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Tuesday, 19 March 2013
Catching up...
Topic: No Topic Today!

Not much to say these days.  Dave spent last week "on call" which means that he doesn't get any sleep and therefore I don't get any sleep. Last night was my first full nights rest in a week and boy did that feel good!. Being tired all the time means creativity and ambition take a back seat to exhaustion. And last week I had a gluten reaction to something -possibly lunch meat -and that knocked my out for a day and a bit. On the bright side: On the day I was at my worst was the day the cable guy came for a service call and Ben (autistic Ben) took care of the service call all by himself. Congratulations Ben!  Normally he hides when we have repair and service people over but this time he had to handle it himself and he did a great job. So I have very little to catch up on but whatever:

To begin: I do not like sewing in the dining room. It is very awkward. I have to un plug one machine before I can plug in the other.  I can't easily switch between machines.  It took me two hours to make a simple t-shirt. That's ridiculous! And it took an hour to make a tank top...although to be fair the neck and arm edges were bound rather than turned and hemmed -but still!I seemed to be sewing in slow motion.

I've been in the middle of a t-shirt blitz. last year I posted a couple t-shirt block patterns and right now as I waist for the arrival of warm weather I find myself using both blocks to make lots of simple and fancy t-shirts. For me T-shirts are like sewing's answer to instant gratification. An hour to make a pattern from the block, a bit of time cutting and a bit of time sewing and voila! A t-shirt!   And with a little time and effort and a bit of hand sewing -a spectacular embellished t-shirt!  And let's face it: everyone needs lots of t-shirts and tank tops in the warmer months.  I wear a clean shirt every day in the summer and it's nice to have lots to choose from. 

And I'm not the only one getting some use from my blocks.  Everyday I get over a hundred visitors to both the fitted and the loose fitting shirt due to this think called "pinterest" I don't know what this thing is -it's apparently a place where people post pictures with one of three captions: looks cool, must try this someday, and looks easy. I think the captions must be auto-selected because people have posted over 100 pictures from my site on this thing and all have one or the other of those three captions.  

I don't have an account myself.  I find if I'm posting pictures and saying must try someday it takes away time from actually doing and creating things.  The more time spent finding things to make the less time spent actually making them.  So I don't have a pinterest account -although google tells me that there's lots of stuff from lincatz on pinterest. 

And now apropos of yet another dumping of snow last night:

And for Dave, because he actually enjoyed the new OMD song Metroland, here's a another cut from the new album called Night Cafe:

 and a link to the YouTube page in case my embed code craps out on me again: I sort of guessed the album's theme: a nostalgic look at the future that never came; the bright shiny utopia we were promised versus the not so bright and shiny present we live in. The retro future versus the present day world. Like I said, the future hasn't lived up to its promise -although the internet is pretty cool, and google is a masterpiece of human achievement -even when used to find jello mold recipes or hot and sexy bald guy pictures  or photos of pansies. (Jason Statham is sooo cute. And he's totally not a pansy.)

And now for something a bit less OMD and a bit more dubstep/moombahcore: Oh Hai! By the Killabits.

Still can't get the soundcloud player to show up.  If anyone is looking for really new music that no one has heard before then soundcloud is the place to find it.  I love the way these EDM guys can take apart music and put it back together in new ways.  I love the way they make you re-examine the very definition of what music is and make you redefine everything you previously thought about tone and melody and beat and noise. 

 And that's all.  I need to finish that turquoise and silver t-shirt -the one where I posted the swatch and the ideas.  I made the first shirt, which surprised me because up until I began cutting the pattern I thought I would make the third one. Later! 

Posted by lincatz at 11:23 AM EDT
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Friday, 22 February 2013

Mood:  chillin'
Topic: No Topic Today!

A couple little things: I am enjoying this winter.  After two years of no real winter weather -last year I wore running shoes or cowboy boots rather than snow boots -this winter's snow and cold is really quite refreshing.  We've had a few absolutely sparkling cold days, where the snow glitters like Swarovski Aurora Borealis crystals and and squeaks when you walk.  Between the hot flashes of The Change and a flare up of graves last summer's heat was deadly for me.  I'm enjoying not overheating all the time.  Also the colder and more snowy and wintery the weather -the better the crop of morel mushrooms in the spring.  Yes, it's always all about the shrooms.

We are at that time of year when the weather channel starts dangling carrots on sticks at the end of the two week forecast.  The final day's temperature always angle up like a hockey stick and it's always sunny.  It's as if to say spring might be on its way two weeks from now. When the daytime high is -8 and the nighttime low is -18 it offers hope and promise of warmer days.  But this year I am enjoying winter and yesterday I found myself saying: "I hope that we have a snowy March because I am enjoying the winter so much and I hate to see it go." At which point they called the white coated men with the white truck...

I am getting a bit of cabin fever and a case of sausage thighs, which means I need to get out and do more than just string beads and hammer metal. So I went downtown Kitchener to the bead store.  Yeah, like THAT helps.  And after I went to a new store not far from it.  It's one of those dark places that smells like patchouli and sandalwood incense -in other words My Kind Of Place.  They sell lots of rocks and minerals suitable for jewelry. And I made sure to get more than one or two things.  

When I walked in the door the lady in the store had to give me a little sage smudge to ensure that I wouldn't bring negative energy or darkness into the store. The only things allowed in were light and life.  She said she could see the light of the goddess in me and that I brought that light with me.  And that I must have been doing good light and life things before I came in. I said I was listening to music and thinking about making jewelry.

Now I feel sort of bad because in reality I spent the morning trolling the interwebs. I feel a little guilty. Like I was betraying the light and life and positive energy.  Then I though no, trolling let me expel any darkness or negative energy I had.  But I still sort of feel a bit bad. Even though too many people take FanDumb far too seriously and forget that these are actors playing characters, not real people living real lives.  I spent a little over 50$ and promise to come back often, a promise that will be easy to keep.  

One cute story about one of my purchases: I got a clear crystal wand for Ben.  He calls them Soul Stones; a name he got from some game.  I want to add a few rocks and crystals of his choice to it so he can have his own crystal wand or soul stone or whatever.  Dave is far less into this sort of new age stuff and when I handed him the crystal it literally flew up and out of his hand and landed on the other side of the room, like it had mind and legs of it own and leaped away from him.  Needless to say, Dave is no longer going to touch a crystal that jumped in the air to get away from him.  Dave is skeptical -until a crystal wand escapes.

Last night was Community and I thoroughly enjoyed InSpecTiCon.  Anyone who has ever gone to a FanCon would enjoy this episode.  it got everything right.  And for the big shocker of Troy and Britta: not a shock.  Troy and Britta have been flirty since season one.  Loved her acrobatic routine in the black bra and panties as she's trying to escape. No one does Fan Service like Community.  Dave thinks Annie's hotter, I'm on the fence. One thing certain is that any episode where Jeff takes off his shirt is a Good Episode. All bow Before Thoraxis!  All swoon before Thoraxis.  My community tweet was re-tweeted by nbccommunity.  My life has been validated.


Annie Edison/Alison Brie can make even the simple act of blowing up a balloon seem sexy and dirty. 

This morning I am on a music Adventure.  I've downloaded three new tracks by ChillStep artist OverHertz and a couple other chillsteps from Still Loving the Dubstep. And OMG OMD!  OMD performed a couple numbers on some TV show somewhere in Europe and posted video of it.  They did Enola Gay and the new Metroland. OMG!!! I love metroland! Andy's voice has never been better, Paul's voice is getting back in shape and the track is old and new and sparklingly modern and achingly nostalgic at the same time.  It looks like the new album "English Electric" might be a concept album like Dazzle Ships.   A couple tracks are references to the bright future we were promised as children and the not so pretty reality we live in today. And the theme of Metroland is that compromise, acknowledging the future of the past and how nostalgia for the future that never came lives in us today. 

Here's a link to the videos. They are looking a little old, but aren't we all? I think they still have it.  

And now for a cute picture of a cute something 

What's cuter than a shirtless Jeff Winger/Joel McHale?


Posted by lincatz at 12:02 PM EST
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Thursday, 2 June 2011
A (too) personal chatty what's going on blog entry.
Mood:  chillin'
Topic: No Topic Today!

Hey everyone in blogland!  It's been a while, I know.  I decided today was as good a day as any for an old fashioned chatty personal what-going-on-in-my-life type entry with way too much information.  To start with: I have a mild bladder infection.  It was way worse yesterday than this morning.  I have drunk drank consumed almost a full bottle of cranberry juice, eaten a full can of pineapple and drunken drinked polished off three bottles of water.  Cranberry juice and pineapple are supposed to be natural cures and I find that they do help.  Anything is better than a course of antibiotics which wreak utter havoc on my already delicate gut.

So was THAT too personal?

On the Dan Ben, Heather and Margaret went off the Anime North.  It's a big convention for fans of all things associated with Japanese cartoons, comics and games.  A total Nerdgasm. We drove them to Mississauga on Friday and picked them up on Sunday.  Dave and I spent Saturday doing us-stuff We went for a hike, checked out the shops in St Jacobs, had a nice dinner, all sorts of things.  It was fun. Ben came home with a large Mace Windu light sabre.  Not one of those chap plastic things from the toy store, but one with a fluorescent tube, sound effects and a heavily weighted handle.  One that you put on a display stand and don't play with.  Ben, needless to say, loves swishing it around and striking things and making that feedback loop sound. He wanted mace Windu's because it's the only purple light saber.  He's a proud nerd.  We raised him well.

I reminded him that years later Mara Jade also had a unique purple light-sabre and we speculated that Palpy must have given her Mace Windu's old light-saber.  Yes, I know, you may point your finger and say "NERD!"

I'm making a graduation dress for my niece.  I'm using an abstract print in pale aqua, teal, purple, and a light pale khaki background.  It being piped, trimmed and lined with a deep teal polyester spandex knit.  She's almost a perfect sample size so I'm doing very little in the way of custom fitting, just a few tweaks here and there.  

I'm working on a sewing article for summer: How to sew crinkled fabrics.  These guys are tricky and require a couple extra steps to keep them from fitting weird and sewing up wrong.  Several sites have some very wrong and bad advice in them, bad enough to ensure that the crinkled fabric garment will neither look nor fit right. 

I got some crinkled and tie dyed cotton gauze for making a nice summer maxi dress.  It's to be sleeveless, possible a halter style, built in bra and nice and loose and airy, perfect for hot summer days.  I don't have the sketch right here right now but take a look at the beachy summery fabric:

Here's the fabric sitting on the washing machine, waiting to be pre-washed and dried.  Cotton gauze needs to be prewashed in hot water and dried on a hot setting in order to get maximum shrinkage.  When the fabric comes out of the dryer it will be quite crinkled and a bit smaller.  The fabric must not be pressed flat and all the crinkles removed...unless you don't mind doing that every time the garment is washed.  That's the big mistake made by many other sewing sites and experts, they say press out the crinkles and that's WRONG.   The crinkles are an integral part of the fabric, they are part of the garment and if you press them out the garment will fit wrong and it will look wrong. The crinkles are part of the fabrics allure and by removing them you've actually changed the fabric. 

So I'm trying something cool.  You know how when you delete files from a memory card they aren't really deleted until they are over-written?  And sometimes if the card has lots of space the files aren't over-written right away until the rest of the card is empty?  And did you know you can sometimes access these not-deleted files?  And that there's a special hack that you can use with either a memory card reader or with the camera itself plugged in. Which I am now using... I am now waiting...the little green bar tells me I have 15 minutes to go, now I have five minutes, now I have ten minutes.  I HATE that green time bar, it's uses a different time scale as the rest of the world. AAAANNNDDDD....

I GOT THE WEDDING PICTURES ALL BACK!  YAY!  ALL OF THEM!  I got all of the pics taken in 2010 including all my movies and a whole bunch from 2009.  I got the camera in 2009 so there's no more before that.  I think I recovered a bunch of stuff I though I lost.  Only problem is that it also restored them to the camera, so the memory card is stuffed full again. Some of the files were unrecoverable, including a bunch from 2009's sauble beach trip.  Fortunately all the best of that trip are on Facebook!

And that's all for today.  I'm feeling tons better than yesterday, when I was feeling weak and on the toilet every 15 minutes, usually not doing anything more than being uncomfortable. AAAGHHHH! IT BURNS! I think that I'll be fine for the weekend. Whew!  I was worried that I was going to be on antibiotics and having to piddle every five minutes and worse!  See y'all whenever!  Summer's officially here and I have other things to do! Later!

Posted by lincatz at 10:33 AM EDT
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Monday, 3 November 2008
No Title Today
Mood:  not sure
Topic: No Topic Today!

Good Monday morning! Remember last Monday last week when they were forecasting snow and cold winds?  And how it snowed and I brought out all my winter things and put away my flip flops?  Well, this week it's supposed to be sunny and mold with highs of around 19.  So now I'm putting away all my winter things and stashing away my boots and once again bringing out the tank tops and flip flops.  And next week I will reverse it all again because likely it will snow again.

I now have an unlined cashmere coat.  It's quite nice with a narrow silhouette, it ends just above the knees and I'm using wooden toggle buttons on it.  I'm going to make a tapered skirt with a kick pleat on the back.  The skirt will be longer than the hem of the coat.  Now I have to get some lining for it.  Len's has brown and taupe lining, either will do.

I was a kitty kat girl for Halloween.  I wore my kat ears while shopping downtown.  If you want to get people to stare at you, then wear kat ears.  Later in the day I wore my kat tail in addition to the ears. When I met Dave he was still in his Pinocchio make-up which he wore for the rest of the day.  I don't have any pictures of Dave in his full Pinocchio get up yet.

Tonight is the Discovery Channel show "Canada's Worst Drivers"  This year the show started in Kitchener, it the parking garage on Queen Street.  The host had his own bad driving moment, they showed him driving UP the exit helix ramp.  It's down only.  They introduced this year's crop of sucky drivers, including three hot chix with the brains of houseplants, a guy who look like the real life model for "Bubbles" from trailer park boys, a sociopath granny from Sault Ste Marie (who likely has had at least ten successful moose hunts, all using her car) and an assortment of nervous nellies.  They sent the bad drivers from the queen street lot to Guelph, sending these morons through the streets of Kitchener.  Two decided that Highway 7 between kitchener and Guelph was the perfect location for a race to see who got to the destination first.  The race included blowing through stop signs and red lights, passing on solid lines, passing on shoulders and peeling out from the stop line.  Fortunately their destination was the old Guelph jail, where these two were locked up for a while to pay for their highway transgressions.

Oh yes, That highway?  It's one of the narrowest and busiest in the area, connecting Guelph, population 150,000; Cambridge, population 175,000, Waterloo, population 160,000 and Kitchener, population 210,000-225,000.  It's a deadly road and one that should be taken seriously.  On one message board I frequent I titled the discussion thread "CWD4:Countdown to the CRASH of '08" 

And that is all for today.  Tomorrow I have a few links to some free patterns for making some adorable stuffed toys including the sweetest little kitty cats EVAR!  Later!


Posted by lincatz at 11:37 AM EST
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Monday, 28 April 2008

Mood:  lyrical
Now Playing: Old late sixties hippy music...
Topic: No Topic Today!

Good Monday Morning.  It's raining and it has turned quite cool.  The summer was nice while it lasted but now it's time for more seasonable weather.

My back porch is beginning to look and smell like a greenhouse.  I planted my marigold seeds on Thursday and by saturday morning they had all sprouted.  On Saturday I planted about a hundred and fifty other seeds of various types, including amaranthus, celosia, celosia "cockscomb", coleus, portulaca(sp?) ina addition to the 100 marigolds now sprouting.  Out in the veggie garden I planted seeds for snow peas, beets, carrots, radishes, mesclun greens, and some buttercrunch lettuce.  My spring onions are all coming close to harvest-ready and I have a few nice bunches of sorrel (wild spinach) ready to go.  My tulips buds have exploded into large flowers.  There are lilies shoots poking out of the ground.  One month ago it looked like winter might never end and the snow piles would last until june.  Now, there are only a few muddy remnants of mountains left in the mall parking lot.  Gardening has taken up a bit of my time these past few days, I love having a large inner city property, but the spring clean up can be quite daunting a task.

I will have room for chickens, however.  Don't laugh, the city is considering a bylaw to allow city dwellers with large enough properties to raise a few egg hens provided they are in a proper chicken coop with a proper fence.  This neighborhood is full of garden sheds that were converted from old chicken coops, so there were chickens here long ago.  I think it would be cool to have a chicken coop and whenever I need eggs for breakfast I just go out, reach under some old hen's butt and voilà!  one very fresh egg.

Dan starts his new job today.  He was quite high strung yesterday!  We went to The Bay to buy a new work wardrobe and after we went through his closet and got rid of some of his old clothes.  His rugby style shirts that he wore in high school have been given the heave ho, some t's that are favourites but far too small are now gone, anything with a boy's size tag and not a men's size tag is gone, and a few things are being re-styled by his fashion and style guru.  Me.  I'm taking some long sleeve shirts with ripped cuffs and turning them into short sleeve shirts.  He has a good Business casual wardrobe now. 

I have a fashion complaint.  Most of what's in stores as far as clothes is okay, aside from too skinny jeans and the fad of wearing so many horizontal lines.  Anyone who complains about high waisted tops has simply not tried them on to see how good they really look.  My complaint involves shoes, specifically the ones that are available in most mall stores this spring.  We seemingly have only two choices.  Supper high stiletto hooker shoes, or absolutely flat no heel kiddie shoes.  Even last years wedge espadrille is this year sporting a seven inch hooker platform wedge.  We seemingly have two choices, bunions or shin splints.  All I want is nice two inch wedges or kitten heel shoes.  One happy note, there seems to be no more platform heel and sole flip flops! I know what I want, a nice kitten or wedge heel sandal. leather, in either a white or multi colour pink, turquoise, purple, that kind of idea with a bit of metallic detailing.  That would be fashionable, stylish, and go with plenty of things in my wardrobe.  I can find that idea either totally flat or with a seven inch heel and integrated platform interpretation.  

Things went far better in the fabric store.  I got the one fabric I wanted, some chocolate brown 8 oz twill for a nice pair of pants (or a nice skirt) and I got some retro-inspired print jersey and some nice pastel Pucci inspired stretch silk satin.  Yes, you read that correct, stretch silk satin.   Wow!  i want to make a halter style tunic with it or something that will take advantage of both the stretch and the gorgeous drape.  The knit is going to be a top similar to the other retro print one, with the high waist, a bit of drapery over an underbodice...I'll have to draw a picture! 

Finally, I went the the world's greatest bead store, Bead Bazaar and got more of those wonderful little moonstone butterflies.  I'm going to combine them with some clear AB crystals and a few pink crystals and some silver wires to make a net of butterflies and sparkles.  they are also having a bracelet contest and I think I will enter it.  Bracelets are NOT my strongest designs, so this will be a challenge!  There's a ten dollar spending limit, which will also be a challenge.  I have a couple ideas, both are concepts I've explored before, but I will need to vary them to fit into the constraints of the challenge.    It should be fun.  And different!

What else?  Not much.  I think this whole month has been spent with one of us or the other of us trying to shake off some type of virus.  I think we are all better now, at least I hope we are all better! 

And that's all for today.  I'll scan the sketches for the top i want to make and maybe for the pants, too.  i should also scan a couple sketches for what I'm looking for in shoes!  Later!

Posted by lincatz at 12:07 PM EDT
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Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Mood:  not sure
Topic: No Topic Today!

It's finally warmed up!  For two days we had warm temps and rain.  This means we also now have a puddle in the basement and a floor that goes squish squish squish when walked on.  Every year same bat time same bat channel! When the melt is over and the floor is dry, I think a little home improvement project is in order: finding the crack, reaming it out, filling it with special cement, and patching the wall.  Ripping out the carpet is probably a good idea, I'm not as much into toxic mold as I am other more friendly fungi, a nice thick resilient vinyl floor is probably more practical for the basement than thick carpet, especially when a river runs through it.

Dave and Dan both have a flu with cough, sore throat, fever, the whole nine yards. Dave stayed home yesterday and spent the day sleeping, barking and clearing his throat.  Today Dan is staying home.  So far Ben and I are flu free.

Dan got his job contract.  He'll be working from end of April this year to end of May next.  He's getting a good salary and he's really looking forward to the job.  he's going to probably buy an XBox or a Wii with his first paycheck, likely the XBox because he has software to make games for that system.  He's also going to need a business casual wardrobe, so we'll be shopping for that together.  He has a fashion expert at home and he's decided to take full advantage of me.  I don't know if that's good or bad...  But it does mean I got to go shopping!  Now we are debating how much to charge him for rent.  I think a few hundred a month is good, so does Dave.

I mentioned the black lace and spandex top that used to be my favourite, yesterday I cut out and made a replacement.  Yay!  i now have one of my favourite items of clothing again.  It took about an hour and a half from beginning to end, and that included replacing the neck because i did it wrong the first time. 

It's Autism Awareness Day.  We are very aware of Autism, especially Asperger's. 

It also an anniversary for Dave and me.  April second was the day of a friend's birthday and we met at his 21 birthday party, the one I didn't want to go to because it was in the middle of the whole Paul debacle and disaster. Still sort of sad and mad over all that --too many people sticking their noises where they didn't belong...even all these years later I'm still mad and sad.   Whoever said time makes thing better and heals wounds was an idiot.  As The Dixie Chicks so succinctly said, I'm not ready to make nice, I'm not ready to back down, and I'm still mad as hell etc.  As I said, that was the one bright spot in that whole miserable time, meeting Dave.  I was quite honest and told Dave I was just in a horrible pair of break ups and I needed rebound time.  We ended up dating after a year and a bit wait, and the rest, as they say, is history.  I think it would have been 25 or 26 years ago.  So today is the anniversary of when we met. 

And Happy Birthday to Randy Wilson because it's your birthday today, where ever you are Right now! We owe you a big one, don't we?

It's also Peanut Butter and Jelly day.  It is Children's Book day.  It's also nation reconciliation day.  I don't think so, not after quoting the Dixie Chicks!   Tomorrow is tweed Day, so get out you woollies and don't forget the anti itch cream.

There are new episodes of CSI on.  Wow.  Wasn't that amazing how Super Cop and his time warping Sunglasses of Justice shot all those bad guys before any of them had time to react?  It's like he was moving in real time and they were in slow motion.  He does that with explosions to, where he walks away in real time and the *whatever* blows up in slo-mo.  And they allow him to teleport, too!  That whole two part episode was obviously to bring Calliegh and Eric closer together, wasn't it?  And Elizabeth Berkley...former star of Showgirls, worst movie featuring boobies, she really makes the CarusoBot seem less wooden as an actor, doesn't she?  There's a difference between minimalism and the inability ot act, as these two so ably demonstrate.  Tonight New York ends the Second Life story line.  If they wanted it to be really like the on line cyber world of second life there should have been more giant walking and talking dicks.  And Furries.  And Furry dicks.  honestly, why do people waste their time on Second Life?  To prove they have no first life?

Here's a link to more free needlework patterns, including knitting, crochet and sewing.  It's the Coats yarn and thread website and there's plenty of patterns:  Click the pretty coloured letters here!   There are some really nice crochet clothing patterns.

And that's all for today! Dan is home and needs to do homework!  Later

Posted by lincatz at 12:16 PM EDT
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Thursday, 21 February 2008

Topic: No Topic Today!

I have no strange animals or cuddly kittens today.  I do, however, have this link to a news story about the MYTHBUSTERS and how they are working on a special McGyver episode.  This is a watershed moment in pop-sci culture, the very moment when Geek culture collapses on itself in one gi-normous nerdgasm.

In less hyperbolic news, I finished the beach shirt I started yesterday after I left the computer.  I cut the patterns, cut the fabric and sewed it all together, except for the hems, in one afternoon.  I discovered a really cool way to attach the fronts, backs, and collar to the shoulder yoke in one piece, with two corners to turn.  The sleeves then went on in one long seam and then the side were another pair of long seams.  Then it was merely running all raw edges through the serger and voilà! A super nice beach shirt to wear over the bathing suit.  Nifty. The pattern I posted a while ago, I finally scaled it up from the graph paper size to actual wearable size.

We watched the eclipse of the moon.  The moon was a sort of burnt sienna red.  Then the clouds rolled in and from there on the moon wasn't visible.  It was cool.  Actually...truth be was freezing!  I won't say that I hate winter, but once again I will say...imagine how wonderful spring is going to feel when it finally arrives!

Speaking of spring, Dave got me some crocuses in small pots.  He always gets me a couple crocuses.  I place them in the kitchen window and watch them sprout, bloom, grow, then turn brown.  By the time all the leaves are brown and the bulbs are ready to plant it's spring.  It makes Feb. and March go a bit quicker.

And that's all for today, not much I know.  Later!

Posted by lincatz at 11:18 AM EST
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Friday, 19 October 2007
I have nothing to say.
Mood:  cool
Topic: No Topic Today!

Good thing I stayed poured rain all afternoon!  Dan came home soaked.  It's turned warm again, about 20 and humid.  Not bad at all, really.  I'm going to try to go out today to Downtown Kitchener.  Ben refuses to come with me, he can't handle the aggressive panhandlers. I don't enjoy being screamed at when i refuse to part with my hard earned money that some weirdo will use for crack or worse, but after a while you learn to tune it out. 

I should mention I'm now working on a CLEAN KEYBOARD!  It was so disgusting that the keys would stick to my fingers and i would pull them off...not quite, but they were a rather interesting shade of grey and pizza.  Now it's just boring beige.  NEW RULE!  No more wanking while staring at internet porn, got that whoever the hentai is in the family! 

In other not so disgusting news, I finished the sewing part of the lumberjack shirt.  Now all i need to do is add eyelets and snaps and then lace the suede through the eyelets.  Later today I will finish up the brown skirt.  I'm happy I'm binding the raw edged rather than serging them, the fabric makes a ton of fuzz as it's going through the serger knife and I don't enjoy wool fuzz settling in my lungs as much as i used when i was younger.

Oh seemed to mostly go nowhere, didn't it.  The whole point of the show was Grissom asking Sara to marry him...and we almost got a kiss from those two.  This episode seemed more about developing characters and interaction than it did about solving crimes or violence or anything else.  Which is okay, I suppose.  Has Catherine gotten anything from her fabulously wealthy mobster dad yet?  How about her mom?  Is her mom now the what's the word for head gangster?  big Carp? big fish?  Whatever? Since fish made up a plot element...why did only that one guy have chesticles, shouldn't every guy in the area been sporting a nice pair?  And that letter found on the scientist's computer that Catherine handed that guy...if it was found on the guy's computer, then there should not have been a signature in ink on the paper, especially if it had just been printed by the cops.   OOPS!

And that's all for today.  By Monday the New Burda patterns magazine will be up in english and there are some really nice pattern in it.  Every once in a while they put out an issue that's a real keeper, filled with things that can be made over and over or things that are fashion classics.  This one has a collection of classic cocktail party clothes, from formal to semi formal.  It's a perfect magazine to hold onto for those times when you need a cocktail dress that looks special and can be made quickly.  Most of the pieces look like they can be embellished and customized.  The other companies should have their newest pattern up by monday, I hope Vogue has nothing as atrocious as that Peter Pan Getaway getup from Sandra Betzina again!

Time to go do things!  Later!

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Tuesday, 16 October 2007

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I really enjoyed Project Runway last night!  I'm happy I didn't have to make anything with umbrellas!  And I'm thrilled they didn't have to use leaves or grass clippings or whatever! 

So we're getting to know the cast of characters a bit better.  Vidal is what you would get if you took Jay, Santino and Keith and rolled them up into one person.  Kendra is probably the most talented.  I loved her plaid dress right from the first moment she picked her umbrellas. Those two are top three candidates, unless they completely screw up.    Megan is a keeper simply because of her constant "I can't sew!" whine.  She's on the verge of a nervous breakdown every time she approaches the machine.  And it's soooo funny! The 20U is such an easy machine to learn and to use.  It does only two stitches, straight and zig zag, and it has so few dials and controls.  I only wish they'd show more of the sewing machines...sewing machine pr0n...stripped to the gears!

Iman seems to be finding her rhythm as host, she sounded less stilted this week.  As I said, you don't measure up is far more appealing than the fashion victim line.  The two weirdoes designers who make up heatherette were guest judges.  I HATE HEATHERETTE!  hate it.  Pant with the asses hanging out is the least of their crimes against fashion.  On the other hand...without Heatherette the girls at Go Fug Yourself would not have anywhere near as much material to feature.  And finally...Brian Bailey in his wonderful Seventies Porn Star moustache.  I would laugh more if I didn't have this thing for guys with moustaches... I find those seventies porn star 'staches appealing for some odd reason... hope he never loses that moustache... My hubby has had a 'stache at various times over the past almost twenty five years and he's looked totally cute in it...

I thing next week's challenge will be to design an outfit for the moms of the kids in the day care or make up a story about the mom ...there were plenty of little kids...and I wonder if this is going to be like the dog challenge only using kids instead of dogs.  I hope they don't call kids a fashion accessory! Calling dog fashion's hottest accessory was in bad taste, dog aren't objects, they are living creatures, like amoeba or pond scum or insects and deserving of the same respect those three get.

On to other news.  Also on last night was the greatest movie ever made about my life but it wasn't exactly like my life but it had elements similar to my life...I'm talking about Pretty in Pink, of course.  She should have stuck with Ducky~!  Okay...I KNOW I'm projecting my life into the movie...just because my Blaine believed rumours and false hoods doesn't mean that the real Blaine and his slightly weird fashion designer friend didn't work out and live happily ever after because it was just a movie after all~~  but she still would have been better off with a Ducky kind of guy; even if Ducky did end up years later on Two and Half Men being upstaged by an eleven year old kid. an odd coincidence the song by OMD from that movie was what woke me up this morning.

And also, while I was sketching some ideas I was in front of the television.  The New Music was on, but it wans't featuring anything new.  They were talking about the movie "Control" the story of Joy Division and they were talking about the band and the impact that three short years of JD had on the world of music.  They included an interview with one of he members of Joy Division, Peter Hook.  He's an old man now!  Old and round and grey!  That was really cool, in a time-keeps-marching-on way.  He also mentioned that he likes some of the bands that have continued the JD legacy, mentioning two bands I really enjoy, Arcade Fire and The Killers.  It was all quite a treat as Joy Division seems to be going through some type of revival these days, with documentaries, a movie of their lives, and other things.  Here's a whole Metafilter thread about Joy Division with plenty more,   The old guy...that was the best though...we are all getting older aren't we?  I think it would have been far more disturbing to see him looking like some poorly preserved relic of the punk era, a bit too skinny, a bit too young looking,  you know...creepy old guy trying to hard to hang onto his glory days of his youth.   I first heard JD shortly before Ian Curtis's death, in spite of what I told John.  Very bleak.  I still consider Love Will Tear Us Apart "our song" in regards to Paul.  Still one of my favourite bands.  And I don't consider also liking New Order to be any type of betrayal, so get over it!

Last television thing...Here's the funniest and truest thing I've read about CSI:Miami ~~ It's from a message board and I'm quoting: CSI: Miami needs to get rid of Caruso. Fast. Also, Speed's ghost should become a regular. And lose Ryan and Natalia. Basically the show should be Speed's ghost helping Delko and Calleigh solve crimes. That would be so much better than what we have now.   I hear ya, sister!  That would be the best thing on Television.  And our local newspaper TV review is such a moron he actually likes that awful Caveman show!  He's the only person anywhere who has had something positive to say other than "the worst show in the history of bad television."

I am not an obsessed fan of CI. This woman here is the worlds most obsessed fan.   She's spent thousand in a world wide effort to keep Sara on CSI:Las Vegas  I like sara, I like the romance and if they get married and then send her off camera for the rest of the series then I could live with that.  it wouldn't be the first time...she could be like Maris on Frasier...remember Niles' invisible wife?  Or Norm from Cheers and his invisible wife. They don't need to kill her, just send her somewhere and keep her part of the show, just not on screen.

I'm working hard on the brown heather wool skirt.  I have to carefully pick off the appliqués when sewing seams and darts otherwise they are too bulky. The fabric responds well to pressing.  I'm going to need a lining for this as the weave is a bit loose.  And I'm going to need to use a binding on all the seam allowances.  The fabric is quite ravelly so a little extra care and attention will keep the thing from shredding while wearing.  It took about ten minutes to sew the entire yoke, including the invisible zipper.  Mr Anderson does a bang up job with invisible zippers!  Fast and flat without that bubble that you sometimes get. 

I'm also working on the plaid lumberjack shirt.  It will take little time to make.  I do one thing that maye seem odd and is not what pattern instruction say, but I find it works best for me.  I always interface and sew up the picky little things first, like cuffs, collars, those little sleeve chimney shaped vents...all the little things that can drive a person crazy.  I do them at the beginning while I'm still brimming with enthusiasm over a project, that way when I'm at the three quarter stage, when I'm starting to wonder "will this ever be done?" I'm simply sewing these to their correct places and I'm not bogged down in cuffs and turning collars.  It makes it easier for me. 

And one more odd little thing, I think I mentioned it long ago, and apparently it's still around.  It's called SporeWorks and it has everything you need for growing your own mushrooms.  Yummy!  How about a front yard filled with Torks?  Agricus Bitorquis grows like a weed around here, but not in the winter. They look like giant store mushrooms. Or perhaps some grifolas, or maybe some nice hericium?  Yummy!  Or perhaps a few Flammulinas?  Either the white or the brown ones!  Or maybe some nice mushroom fan would appreciate her very own Shittake log...keep it as a pet, water it frequently and occasionally harvest its fruit.  That would be a wonderful present for someone who loves fungi!

And that's all for today.  Now I must go and descale my dishwasher.  it's filled with lime scale and makes this horrible noise.  Later!

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Monday, 24 September 2007
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Hello! We had a very nice weekend.  On Friday afternoon I took some black knit fabric that has been in my stash for a few weeks and made a really nice top with lace trim at the neckline and the cut away armholes are bound in bia cut black satin.  It took all of about two hours from start to finish, not counting half and hour hunting for the black satin.  I wore it on Sunday.  I also came up with a truly spiffy idea for some pink and brown border print.  I'm going to do a slash, gather and stitch idea, so I have something that looks like a ruffled skirt, but is made in one piece of fabric with only three seams.

Saturday we went to the market, this time the bread lady had two dozen loaves sitting there!  I bought three.  I spent the afternoon working on my painting, it's going quite well.  I close my eyes and i see various shades of rose pink.

Yesterday we went off the the Studio tour, the one my dad participates in every year.  For the past twenty years it's charmingly and consistently inconsistent.  Some art is good, some is fabulous and some is quite amateur.  In some cases one artist can have all three! The newest artist is a wood carver from Ghana, Africa.  he carves masks and statues of gods and goddesses.  His work is detailed and expressive. 

You know what I hate?  Going to the computer in the morning and seeing the thing didn't shut down properly, and the red hard drive light is glowing and not flashing.  I hate when I reset it and all I get is a long beep and three short beeps.  I hate that "windows is recovering from a serious melt down-delete everything?" message.  Fortunately I a brief time with the power off and the plug unplugged gave it a chance to rest and recover, then it came back fine and dandy.  I think that's the computer equivalent of a medically induced coma.

I have mentioned that i contribute to a fashion column, and one huge thing we deal with every day is knock offs, counterfeits and fakes.  Knock offs are okay, such as what you find at places like H&M or Suzy Shier.  Not everyone can afford 300$ for a shirt, and with H&M you get most of the style in a cheaper fabric with slightly different construction. For a fad item that will be out in a couple moths, it makes sense.  What I take issue with is fakes and counterfeits.  That plastic Chanel bag isn't fooling anyone.  So in this spirit I present the worth1000 photoshop collections of fake it , if other items were faked the same way designer items are faked. I like the replica rolex at the top...that's what it comes down to, isn't it?

So today Ben and I are going to the school so Ben can get something signed and then we stick the signed something in an envelope and then after a few eeks the something will be returned and then we can get another bunch of papers that need to be filled in and signed...ah yes, welcome to the bureaucracy.

And that's all for today!  Later!

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