your Caine" t-shirt instead of these lame-ass dog tags: or the even lamer CSI Rubik's cube.  (no link)  CSI las Vegas has far cooler stuff, such as the knife tshirt: and the pen holder and cup holder:

Next is for the home improvement enthusiast, an outlet that can take three plugs!  or as they call it, the triplex receptacle.   Let's face it, outlets need more than just two places to plug in things.  Three is a good number, perfect for the p;lace behind the bed.  You now have a place for two bedside lights and the alarm clock.  Perfect! What could be better?

Here's a blog with all sorts of optical illusions.  You can add an illusion a day application to your facebook page.  Cool.  Sort of.

For the nerd in your life: a collection of pocket protectors, page after page after page: 

Edit:  a couple images and links are gone due to strange scraper bots using the pair of images and links as beacons. 

And how about a silly quiz with a silly little badge for your blog? Try the "will you survive?" quiz. Here's my results:

Because this blog is called the Litter Box and we all know that litter boxes are associated with one specific area of the cat it is with great pleasure i present this link to the hallowed halls of The Cat Butt Museum:  Any museum that features nothing but cat butts is a fine place in my opinion.

For fans of "____ a day" calenders comes this unbelievable calender: the pop a bubble wrap bubble a day calender. This is so cool!  I quick trip to the place that sells bubble wrap for packing, a couple pieces of art board, and some glue and I can make a calender like this for everyone I know!  That would be so cheap-ass perfect!

Finally, a web loony!  This is a collection of You-tube videos that belong to, for lack of a better word, a raving loony:  She's also known as that Crazy Rainbow Lady. This woman believes in chemtrails, that the government is putting something in the water, that there are strange magnetic waves everywhere, and she has the very poorly filmed videos to prove it.  There are 48 videos of sun dogs, sun halos, clouds, bad camera techniques, and other natural phenomenon that prove...something.  Sadly, she removed her most famous video, the one where a water sprinkler made a really pretty rainbow which proved that there were chemicals like metallic salts in the water that made the rainbows because 20 years ago water sprinklers didn't make rainbows in the sun.  Fortunately for us, such lunacy is never gone forever, not when other people have saved it to their youtube accounts:  Yikes! 

So that's all the insanity for now. All I have to say about Project Runway: What a terrible bunch of dresses and Boy!  Natalie Portman is SHORT!  Hemp is a bee0tch to sew at the best of times, and silk/hemp's a bit like lipstick on a pig...  and one more thing...Vegan shoes are NOT green or environmentally friendly in the least!  They are made of PLASTIC!  that's what animal friendly leather is: PLASTIC! Plastic comes for petrochemicals and there is nothing in the oil industry that is good for the earth.  The production of oil  and oil related by products such as plastics kills animals.  And there is nothing in the manufacturing process for plastic that is animal friendly or "green" or good for the environment.  Leather, on the other hand is all natural, biodegradable, and can be organically and naturally raised and tanned.  Leather is a a far more earth friendly and over all animal friendly material that plastic. And that's the end of my rant.


Posted by lincatz at 12:16 PM EDT
Updated: Monday, 23 February 2009 9:43 AM EST
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Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Mood:  lazy
Now Playing: OMD-again!
Topic: Web Insanity

It snowed again.  A bit over ten centimeters.  Now the question is: do I let the sun take care of the snow? or: do I let my son take care of the snow?  Choices choices.

I now have a cut, seamed, cased and boned outer shell of a corset.  It's a simple under bust to high hip style.  There's nothing too complex about the belt style corsets, it's mostly fiddly detail time consuming work.  Next I must make a backing for the corset out of bias cut broadcloth, for stretch, and then sew the two halves together, turn them right side out through a hole in the center back lining seam and then stitch up the center back seam.  Oh yes, add a strip of hook and eye tape to the center front.  Turning a corset is much like turning a cardboard cereal box inside out.  There are a couple options for making the corset so it only needs to be turned from the top seam and the bottom is edge-stitched after turning, but I think the other way gives a cleaner finish.  And I think on some level I enjoy the frustration of turning cardboard boxes inside out.

After yesterday's anne geddes bunny baby LOLCat mash up, I received a link to this article from england about the world biggest bunny.  Amy, the bunny, is somewhere around 42 pounds, if I can convert british stones to pounds correctly.  That's one big bunny!

Also from the world weird web comes this site from somewhere in europe: advertising versus reality: packaged food.  This site compares pictures on the packages of processed food with photos of what actually comes out of the package.  The labels all show plump, fresh veggies, ooey gooey caramels and chocolates, soft moist cakes, flaky fish fillets...while the reality is, to put it mildly, far more disgusting.  They sell some very odd packaged foods in europe.  The one that floors me is currywurst, near the middle.  Soaking bratwurst in curry sauce does not turn a german favourite into an exotic treat from the streets of Bombay.  bratwurst in curry sauce...excuse me while i hurl.  to be fair, currywurst is the one food that looks most like the picture on the box! The other stand out is the one that looks like someone pooped in the rice pilaf both on the box and in the box.  ICK!

It's very difficult to find much to say about WalMart that isn't negative.  However even the evil empire has it's good points.  Sometimes the evil ones can be the heroes, as we can read in this article from The Rolling Stone:  Wal mart says CD"s are overpriced, wants wholesale cost lowered.  They are correct, there is no reason that CD's are so expensive. Before anyone says anything about MP3's I offer my comment on music quality of most MP3's I'm sure you aren't losing any sound quality from the 96 bit rate you prefer.  I, on the other hand, find 256 a bit lossy at times.  Who's the music snob now?  The plain truth is that if the music industry wants more people to buy Cd's then they need to lower the price.  If they want to discourage free peer to peer, then stop charging us 20 dollars for two good songs and ten pieces of crap.  Ten dollars is far more reasonable.  The thing that really killed music?  The death of the single.  Seriously.  When the single disappeared, that's when the music business ran into trouble.

There's a Fark cliché, "bacon, is there anything it can't do?"  It was recently spoofed in a CSI Lab Rats episode where Catherine said "Trace, is there anything you can't do?" in one of Hodges' fantasies.  If he isn't the quintessential farker... So Back to the bacon, Bacon, is there anything it can't do?  It can even make a spiffy little serving cup, as we see in this little web tutorial  Imagine serving caesar salads in bacon bowls!  To quote Homer: MMMMMM Baconnnnn!

Tree Jewelry.  I kid you not.  Beaded adornments for your tree.  Tree Jewelry.  Don't you have better things to do with your money?  The things you can find when Untitled document and jewelry art are your google search terms.

One last thing: a paper-craft make your own  Ceiling Cat.  If you know fark, you know what ceiling cat is watching you do every time you do it! Full sized jpeg here!

I now have things to do. like make a ceiling cat, bacon cups and finish a corset! Later!

Posted by lincatz at 10:07 AM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 26 March 2008 10:53 AM EDT
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Wednesday, 2 January 2008
Does happy new year mean the old year sucked donkey balls?
Topic: Web Insanity

Wow. 2008. Already.  I'm still writing 1997 on my cheques.  And still no flying cars.  Bummer.  However we do have this internet world weird web thing so that's cool.  All that technology for sharing information, real time chats with people around the world, access to the rarest of rare books, LOLCats and this, a flash site featuring a roll of toilet paper. 

From the absurd to the sublime...when I was a kid I remember watching Sesame Street, it was a guilty pleasure for us older kids and one of the things I looked forward to when I had kids was watching Sesame Street once again guilt free.  Some of the sixties and early seventies segments were hippy dippy trippy extravaganzas that straddled the edge between creative animation and full blown psychedelic.  I often wondered who was smoking/injecting/partaking of what chemical agents with several animations and segments.  (The spinning rainbow circles were done by a famous 1960's era avant garde multi media artist)  There were spinning wheels, balls navigating metal rails, pinball machines with the number sang over and over by The Pointer Sisters...amd the letter segments...from folk music of lonely n and e-e see me to the funky and fashionable lady who fixes her car with a lower case r...It was quite sad to discover that by the eighties many of these were replaced by hyperactive Elmo, and that Grover was no longer working as a waiter, and much that was hippy and trippy was long gone.  It's also interesting to note that the DVD collection of sixties era Sesame Street has a parental guidance warning on it, saying some segments are not suitable for todays weak and whiny parents who want to shelter their children from the harsh realities of the real world of lower case letters.

But have no fear...all those super funky old segments are on line now, at the Sesame Workshop searchable video segment collection.  While you can't search for specific numbers or letters, generic searches such as "letter" and "space" will turn up that lower case n song that you haven't seen since 1972.  The world is very still...for the lower case eennnn..nnnn! And if you enter Aardvark you get that famous "I'm an aardvark and I'm proud" segment that some other aardvark guy used as a model for his own aardvark.  And the street corner vendor who was always trying to sell letters to Ernie!  "would you like to buy and O?  Circular and sweet!  It looks just like a donut, almost good enough to eat" and of course it was a mere nickle, back in the day when a nickle actually bought something.  Funny how one can remember those songs from so long ago, and yet forget why one went to the kitchen five minutes ago.'s the la la la lemon song!  OH wow!  We all live in a capital I!

Enough with the to something a bit more serious.  As we all know on New Year's Day the list of Banished Words is released.  This years list is quite indicative of the year that has passed.  Not only do we have "surge" especially when applied to war propaganda, we also have Dr Shill...I mean Dr PHIL's favourite phrase, "It is what it is"  also there's "wordsmith" "sweet" and One I'm happy to see: Organic.  Organic is one of the most misused words, originally it meant a chemical compound containing one or more of a group of chemicals that were found in living things.  Organic chemicals include some of the most dangerously toxic substances know to humanity.  Petrochemicals are all organic.  Even in the modern sense of the word, organic does not instantly equal "better for you" as cow crap is organic in origin decidedly detrimental to one's overall health.  I've also seen organic misused in other ways, The only pussycat doll who is allowed to speak said that the group came together organically and they weren't selected...and what exactly did that mean?  They were planted like dragon's teeth and at the end of the fight the survivors were the group?  And one that is so misused "_____ is the new ____"  which drives me crazy.  That one started in the fashion world: whenever a designer made a collection without black in the winter or white in the summer they would say Brown id the new black or red is the new white or whatever.  Now it's been twisted to the point of non sequitors, such as "green is the new high performance" when talking about cars.

And my collection of old sewing projects is linked to on a site that collects stories about the old Towers Department Store chain.  Here's the page, along with my nylon neon shirt.  Interestingly enough, there was enough fabric left over that I recently made another top from the same fabric.  This one is an empire-waist top with black trim.  I should post a picture of it!  And after many washings and wearings, that top I made a while back is still as brilliantly coloured as ever!  I have many stories about the old Tower's stores; it's where I bough most of my 7 inch singles when I was a teen, and it was in the Tower's record department that I  heard "Bohemian Rhapsody" for the first time.  And I often bought Simplicity patterns there, and thread, fabric, zippers... There was also a great teen girl department where I got a red satin baseball jacket and matching red satin short shorts and a red white and blue tube had to be red satin in order to be cool, any other color wasn't cool.  I also got zip up hoodies, a few I still have somewhere as they never have really gone out of style.  The red white and blue tube top is long gone, as are the shorts and jacket.

So what else is interesting...if I can tear myself away from Sesame Street for two seconds... On New Years Eve we went downtown Kitchener for the open air free concert sponsored by the local top forty station.  The headline artist was Canadian blues belter Jully Black.  She's one amazing live performer.  In the past her material was never on a par with her raw talent, but now she's got some very strong material to work with.  The crowd was all ages, usually the headline act is for a younger audience.  She engaged the entire audience, and made the show interactive, rather than a passive experience.  The band was given chances to improvise, and she also gave her backing vocalists a chance to do a solo.  The one guys was okay, but the woman did a bang up cover of the very difficult "tell me something Good" originally done by Chaka Khan.   Very few artists allow the back ups to take center stage. It was cold and snowing, but not unbearably cold.  2008 came, everyone whooped and hollered, I had a television camera turn toward me just as a huge flake of snow landed in my eye.  Oh well.

I have no resolutions, as everyone knows I make Groundhog Day resolutions.  They are easier to keep, and when six weeks have passed it's the first day of spring. It's something to look forward to.  I resolve to not make resolutions!

So now it's back to work for me.  I have the paper pattern cut out for my coat muslin.  I got a few more specs, I need to place on match points and a few other markings, so I need to go out today and get some working sharpie markers in red, green and blue.  I was hoping to stay in as it's excruciatingly cold outside today.  oh well,  a trip to Zeller's takes little time and I can bundle up in plenty of polar fleece and several pairs of socks in addtion to my coat and boots and stuff.  Later!

Posted by lincatz at 11:02 AM EST
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Friday, 14 December 2007

Topic: Web Insanity

We now have a blank tree in our living room and three people crossed off the shopping list.  I'm feeling less stressed already.  We had to get a new extension cord for the tree lights, the old one has found a new home attached to a gargoyle lamp.

I spent my Earthwinds gift certificate.  I got some earrings with rhodium plated wires.  Those are nice for days when I have horribly sore ear holes from wearing earrings with nickle in them. I saw the "just Between Us" store in Waterloo, but didn't go in it.  It's much bigger that the one in Kitchener.

My necklace is almost finished, all the elements and units are together and added to the chains.  Now I need to attach the chains to the closures and then they are done.  It looks simply stunning.  I'm quite proud of it. 

The Haute Couture shows for spring are in the week of January 21.  I have that marked on my calender, don't you?  There are ten designers showing this time; including the very welcome return of Ungaro.  The others I have never heard of so it will be interesting to see their work.  I assume at least one will have the minimum of thirteen looks. 

It's the end of the year, and the best/worst lists are starting up in earnest.  Here's Bad Astonimy's list of the ten best space pictures.  My favourite is the embracing galaxies and Mira's wonderful comet tail. 

Here's a site that apparently has a program that help make sewing patterns for plushies.  You can take a 2D image, puff it out to 3D image and turn it ingot 2D pattern pieces.  The download has not been reported as unsafe, but I hagven't tried it yet, I've only looked at the movie.  It looks straightforward, and plushies are always fun to sew. 

Remember WordPerfect?  Back when office and word for windows were both pieces of crap, WP was the way everyone wrote on the computer.  We loved the way it turned italics to lime green letters, and bold to putrid purple, and how you customize it to make you text look even more hideous on the screen than the default selections.  Of course it printed up the way you wanted, completely different from the screen.  Ah yes...I miss word perfect, and how easy it was to write your own macros to correct the mistakes you often make.  In the spirit of the old WordPerfect I present this little toy called Word Perhect.  It allows you to write on backs of calender pages with blobby pens The little tools are awesome and the tip of the day is almost as useful as windows tip of the other words not useful in the least.  And you can print and save your wordperhect things, remembering that sometimes things get lost. 

Here's one of those websites that defies description.  it serves no purpose other than to define what the world wide web has become: A place where you can use the mouse to make jello wobble.  Nothing more, nothing less!

Do you think that jello was made in one of these dirty kitchens?  My kitchen gets a little untidy and messy, but it's nowhere near the level of these filth holes.

Here's a handy website that allows you to reserve your spot in heaven.  No more messing around with good deeds, no more fiddling with rosaries or whatever it is that catholics do, and sleep in on sunday because you no longer need the church, not when you have paid your money for your own personal spot in heaven.  The site is a joke, by the way.

And I guess that's all for today.  I should go shopping...but my knee is tender and I'm lazy and I want to finish the jewelry I'm making!  On sunday is the big Boshart family christmas party, so that will be fun. Boshart, in case you were wondering is supposedly an anglicized form of "Bouchard" Later!

Posted by lincatz at 12:15 PM EST
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Thursday, 6 December 2007

Topic: Web Insanity

Hello!  It's snowing again.  I started and finished a brown stretch velvet top yesterday.  It has puffy sleeves and little fooler type thing on the upper front that laces across the bust.  The fabric is something I got last year from the bargain bin at Len's and then forgot about.

I think I'm going to make those skinny jeans in stretch corduroy rather than denim.  I have plenty of jeans right now, and after going through my stuff I found a pair of metallic skinny jeans I made just as wide legs became the style.  I made them, then put them away. Now they are back in style, I can bring them out again.  I hope I can find a nice brown cord or perhaps teal or some other colour.

Today Ben and I are going to the German Market at City Hall.  I think I'll get a couple more glass birds, maybe see if there are more glass mushrooms.  I like shrooms!

I think these kitty hats would be easy to make from polar fleece.  They look like a band, a touque and a pair of faced ears sewn into the touque part.  They would be quite the novelty, wouldn't they?  For some reason kitty ears are quite the fad.

I have special link for a special internet friend, who spent two hours on my blog in the middle of the night, apparently catching up.  In his honor I present a special link: Wigs for Cats.  I think I know what happened to your long lost toupee, now.  And happy festivus!  In case you don't make it to the annual festivus chat.  From what I understand you've been in training for the feats of strength.  Give it up doood...I always win!  I think lucky would good in bashful blond; while Trixie is obviously in need of a pink wig.

And speaking of's a site that sells mohawk wigs for bald guys, complete with secret attaching gunk, so your mohawk doesn't go flying off in the wind.  Who needs real hair when there are so many weird things you can put on your head?

From the people who gave us bobble head jesus and buddy jesus and other blasphemous quasi religious stuff, we have the 12 gifts of Kitschmas.  Kitchy and tacky, all are guaranteed to either make you feel amuse or offended.  I think amused is the wiser choice, most of these products were pulled from other far more serious sites, places where these were sold as serious religious items.  I think I like the St Sebastien pin cushion the best. 

Here's a guy who has a collection of Macro photography.  What has he photographed in loving, rich, extra close up detail?  Mystery Meat! Mystery Meat Macrophotography  MMMM!  Don't you love how those Nitrites turn you meat that wonderful pink?

I enjoy badminton.  Not the standard goodminton that people play on the beach or in the backyard, but real badminton, the super fast game with overhand smashes and moves like that. I also have a soft spot for the truly tacky bug light zappers.  A non sequitor?  No way!  Not when you can buy these handy dandy Bug Zapper Paddles that look like badminton rackets!  Apparently my wise and intelligent and not impulsive in the least son BEN touched one of these things in school.  He reports that his hand felt weird and numb for a few minutes after.  Now Dan...that wouldn't surprise me.  But Ben?  He admits it wasn't one of his finer moments.

And speaking of bugs, why kill them?  That beetle may be a gifted artist.  that mantis may have a gift for colour and texture.  That I'm not crazy...nor have I been watching far too much CSI:Las Vegas.  I've been looking at these paintings done by insects. 

After Christmas we all have plenty of cardboard boxes.  Here's a site that tells how to fold cardboard into kid's furniture.  Recycle those empty boxes and make them into something useful!  Like a kid's rocker.  it would be cool if they had bigger things, we could fill a room with cardboard chairs the day before a party, then bundle and recycle them when the party is over.

Here's a clever crafter who made a bunch of little octopi...octopusses?  For her christmas tree.  Here'a a picture of the tree and if you are interested, she has a PDF pattern for the little fellas for sale here!  There's also sea horse patterns and the octopus package includes a pattern for a jellyfish.

And that's enough strangeness for one day!  I have to hem my christmas dress and hammer in some eyelets and I have a few other creative things to do and I'm running a little late today!  Later!

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Thursday, 9 August 2007

Topic: Web Insanity

Good morning! It's thursday! Wow!  And I'm munching potato chips!  Wow!

How big of a Lord Of The Rings geek are you?  Are you still fuming because you think Peter Jackson Gave Tom Bombadil the shaft?  Do you engage in heated debates over who was more misunderstood:Turin or Elendil or Isildur? Do you wish that there was a google Map for Middle Earth?  If you click on these pretty colourful letters, the magic of the internets will whisk you away to a google map of Frodo's journey to Rivendell  He appears to have taken a rather roundabout route.  For real geeks, here's the far older Mapquest walkers map to Mordor.

Some people are mosquito magnets, like my son Ben.  Little biting insects seem to love him.  We use deep woods off to keep him reasonably free of bites, even that can be too weak and after a week's vacation he can look like the day after the mosquito's big banquet!  Here's a brief article explaining that it isn't's his carbon dioxide output.  If it were methane output then Dan would be the one with the mosquito problem.  OOOO! BURN! 

How does your life rate?  How would you find out?  Why there's a web site for that< rate my life, of course!  According to rate my life my life scores 95%  of course I was like...totally honest...and the rating of your life seems to go up with your income level.

Far more legitamate, sort the Myers Briggs personality test.  This is the test that high school councelors give to tell you what vocation you are best suited for.  There's one problem with this test, the results change depending on the mood I'm in.  IUf I'm pissed off at the world, I get a different result than if I'm not pissed off.  If I'm feeling artsy, I get a different result than if I just finished balancing the cheque book.  Like all tests, there's a level of subjectivity to it.  If you want to take it here it is!  Usually i end up as an artisan craftsperson, or as the rational introvert.  If you want a more accurate description of the differnt types, check here! The arist craftsperson is called the psycho vigilante and the rational introvert is the egghead.  A few times I've scored the "outside consultant" but only when I'm skewing the answers.  When we took Ben to the one psychologist he sort of sighed and said, "the problem with somone with your brains is that you know the 'right' answers and which are the 'wrong' answers, so try to be as honest as possible" He knew that I knew I could skew the diagnosis based on the answers to many of the questions.

Here's are some pictures of wild and weird deep sea animals.  Wild!  They all have such huge eyes...I like the squid creature the best.  ther's something about squid, isn't there?  And the axtlotl...he's she's it's so cute!  In a weird freak me out sort of way!

And no it's time to go.  My dad is going to the hospital for an operation tomorrow morning and he'll be out of commision for about a week. It's for a can't tell you what it is.  But I'll be over at my mom and dad's for a bit next week because my dad wants to watch a bunch of DVD's while he's stuck in bed.  Later!

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Thursday, 26 July 2007

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Now Playing: Crowded House, the new one...
Topic: Web Insanity

My un-psychic prediction of an old band making a surprising comeback...Day-um! Who knew it would be crowded house?  And who knew it would be good? The pool of underrated eighties bands available for revival keeps getting smaller and smaller.  Since I've given up on OMD, Depeche Mode never went away and Culture Club's comeback flopped big's to the point where we are left with Loverboy, Trooper or kajagoogoo.  Insert DO NOT WANT and the picture of the dog and Broccoli here.

And what about that tour de France, which with every passing day is becoming a tour de farce.  A couple days ago when Vinocourov finished almost last, and then the next day finished first...I said to Dave "his blood bag must have arrived a day late" and then the next day he's kicked out for blood doping...I was being sarcastic!  Not psychic!  Why not just give the prize to the team with the team car holding the most medical paraphernalia?  It becoming as meaningless as the big yacht race, where they don't bother with the boats, they just hand the trophy to the team that writes the biggest cheque.  And now Rasmussen has been tossed for "breaking Team rules" which means what?  They couldn't find a vein to stick a needle into?  Or they found his stash of blood bags?  Or was it the whizzinator they found in his shorts?  Are these guys for or against the drug rules?  Who knows?

At least there's no news today of yet another starlet melting down.  It's hard to feel sorry for these spoiled rich girls, but I were to feel sympathy for any, it would be Lindsey Lohan, simply because she was such a good actress before they wrecked her and because she got the short end of the parent stick.  Both hers are loony, it's hard to say if prison dad or cougar party girl mom is worse.  And I sort of feel sorry for Britney because its so hard to go through life without functioning brain cells. 

And I include Tammy Faye Former-Bakker in with the starlets...Why did her handlers feel it necessary to parade her skeleton on the talk show circuit?  Couldn't she have at least one moment of dignity in her sad and pathetic life? And did she ever understand the irony of being a gay and counter culture icon? The people she spoke so harshly against when she was preaching as part of the PTL broadcasts, when she fell from grace they were the first to accept her comeback.  Did she get the irony?  I'll never forget the one time I watched that PTL was huge up in Sault Ste Marie and on all day, I could see that it was some type of scam...and she said with a straight face that the lord told her to wear a green dress and green make up and she would be rewarded...she held up a giant emerald ring and said someone in the audience gave her the ring to match her dress so the lord rewards hi followers...I think that made me throw up in my mouth a little...

I don't want to pay attention to this crap...but it's on the news before real news events!  Something blew up! But First! Paris Hilton burps. Details next!  It drives me crazy!

So I'm completely immersed in my latest project.  It's not interesting, and it shouldn't take too long.  I hope.  The only interesting thing is that Mr Anderson got a titanium needle.  Titanium is supposed to be stronger sharper and less damaging to fabrics.  I dunno about that, but it's a paler colour silver than the other needles.  I'm using a double layer of fabric across the back of what I'm sewing...for extra strength and so it doesn't wear out.

I had some fun with Dan yesterday.  He had to get some groceries for his lunch box, and he dragged me along.  Just for fun I did a few little kid things, like complain about how long he was taking...i asked for candy all the time, put things in his basket, complained about how long he was taking, asking for gum, telling him I had to go to the bathroom NOW and all those wonderful things real little kids do when they didn't want to go shopping but mommy dragged them out any way!  The cashier said i should have sat in the middle of the aisle and screamed for my candy, I said I was going to dump all the cards in the card rack on the floor, but I'm far too mature for that.  They all got a good laugh and Dan said he's never having any kids.  EVER!  And then he apologized for annoying me when he was a little kid. 

I maybe featured this before, but Ben is working on a resume to take to that Jobtrack place so it's appropriate: Bad lines from real resumes. I like the quick leaner and ability to meet deadlines while maintaining composer.  Which composer? Mozart? Strauss? Bizet?

There's plenty of fashion blogs out there, and most are meh.  This new one is a bit more "go fug yourself" it snapshot of badly dressed people: Ugly Outfits.  Warning...the first guy in the thong is not safe for work...or delicate eyes!  The goggles!  They do nothing!

Perhaps these people need a new on line shop to buy their clothes.  Have you ever wondered where people get some of their weird things...I mean some look like GOATS!  Maybe they shopped here! THese clothes will certainly get your goat!  For some reason they fell the ned to say on the first page 'These clothes will not fit humans, they are made for goats.  Those purple pygmy goat pants are wrong no matter what species they are made for!

Skull a day!  A new skull every day, far all your skull needs!  Everyone needs a skull!

Which reminds me of EMO.  Have you wondered why all emos like the same colours?  It's  because they all use the special emo crayon box.  A full selection of the finest colours for emos.  Unloved grey, uncaring grey and skeletons are my favourites.  They make me feel so emo.  I feel so emo, I bought some black nail polish.  And Superheroes have no right to be EMO.

SO that's all for today. 

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Wednesday, 27 June 2007
The evil six-six-six entry!
Mood:  mischievious
Topic: Web Insanity

It's entry 666, the satanic entry, the entry of the beast!  And well timed too as today is hotter than the hinges of heck!  And the beasts are both down here trying to stay cool. 666 has kind of lost its meaning since it's been taken over by emo kids and branded by Hot Topic and Black Sabbath has somehow transmogrified into My Chemical Romance.  I dunno about Hot Topic...on  one hand some stuff is cool, on the other hand how cool can something be when it's available at over 600 mall locations?  or maybe 666 mall locations?

Did you know that this week is Bladerunner's 25 anniversary? It's still one of my favourite movies.  All those moment will be lost, like tears in the rain.  Rutger Hauer...was there ever anyone better as the compassionate anti-hero?  In my mind Roy Batty was the good guy of the movie and Deckert the bad guy...Now there's another cut of the movie coming out, "the final cut" which is supposed to be Ridley Scott's ultimate vision of the movie, with everything he wanted in the movie and no time limitations.  Here's a trailer of the new DVD coming out in fall 2007.  I want to get that, I will pre order on Amazon and pay full price for that one! Must. Have Bladerunner.

If you really hate science and you want the whole world to know, then encourage your children to make one of the many ideas found on the page of creation science fair projects.  And don't be too upset when your little darling comes home with an F-. HAHAHA! A computer model of the flood currents? Funny Stuff. 

You think your life and work is boring?  Here's a real boring business.  We all know business supplies like paper clips are boring, and I admire this business for calling a spade a spade.

It's difficult coming up with content for a blog, as anyone can tell you.  Sometimes you need a content generator.  Here's a site that links to all types of generators.    Here's my randomly generated horoscope:Your parents wanted a boy. • You will be mistaken for a celebrity you detest. • Your next Career: Unknown Graphic Novelist • Stay away from dairy products.  Wow. That's--like--so totally accurate! And according to the superhero name generator, I'm The Avenging Turnip.

So that's all for the 666th entry!  No upside down pentacles or any other such nonsense!  Later!  EDIT: removed a link that's been getting some strange page view traffic from google images.  And it wasn't even an image.

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Updated: Thursday, 8 November 2007 8:40 AM EST
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Wednesday, 6 June 2007

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Topic: Web Insanity

Hello!  Me and Mr Anderson are developing a very good relationship.  The bag I started yesterday at two o'clock is now almost finished.  I need to add one row of top stitching, stitch up a pair of drawstrings and then trim the threads.  My Anderson prefers if I start and end all my seams with a short stitch then change to the regular stitch length.  He likes my suede scraps, even the pig suede.  I sat down with a dozen 3X4 rectangles of suede and one circle of suede and in about ten minutes I had two rows of patches sewn to the bottom.  This guy is fast and efficient.  He's not fancy, but he gets the old job done.

I'm also working out the speed issues.  I've gone from a machine that's ssllloooowwww to one that's rocket fast.  I can sew slow, I can sew fast, it's the middle speeds that seem to difficult to maintain.  I'm sure it will come with a bit of time and practice.

Mr Anderson is a good machine, but he certainly isn't a Hyper-Dimensional-Resonator.  Invented by some dude named Steven Gibbs in 1985, the hyperdimenoin...oh poopoo the HDR is a refinement of the much older sonic resonator. (I bet the guy invokes the name of Tesla somewhere in there!) HDR users is the site established for all your time machine and time travel needs.    This invention is far Superior for time travel, according to the web sites -than the old fashioned method of time travel.  The HDR uses a Caduceus coil rather than the more unpredictable Flux capacitor.  Once you've built your whatever with parts from your local Radio Shack you need to find a time-space vortex.  It's not at all difficult with this guide to finding a vortex!  Trees grow twisted when planted on a vortex.  Apparently cats will sleep on vortexes.  There must be a time vortex in my crotch because Trixie loves to sleep on my lap.  All I can think of is that series of Robot Chicken gags, "Dicks with Time Machines!"

I don't make this stuff up, people...I just report it! 

And speaking of hunting cats.  Have you met Jeff?  Jeff is a typical cat.  He sleeps eats and hunts.  Jeff is a good hunter.  He's caught and killed many different things over the years.  How do we know?  Because Jeff's owner has a website called "What Jeff Killed"  Here we have an archive of everything Jeff kills, complete with pictures. Very disgusting detailed high res close ups of what Jeff has killed.  It's the attention to details such as the close up of the bird's last meal that send this site from the category of plain strange  into the realm of  like, totally creepy weird! Each one of Jeff's kills is chronicled in gut churning detail, so do take a few minutes to peruse the gallery of photos.  And if you have a fresh Kat Kill that you feel the need to share, then do send it in and you might be featured in the visitor's gallery!  Did I mention the dead Muskrat that I had to go out of my way to see?  On one hand I appreciate the effort, on the other's sort of eww...on the other hand I just realized i spent thirty minutes going through the gallery on this site!

Speaking of dead animals, It's a shame that we didn't get to the muskrat sooner.  Muskrat fur is quite nice.  It's more durable than rabbit fur, which sheds like crazy, and cheaper than chinchilla, needless to say...and it's a safer choice than some things labeled "wolf" or Coyote" which are often sourced from dogs.  As a plus, once Muskrat is tanned, it doesn't smell musky, unlike Squirrel which can smell like dead squirrel no matter how you tan it.  But I've never ever thought about Opossum fur.  I'm sure it's available...but where?  Oh yeah! Here!  Possum fur bikini and nipple warmers! Mildly not work safe picture of girls in possum fur bikinis. That's really only one item in their line of possum fur wool apparel.

This next animal is alive.  It's got the coolest color scheme I've ever seen in a frog: fluorescent purple!  The world needs far more fluorescent purple animals.  Imagine fluorescent purple Hippos! In addition to the purple frog, these explorers also found six species of fish, a new species of ant and no less than twelve new species of Dung Beetles.  But the frog...that's totally cool.

Nascar has released a line of women's shoes.  I can't imagine what they look like.  Oh wait, here they are!  Wow.  I'm speechless.  These are even worse than the Jessica Simpson shoes from last year.  There are few words to describe the absolute horror of the plastic atrocities.  Hideous! and these boots: atrocious!  And how the heck would you walk even three steps in these clogs?  Tacky tacky tacky!  I wouldn't wear any of these and I'm not afraid of colour!

By the way, Zappo's now has a Canadian branch, like Amazon's.  Click here if you love shoes and boots!  The have 76 pages of wide width shoes.  Has heaven ever been closer?

Useless body parts.  Dribs and drabs of old organs that probably did something back when we were fish or early mammals, but do nothing for us now.  organs that evolution forgot, last remnants of things that cause problems now.  Most are found in more useful forms in other mammals, while ours are like the muscles that make our ears move, or the thirteenth rib, or goose bumps, something very useful for when we had fur, but completely useless on us hairless apes.  Once again clear proof of evolution.

Ancient mushroom has parasites.  Ancient mushroom...mmmmm!  I'm hungry!  did I mention I got a bag of dried morels at the market?  They are delicious!  Had some in pasta sauce last night!  Yummy!

print and make papercraft cars at  You can customize your paper car.  I like my aqua continental.

Here's what everyone has been waiting for: a list of oxymorons.  I like chaotic organization.  That's how I arrange everything in my life!

Here's an article from The New York Times entitled "say yes to Mess"  bashing the anti clutter movement that's taking over.  I like my clutter.  It says I have a life filled with many different things.  And that is most certainly not a bad thing.  When i see those empty "after" rooms in those clutter buster decorator shows on HGTV, I feel sad and empty inside.  What kind of sad and empty person must live in a sad and empty space?  If a cluttered space is the sign of a cluttered mind, then and empty space is the sign of an empty mind! People live different styles of lives and one isn't superior to the other.  I can't imagine throwing out all the mementos of a life well lived, and the old saw of you have your memories in your head doesn't work.  We don't.  memories aren't always permanent in our heads, other day to day boring things can push them aside, but once we touch and hold that little figurine of the sauble beach sign, it's like standing on the street with the sun sinking over the waves and the sky behind the sign every colour even in existence.  To quote the article:

“Studies show that messy desks are the vivid signatures of people with creative, limber minds, and that messy closet owners are probably better parents than their tidier counterparts.”

And that's the last word!  Later!

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