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Wednesday, 28 August 2013
What I am planning to sew and a big announcement!
Mood:  a-ok
Topic: Really Important Stuff

Even though it's not yet fall I am thinking of fall sewing projects.  Normally when I plan out projects I work from design first or from fabric first, but not this time.  The next bunch of projects are unlike anything I have done in the past 25 years. Because they are so different I will need to use commercial sewing patterns. For the past week or so I have been haunting the websites of simplicity and McCall's and all the free craft pattern sites for the bunch of things I am planning to make.  I've got a good assortment and these are the ones I will be making:

Isn't this adorable?  It can be made from warm fleece and it will be perfect through January to March when little tiny babies need to be warm in their car seats.

SQUEEEE!  it looks like the baby is being eaten by the shark! And the little jammie pants and shark top are almost too cute for words~ Len's has lots of baby themed fleeces in stock.

Babies don't spend all their time sleeping and for my kids I found little sweatshirt fleece overalls were best for little creepers and crawlers.  Dan was about four months old when he starter flopping around the floor like a fish on the dock. This pattern has sweatshirt fleece overalls, t-shirts and a little hoodie.  I bet I could make the overalls in shorts length, too. 

I think these would be great for later in the year, when fall 2014 rolls around. Every stylish baby needs fall clothes for those long walks in the stroller and for playing in the leaves and going to the park and checking out the baby swings.

This is more for the newborn to 6 month age baby.  I can see these in super soft micro-fleece, soft cotton knits and and other soft newborn-worthy fabrics.

Since babies don't walk and sometimes strollers can be big and awkward -like on the bus -a baby carrier is a good idea.  Here's one that was recommended on some hipster parenting site.  I kept Ben in a baby carrier while Dan was in the stroller.  Yes, there are hipster parent sites.

I made something similar to this for Dan when he was little.  Now there's an official sewing pattern for a cart cover/high chair cover.  I think that this is not a luxury, but essential.  I'm not a germophobe, but shopping carts and high chairs on public places are disgusting!

This is such a good idea! It's a diaper bag that fold out into a complete baby diaper changing station! I can make it from fabrics that a guy wouldn't be embarrassed to be seen with, or something fun and retro, or something sophisticated and bohemian.  My rule for diaper bags: Always remember that it's the ADULT who is carrying it and not the baby, so make it from fabrics that are suitable for an adult to carry.  Sure, duckies and bunnies and pink are suitable for a baby girl, but it ain't the baby girl carrying it over her shoulder. It's daddy and he doesn't like frilly pink bunnies.  My little ponies is another story.

And last but not least, every baby needs something for the feet.  What could be more adorable than baby moccasins?  And rather than pay 50$ for them I could easily make a pair using deerskin scraps -which I just happen to have.  Or I could get some pieces of elk from the Tandy Shop.I can also get some fake twin-face sheepskin and make ugg booties, too -if I wanted.  I have a pattern for baby uggs. 

Now why, you are asking, why are you planning on sewing all this stuff?  Because this Kat is going to become a Grandma-Kat in the New Year.  And since there weren't many -meaning ANY -sewing patterns for boys when my kids were babies I didn't get to sew mush for them.  Back in the mid eighties patten catalogues were like time capsules filled with ruffled depression era and 1950's era frilly dresses and frilly diaper pants for girl babies only.  I thought they were too hideous even for girls.  Now that much of the egregious sexism is out of baby clothes I can make lots and lots of practical good looking clothes for the future grand-baby. 

And that's what's been occupying my attention lately!















Posted by lincatz at 10:16 AM EDT
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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Topic: Really Important Stuff

My Gluten Free Life:  Just because I can't eat wheat doesn't mean that I don't enjoy eating.  I just need to be careful. I am now so sensitive that a single bread crumb in the butter can make me feel bleah. But I still need to eat, so I eat carefully.  It's impossible for me to follow fad diets, eating food that doesn't give me explosive diarrhea is far more important than how many miles the food needed to travel before it arrived at the store. 

I have found another Excellent Gluten Free Cooking source.  This one is called the Gluten Free Gourmand and it's found here:  It's full of really yummy recipes.  I found it while looking for an authentic Italian Pasta Carbonara recipe, one that doesn't use bacon, one that uses real pancetta instead, and one that doesn't use cups full of cream.  Pancetta is available at our local Italian Grocery store it's not excessively expensive, and tastes worlds better in carbonara than bacon, which can be heavy and greasy.  And I wanted to eliminate cups full of cream for several obvious reasons, hips belly and butt.  This recipe here fills the bill:  As much as I love bacon, it's not quite right for carbonara.  I used to like this when I could eat regular pasta, but I tossed out the old recipe by mistake.  This will be great with Scotti brand rice spaghetti from Italy. Here's scotti's website in Italian:

More gluten free recipes can be found on SmittenKitchen: The amoretta cookies look quite tempting, don't they?

Another blog with several tasty recipes is The Gluten Free Homemaker: These recipes are a bit less gourmet and a bit more homier.  We all need home-style food, too.  Not every meal can be filled with exotic imported ingredients. 

And later this week is Kitchener's Christkindl market.  This should be a wasteland for anyone who eats gluten free, but it isn't!  There are a few vendors who have gluten free products, including El Peto, who sell some lovely gingerbread cookies. There's lots of food outside, including dinosaur sized turkey drumsticks.  I've eaten them many times and never had any trouble with them. 

El Peto has an online store where you can order their products.  I dike their chicken soup powder, it's the only one I have found that doesn't give me migraine Headaches. Their Christmas cookies are very good.

And the best Gluten free shop in town is Grandma's Gluten Free:  It's the only store in the city where I can go in and pick up ANYTHING and not have to spend hours pouring over the ingredient lists.  Everything in it is safe for me to eat.  

And now all this food talk has made me hungry.  I'm going to the mall this afternoon so I need to eat before we leave.  There are a couple places in the Conestoga mall food court that sell Gluten free Food, including the Indian Food place.  I might have some of their rice for dinner.   With that creamy butter chicken.Now I'm really Hungry!  Later!


Posted by lincatz at 11:31 AM EST
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Thursday, 3 June 2010

Topic: Really Important Stuff

My terrible cold is getting better, thanks for asking. I didn't sleep well last night due to the scratchy throat and non stop coughing, but the aches and fever were gone by about two in the morning. I haven't been blogging because A: I haven't been feeling well due to this cold or flu or whatever; B: it's planting season C: I've been trying to find addresses and postal codes for a mailing list and D: The squirrels are being deported from the blog to a nice home of their own.  See, people who like sewing and creative articles aren't really into the squirrels, and people who love the rodents are really into making tomato pin cushions.

I'm almost finished the list of names and addresses, it will be complete by tomorrow.  Dave needs to get some from his mom so we can send wedding announcements to some of her relatives.

In plant-y news I am almost finished planting seedlings in the rock garden. I pulled out all the old tulips because they were crowded and the bulbs need to be divided.   My lettuce is quite nice right now, all crisp and green and red.

I've started my mother of the groom dress, I've cut a muslin bodice and fitted it quite nicely.  I have some pale teal silk satin and some pinkish Italian re-embroidered silk lace that I plan on combining with some hand beaded lace trims.  The people at the fabric store were ultra nice, they loved my sketches and let me play with color combinations.  The owner has been in business for over 40+ years and he said he could tell by my drawings that I knew what I was doing and he enjoyed watching me play with the colors of lace, satin and trims to find a combination that worked.  He said he would have never picked the combinations, but when I put them side by side they looked perfect.  I'm going to line the dress with a rather odd choice: cotton voile or batiste.  Because august can be very hot I don't want a synthetic next to my skin, and I don't want to ruin a silk lining, and bemberg rayon is expensive for no reason other than the brand name, so I want a cool, fresh cotton to be next to the skin.  I plan on putting some time and effort into this dress.  The fabrics were almost obscenely expensive and I want the dress to refelct the quality of the fabric. 

And that's all for today.  I have to see if my squirrel sub domain is ready to be un-parked. Then I have to be sure the template looks good and then I can post some utterly fascinating squirrel stories, like how yet another squirrel caused a power failure by eating power lines. 

See y'all tomorrow.

Posted by lincatz at 10:32 AM EDT
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Thursday, 1 October 2009
Some pictures, at the bottom of this note.
Mood:  irritated
Now Playing: Music
Topic: Really Important Stuff

We turned on the furnace yesterday. Cry  While Dave and I do prefer to wait until the first of October, it simply was too cold to go without heat.  I turned it on at 3:30 when the indoor temperature went down to 18 and I realized I was wearing two jackets and looking for a third. Most people should skip down to the lower paragraphs and pictures, unless you recently found my blog through a google vanity search:

So a person from long long ago has been perusing my blog.  Good for him.  I stand by what I said. BTW-myspace is dead, all the kool kids are on facebook and twitter. Also, instead of whining why not write about the things that interest you, about what makes you interesting, unique, worthy of friending.  Read any interesting news stories?  What do you think about the economy?  Did you see anything that attracted your interest, like a cool jacket, a single flower growing in the middle of a demolished building, or maybe you had an extra good plate of chili and you want to share the recipe.  Did you turn on the heat in your place?  and how about that last episode of whatever on TV? see any good movies? Bad movies?  Give people a reason to read, give them something unique and different.  And give up on the instant internet fame thing.  It doesn't happen. No one wants to read endless self centred poor me entries.  Stop being so self centred. No one cares about you because you don't care about anyone else. If I wrote like you:

So my life is so miserable right now.  My parents are in London getting medical tests when they know I needed a ride to the mall.  How could they do that to me?  And my dad won't do my roof because his heart is bad and he knows my roof is leaking so he's just inconsiderate.  I try to keep positive but I found out five years ago that I could no longer eat anything with wheat or wheat gluten and that totally changed my life and now i can't eat donuts like a normal person.  It's really affected my social life and that why no one likes me.  Whenever I call anyone to talk about how miserable everything is they sigh heavily and hang up  Where's the consideration for me?  I just finished chatting with an old on line friend and all she wanted to talk about was her miscarriage.  How could she when my life is so rotten.  I should be world famous by now and I'm not and it's so unfair

You get the picture, right?

So I'm very worried about my parents, both are having medical issues.  Dad is on his second day of heart tests and then mom has more GI tests in London.  Her stuff needs to be supervised by her transplant doctor in London.  It's probably a bacterial problem, but they need to be sure. 

The roof guy is coming back this week or on Monday and then all will be set up for a complete re-do of our old roof.  He has three potential "OHMYGOD!" places on the plans, at the bathroom where a new vent is going, at the dormer where it isn't tied into the roof correctly, and at the chimney where every roof has an "OHMYGOD!" moment.  The dormer might need to be re-sided and re-windowed and re-vented.  Not unexpected.  This job was far too much for a Dave, Dad and the guys weekend roof party.

Sadly, this means I'll miss the girl's week out in Haliburton.  I need to be around to make sure the roofers stay on the roof and they don't fall off or try out or big screen TV or whatever.  They are supposed to be good, they've done the roofs of several neighbours and none complained.  they actually fixed up another roofer's incompetence for some people on Guelph street.

While perusing Fark I came across the cool tag, and the headline was Coolest origami insects ever.  Totally dude!  wow.  When i was a kid I could make some origami birds, and a bunny, and a little fortune-teller, but I couldn't do anything like this.  My favourite is the metallic staghorn beetle. These take the guy 20+ hours of folding.

I've been hard at work on more painted shopping bags.  I have enough with shrooms, now I'm doing some pretty paintings of sparkling butterflies, swirly fairies, fleurs, pretty things like that.  I want to get some chenille yarn in red, orange and black and do some hand couching over a painting of Rachel the spider.  She's hungry now, she's crawling the walls looking for food.  Since she murdered all the other crickets without eating them she needs fresh ones.

oh yes, painted bags!  I have decided that in spite of the drapery linings Superior strength, density of weave and durable finish, it is not best for paint.  The paint tends to bleed more through the fabric which is good for out of focus wavery abstracts, it's not so good for sharp lined cartoon-like paintings.  The muslin seems to work best in spite of the fact is less dense and cheaper.  It takes the paint better, holds lines, and it's easy to cut and sew. I have several pictures of the new ones.  I really like my new camera, it's everything I wanted and more.

I started this last night.  I'm using pearlized paint and sparkle paint.  I drew a basic outline of a butterfly and filled it with swirls.


This is almost finished.  It's the dreaded Amanita Gang.  They own the forest.  See how the shroom in the back tremble in fear at the amanitas.  In front are their pawns, a troop of Mycenae's and some earthstars.  Even the Liberty caps, the ones that turn from brown to blue and make the magic purple bunny appear -even they are taken aback by the toxic amanitas showing up in their territory.

All hail King Bolete!  He has several young princes with him and all the inky caps are his pages.  Behind there are oysters, Dyer's polypores and a troop of russelas come for an audience.

New Morels, not quite finished.  The little green things at the bottom will be dandelions.  Yummy, fresh morels.  Yummy Yummy!  I'm hungry. 

I'm taking these three to the Mushroom Guy and he can choose two, one for him and one for Mrs Mushroom Guy.  In the spring I will have a Mushroom Hoodie just like mine, but in Navy, not teal. 

And that's all for today.  I promise no more pictures on the tarantula, even though I took five last night. 

So see...that's what personal blogs and pages are supposed to have.  It updates on family matters, discusses personal problems without whining, points out something interesting and shows off something that I do and showcases what makes me special and unique. Everything you need to know about attracting friends and readers to your blog can be found here.

Whee! Danny's here!  I miss my kid.  Sometimes.  When he doesn't eat all my food before going back to his place.  Just kidding! I do miss Danny! But our grocery bill is only half of what it used to be.  Later!

Posted by lincatz at 10:53 AM EDT
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Friday, 21 August 2009
Which Way To The Beach, Boys?
Mood:  lazy
Topic: Really Important Stuff

This is the last entry for a while.  Tomorrow it's off to the beach.  We'll have someone here to look after the kitties, spider and other critters!

welcom to the

I hope that it will be a bit warmer than it was when that picture was taken.  I can hardly wait to use my new camera.  Last year's pics were a bit of a disappointment due to the crappy old 1.9 MP camera.  This new 10 MP should take much nicer pictures.

See y'all in a week or two!

Posted by lincatz at 9:32 AM EDT
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Wednesday, 30 July 2008
Home Google: The Time Has Come For a New Search Tool
Mood:  a-ok
Topic: Really Important Stuff

It appears that the new search engine -Cuil -will be as well loved and remembered as other such revolutionary product launches for New Coke, Ford Edsel, and The Phantom Menace.   It's not everyday product launches have this magnitude of impact on our everyday lives, and seldom does a new product launch take on a life of its own beyond it original targeted audience and purpose.  Yes, Cuil will some day take it's place in the annals of business launches with the three previously mentioned successes. 

The problem with cuil, other than it's hideously invasive crawler bot, the random selection of images that have no relevance to the website in the results, the skewing of the results to personal blogs such as this, and the constant indexing of other indexes so the same website will show up over and over and over -the problem is that we really don't need another web search tool.  It's not offering us anything that is radically different than any of the other search engines: they all send spiders out to crawl through the web, they all try to pick out the relevant information, and then try to give us what it thinks we are looking for based on complex and arcane algorithms. And like all other search engines, sometimes the algorithms get it wrong because keyword stuffing, META hacks and other tricks aren't in the agorthms... er -algorithms.

And google does a bang up job of finding what I need quickly and usually relevant to what I want.

No, we don't need another internet search engine, we need is a truly useful search engine. a new type of search engine that leaves the internet and the world weird web behind.  We need a search engine for where we spend most of our real lives What this world really need is: HomeGoogle.

There is nothing out there that's better for finding information of the web than good old google. Need info on making soap? Google finds over ten thousand places with instructions on making soap. want to find out about space warp engines? Google returns almost 3,000 places mentioning space warp engines, including the litter box! How about a map? Google has plenty of maps. Need a picture of a three handled credenza with matching doilies? Once again google comes through! Can you imagine searching for anything on line without the help of Google? 

That is why I believe that Google needs to expand. No, not the ham fisted attempt at scanning every book ever published, that's silly and and infringing on the rights of the authors. They need to invent a truly useful search engine that will enrich everyone's lives and won't infringe on anyone intellectual property rights. What the world needs is google for the home! A search engine that finds what you have misplaced in the home! Just think about much time do you waste everyday looking for stuff; the other sock, the mustard in the fridge, that little doohickey that closes the bag of english muffins? And how many times do you say "mom...where's my other shoe?" Or "Honey, where's the checkbook?" And how humiliated do you feel when it was right in front of you under the newspapers you carelessly tossed on the floor, or right beside the pile of bills you haven't yet paid? And how many times have you said to your family, "How the hell should I know? What do I look like? F***ing google?"

That is why there should be HomeGoogle: the search engine for the home. Every day little googlebots and googlespiders will crawl through your home, cataloguing and indexing the location of everything; taking snapshots of what is where. Because they are small they will be able to go into places Mom's x-ray vision and finding radar can't reach. And they will index things that move around a lot the most, meaning these are the things that we use the most in everyday lives, so their location is most important.

Needless to say, there will be flaws in the system. For example: that ugly little what ever the hell it is that you got as a wedding present that's constantly being moved somewhere else will likely show up in all searches, sort of like listings on e-bay and ebiz-dot-com. But they can be easily ignored, much like the paid sponsor links on the google website. And of course there will be exploitable flaws in the algorithm, so the kids can rig it  so that the search terms "easy healthy meals in the freezer" will always come up with pizza, egg rolls, tacos and chicken nuggets, because they are somehow cross-linked with all four food groups this makes them appear healthier than they really are. And of course there will be strange links that have nothing to do with what you are looking for, except for one word; so when you look for "Dan's other black dress shoe" the first result could be that copy of Thomas Tryon's "The Other" that is stashed away in a cardboard box in the attic. Finally there will be odd items accessed by several people recently -for whatever reason --will also appear near the top, whether the result is relevant to the search or not.

This would produce strange results in the weeks following a clean-out of the garage; for example, entering in "kitchen gadget for pressing garlic" will return "gadget for planting bulbs" "gadget for straightening nails" "gadget for tire pressure" among other things that find their way into the garage. Needless to say, non-specific searches would yield unexpected results, "that thing that stirs up drinks" could conceivably return the secret location of Mom's vibrator, or it could tell you where to find the blender. "Dad's Black Leather belt" might return the location of your good leather belt that matches your dress pants, or you might find the fetish wear hiding in the back of dad's closet.

Nevertheless, in spite of these drawbacks; HomeGoogle is an idea whose time has come. Imagine the time you will save when you no longer need to spend hours searching for the dishwasher's warranty information. How much faster drudge house work will go when you no longer have to hunt for the box of swiffer dusters you got last week. And imagine a happy and contended mom and wife, no longer cranky and grouchy. Imagine a Mom and wife who is willing to listen to her family  --imagine a Mom and wife suddenly able to communicate many important and wise things to her family that don't involve household inventory.  She can be someone who can take the time for all the important things in life, such as Yoga, gourmet cooking, kinky sex, the things that make a woman's life fulfilling and leave her contented.  She will waste less time and brain power looking for things and she has more time and brain power for DOING things. Now Mom can be loving, charming, and bright;  now that she's no longer listening to the men in her life saying "Mom/Honey, do you remember where I put my ____ can you help me find it?" every five minutes.

A blast from the past, an old entry from 2003 and repeated in 2005 when I moved everything to tripod.  The part about "Cuil" was added today, the paragraph breaks were adjusted and the spelling, punctuation and grammar fixed. Sort of. 

Here's a link to the wordcloud from yesterday's blog entry:  You can make your own word cloud.  The biggest and most used words: Jeans, pants, back, dryer and fit.  A cool toy, here's the home page:

And that's all for today, after yesterday's epic about the crotch I'm blogged out and I have other things to do.

Posted by lincatz at 11:23 AM EDT
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Tuesday, 19 February 2008
My Fabric Stash!
Mood:  cheeky
Topic: Really Important Stuff

Long weekend.  Finally!   A long weekend in February!  The weather sucked all weekend, alternating between frigid, freezing rain, rain, ice, freezing, melting, more ice, and once again frigid.  The thaw and the rain conspired together to turn all that snow into pure, skating rink smooth ice.    Now it's cold again, and snowy, so all the ice spots are covered with snow.  This means that while walking down the sidewalk, you can step on what looks like fresh snow only to wipe out and break something on the ice below.

The plum dress is finished, complete with invisible zipper, hem, everything.  It looks quite nice.  I pleated the bodice front in a way that it has a slight fan front effect, much nicer than the simple gathers in the drawing and nicer than the traditional way of pleating.  I think I might do a few beads or fancy thread work along the neckline, it's a bit too plain for my tastes the way it is.

I went through the old fabric stash yesterday.  I'm not as bad as some fabric-holics, but I do like to have a stash on hand for those moments when i need to make something.  Shall we take a guided tour of the fabric stash Oldest first, or newest? 

Lets start newest first.  Here we have a retro inspired patchwork fabric.  It's made of six different prints, stripes and solids cut into 4x4 squares and sewn together.  the base colours are mint, brown and rust.  I have a meter of this.  It's now fabric, but it look quite old.  When i saw it I thought it looked like an old quilt, the kind that used to be thrown over ratty old cottage sofas, when both the sofa and the quilt had developed that old musty a bit past its prime smell but still too intact to simply throw away.  This fabric doesn't smell, but it looks like it came from that era, made in the fifties or so...and then carelessly tossed on the cottage sofa somewhere in the seventies.  I want to use this for a tote bag and for appliqués on denim.

I also have 2 and a bit more meters of a brown and mint houndstooth weave that matches the patchwork.  I want to make a jacket from this, perhaps mixed with some denim.  The styles need to be fashion forward, they are so true to the era retro that anything retro styled could backfire and look like rummage sale purchases.

Next I have a few yards of some batik print crinkle cotton with gold threads running through the warp.  I  got this a couple years ago and immediately put it away and then forgot about it.  My plan was to make either a nice summer skirt or a long beach cover-up shirt.  This is till my plan and the fabric sits there as I waffle from day to day between the two options.  If there was more fabric I would get another two yards and then make both -but since there is not more I debate between the two options. A this point longish beach shirt seems to be pulling ahead.

A yard and a bit of purple pleather.  I already made a back pack from this. It turned out quite nice, but the fabric got stashed because the pleather was quite sticky when I was sewing it.  I came up with a whole bunch of tricks to sew the sticky vinyl, which lead to my published how to sew vinyl without going too totally insane stuff in Threads magazine.  Now the remainder sits there in my stash waiting for me to do something with it.

Two meters of white embroidered batiste.  This is a simple, cool, summer blouse, needless to say.  I just need to decide on the cut, the style, the details, and everything else about this not so simple summer blouse.

Three meters of pale pink cotton voile.  From Fabric land, buy one meter, get two more free!  So I got three meters for only 4.99.  I didn't even need one, but it was pale pink, pure cotton, and voile, a weave that turns softer and lighter every time it's washed.  I think this should be a summer dress, with pin tucks and lace insertion, and all that frou-frou...or maybe not.  Still don't know what to do with fabric I didn't need but bought because it was really really cheap.

2 and a half meters of beige rayon challis with a slight satin weave.  This is going to be a puffy shirt, like Sienfeld's puffy shirt.  I need a puffy shirt!  Everyone needs a puffy shirt!  It's just soooo I dunno --PUFFY!  The original was made in rayon challis.  I have quite a bit of information on the puffy shirt, along with plenty about many of the costumes on Seinfeld.  Did you know that Jason Alexander wore the same pair of sneakers through the entire series?  And when the series ended he kept them as a souvenir.  Julia Louis Dreyfus loved Elaine's wardrobe so much that she kept everything. The puffy shirt was a one off, they made only one rather than the usual three and they had to be very careful with it so it didn't get ruined.  It's now in a museum.

What else?  Oh yes, three and a half meters of some crayola crayon floral chiffon.  This is in your basic eight colours in a box crayola colours, and the flowers are quite loose and free form.  I need some cotton lining and I will make a very nice summer dress, with thin shoulder straps, a built in bra, and plenty of ruffles.  Or maybe I'll let it sit in the stash until I think of something a bit less complicated!

The georgette with the big flowers was in the stash until yesterday when I cut it out into a shirt.  Now it's no longer a fabric stash, it's a WIP.

Let's see...what else...oh yes, the remnant bin stuff, the stretch velveteen.  It's still waiting to be turned into a corset style vest.  And I still have a bit of that pink shiny crushed velvet.  Maybe I do need yoga pants made of crushed velvet.  I have two tops made from the velvet, so I don't need any more tops.  And I have a skirt in a similar shade of pink.  So I don't need a skirt.  Maybe a nice pair of pants is exactly what i need!

Embroidered and sequined denim.  It's kind of -sort of -not jeans weight--it's a lighter weight, about 8 ounces at most.  It's quite pretty, with embroidered flowers and sequins, sort of hippy retro.  Maybe I'll make a pair of jeans and a jacket from this, make the jeans loose fitting and sort of spring styled, and make a fitted jacket that looks like a dressy tailored jacket, only it will be denim. That would be cool.

Black and white houndstooth, which I keep forgetting i have. Oops.  And I really don't know what to do with this fabric.  It's got an odd finish to it, with an awkward drape and I'm not sure what to do with this fabric.  I guess it will sit for a while longer. 

The snake print.  Okay, I admit it...I have no idea what I was thinking when I got this!  Okay?  Let's just tuck this atrocity away for a few more years and forget that it even existed!  It wasn't that ORANGE in the store, okay?  It looked brown in the store...not orange and red!

Finally, two last remnant bin finds, both are poly cotton knit, broomstick crinkled and mottled tie tye effects dyed.  One is brown and black, the other is navy blue and teal/turquoise.  The brown is a bit over one and a half meters, the other is a bit over two meters.  Not sure what to do with these, the brown will probably become some type of top and the other I'm thinking...I dunno what I'm thinking.  I'll need to let it sit on a shelf and mellow for a while. Some fabric is like wine of brandy or needs to mellow with age, if it's sewn too soon, it hasn't reached the peak of its flavour...or at least that's what I tell Dave when he asks why I haven't made something with a particular piece of fabric.  I also believe that if you sew with some fabrics too soon after buying them that the colour hasn't quite bonded correctly with the fabric and it will run out the first time you wear the item.  We don't want all the colour to fall out, so we must leave the fabric in the stash until we can be sure it won't disappear!

That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

And that's all for today.  I have some stuff to do and it isn't getting done if I'm sitting here writing. First thing is to delete 300 e-mails telling me how I have one several million dollars in the YAHOO.COM lottery, all I have to do is send a money order for several thousand dollars to cover taxes!  I don't think so!  I also have been getting japanese hentai manga in my spam folder, why I have no idea, but one place offered mail order school girl used  Something that doesn't quite cross the cultural barrier. 


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Thursday, 3 January 2008

Mood:  a-ok
Topic: Really Important Stuff

Good morning.  It's still colder than a witch's you know what... and I should know!  Oddly enough, next week is supposed to about 11, with no minus sign in front.

I went downtown yesterday.  There's a new shop, David's's like Vincenzo's only with less Italian and more french.  Less of the stinky cheese soaking in olive oil and garlic smell too.  They have a huge gluten free selection, I got a box of gluten free honey nut cheerio type cereal, some gluten free cream of mushroom soup, and some gluten free porcini risotto mix.  You would think any risotto mix in a box would be inherently gluten free...wouldn't you?  But nooooo....many have wheat flour for thickening the risotto broth, some have little chopped bit of spaghetti...and believe me I have learned this the hard way. 

The temperature was -10 with a beastly -20 windchill so I bundled up well, sweater tights under jeans, polar fleece over a couple layers of shirts, hat mitts, the who nine yards...and by the time i got home I was sweating!  The sun was quite warm in spite of the air temperature and I think I over dressed.

I'm working on a top made from some knit fabric and for some reason there isn't any part of this that isn't giving me trouble.  When I sat down to sew it I couldn't get the machine to work correct, and when I went to adjust the tension, there was none, the knob was almost falling off.  Someone had been fiddling with it.  I got it back on, it was merely a matter of screwing it and then twisting it back into place.  Did you know that with no tension whatsoever and no bobbin case the 20U can be forced into making a chain stitch?  I'm sure it isn't recommended by anyone.  What I need is ballpoint needles for Mr Anderson, all I have are leathers denims and sharps. It takes both 1910 and 1955's and Steve has plenty of both.  He feeds my addiction.

And then the upper front is just weird...the neckline needs to be gathered more and the upper chest area has gone floppy.  I need to take it apart and put it back together again.  I think I'll cut it all a bit smaller and make the shirt tighter, that way the stretch will take care of any little issues in fit or construction.

If anyone's interested, here's the forecast for fashion colours for spring 2008 from Pantone.  It's the warm sun splashed tropical palette I predicted a couple years ago.  These are all such easy colours to wear, and they are all such easy colours to incorporate into one's existing wardrobe.  The pink, lilac and blue all look like old friends, like favourites that one already has in the closet.  And needless to say, everyone needs a dress in rococo red. 

Another entry in the unending end of the year best of round ups: The best fractal art of 2007.  fractal art is cool.  My favourite is this.

From instrucables, the ultimate guide to hand made comes this little tutorial for making your own vanilla extract from vanilla pods.  When I've used the pods it's been in a situation where I could simply soak them overnight in milk that's been first warmed up.  Since that's not always possible for everything this handy guide shows how to make some rich and mellow real vanilla.  real orchid sourced vanilla is not a boring bland flavour.  That artificial crap they sell in stores is boring.  Once i tried real vanilla I swore to never buy fake stuff again. Vanilla cookies made with real vanilla are far yummier.

I won't link to Pitchforks top 50 albums no one has ever heard of or bought.  After last years slip up, including albums that sold more than five copies to people band members didn't call "mom" They ratcheted up their game.  This time anything that made it to the selling charts had to be something that annoyed the crap out of people (Feist)or something the band's fan said was "disappointing"  (Modest Mouse)  I make no apologies for the pretension baroque art rock (Arcade Fire)

My faves for the year are  Arcade Fire because i like pretentious art rock, Bryan Ferry because he's hot, Alison Krause and Robert Plant because is should not work yet it defiantly does, Amy Winehouse because it's so retro, Jully Black because I saw her live and she sensational live, and Annie Lennox because she's ANNIE F***ing LENNOX and can do no wrong.

And that's all for now.  I have to alter a pair of pants and do that stupid top.  Later!

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Friday, 30 November 2007
Mood:  celebratory
Topic: Really Important Stuff

For the first time in like, YEARS!  my most favourite-est band of all time Queen, is releasing a new single.  Sure --the vocals are by that-guy-who-isn't-freddie; but the song was written by Roger Taylor, the one who wrote some of their best songs, and it's in honor of Freddie and for World Aids Day and as an extra big bonus: It's available for FREE on their website.  YAY!  Guess who's getting up at midnight to download the official version? 

Here's the website:  and here's the page for the download:  I hope they release a new album soon, like most Queen fans, I Want It All And I Want It NOW! And I Want to Break Free!


I don't spend much time on band websites, most are exercises in flash-ter-bation, huge and for all their size, low on content.  Queen is the exception, eliminating all flash a few years ago and concentrating on content over style.   If you want to buy me a Christmas present, a nice shirt or something from here: would be a good idea!  Especially this one here:

And that's all for now.  I'm working on a sewing tutorial for another website.  I'm doing so much writing for a fashion column and for a sewing site i have no time to work on my own site!  I have nearly two dozen pages that aren't live and waiting for me to rid them of HTML errors, yet I don't seem to have enough time to finish them.  Sigh.  I think I know what my new years resolution is going to be.  Later!

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Updated: Tuesday, 4 December 2007 11:49 AM EST
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Friday, 17 August 2007

Mood:  bright
Topic: Really Important Stuff

Hi!  We went to visit Dad again, he's getting better every day. He's going to get out of bed next week, after ten day have passed.  mom gave me all the gory details of the surgery.  thanks really...i really did need to hear how many stitches in his...never mind!

Ever have a day where you feel like you should have a headache..but don't?  But you do?  But it isn't anything you can really feel...but you know it's there?  I have one of those kind of headaches today.  It's just enough to make me crabby and cranky, it makes me feel like Squidward. I'm going to lock myself in my sewing room today, then I won't spend the day being crabby at everyone.

So yesterday we watched the Mythbusters.  if there were a 24 hour mythbusters channel on TV I'm sure that we would have it.  Mythbusters on demand!  A new Rogers channel!  it was the chinese drum one, where Kari shaves a dead goat.  I think they blow up something too.  They always blow up something.  So I mention this because the discovery channel has listed the Ten website that Adam visits every day.  You need to click on the numbers to reveal the site and the next number, makes it a bit of a mystery for unrepentant scroll to number one first people. We like many of the same sites.  He has Fark as number one. It's funny, because on of his last posts on Fark was a complaint that all Mythbuster threads turned into Kari Byron picture threads.  And he said that like it was a bad thing.  Here's my favourite picture of Jamie:

We were also treated to the "deleted scenes" ATHF special on teletoon last night.  Me want ATHF movie film for theaters on DVD.  Me like ATHF!  Yeah!  It wasn't released in Canada except for a few special screenings, which is too bad...I love the mooninites!  Even though they terrorized the losers people of boston.

Also over on Discovery is the message board for What not to watch.  They recently did their very worst make over and Nick proved once again that he should have his scissors and razor shoved up his butt.  The girl's name was Natalie--a hip creative artsy free spirited unique individual type...and they ruined her. Especially her hair.  So I'm not the only one who feels that same, there's ten pages of complaints and over on Television without pity there's almost a hundred pages...including posts by the Make over girl herself.  Her hair was so awful that the show stylists want to give her extensions...I've always said those two want to turn anyone with any sense of identity into boring clones of frumps.  And nick is the single worst hairstylist ever.

And speaking of awful fashions...I was at a shoe store and one of the workers was opening boxes...she sliced open the packing tape on one and shrieked, "The horror!"  It was box filled with crocs...and they were lined with fake sheep fur!  FUR LINED CROCS! AAAAAAAAAARRRGGGHHH! Can it get any worse? Crocs with fur lining... They were tagged "winter crocs"  And I bet that some taste impaired idiots will wear them with socks...UGH!  Once again, if you are over twelve, not in a garden, or not camping...then put the crocs away!  And here they are in all their horrific horror!

And that's all for today.  Later!

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