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Monday, 25 February 2013
Return of the squirrels
Topic: Squirrels in the news

In addition to the occasional scratchings in this Litter Box I also have a blog that's strictly for the squirrels: News of the Squirreled. It started as a joke between myself and someone on a Seinfeld fan message board. His favorite Seinfeld episode was the one with George and the Squirrel.  He asked the eternal question: "why do squirrels run in front of cars?" and I used the magic of google to discover a whole world of fascinating facts about the often overlooked tree rat of the city.  I found a site called -no longer in existence -which explained that it is part of an ancient coming-of-age ritual that all adolescent squirrels must face. After that edifying piece of information we then turned the discussion into a "post squirrel stuff here" thread and after the board shut down I moved the stuff we found to the LitterBox.  When it became apparent that most of the traffic to this blog was for sewing and jewelry and artsy stuff I moved the squirrels into their own home: News Of the Squirreled found here:  the squirrels are masters of their own domain! 

After almost ten years of squirrel stories I have noticed several trends: Squirrels are pests, squirrels love to eat electrical lines, squirrels are the biggest non-lightning cause of power failures in all modern cities, and squirrels setting houses on fire is not as uncommon as we all would like to believe. They are also amusing, enduring, pesky, tenacious, fodder for otherwise light news days,  occasionally cute, and always out and about no matter what the weather.  I never know from week to week what the squirrels will be doing next. This morning someone sent me some pictures of squirrels kissing and since it's a rather blah and boring monday here they are to brighten everyone's day. So Let's do it!

Kittens do it!

Ground squirrels do it

Even Red Squirrels do it!

let's do it! Lets kiss a squirrel~~~!

Ohhhh baby! Your lips taste like nuts.

Spring is the perfect time for grey squirrel love.

a squirrel and a (hippy?) find true love. 

And if you aren't smiling after these pictures you don't have a heart!

Posted by lincatz at 10:02 AM EST
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Friday, 18 June 2010

Topic: Squirrels in the news

Ah!  Friday at last!  The past few weeks have been filled with obligations to others, jobs that need to be done and lots and lots of cough syrup.  Now everything is completed, and I have sworn off the cough syrup we have only one more obligation and I can get back to important things.  Or at least Important to ME things.

Such as finding squirrel stuff for my new just-went-live website: News Of the Squirreled.   I've always had a Love/hate thing for squirrels, usually going more to the loathe side of the equation when they are ripping the garden to shreds.  Other times they are quite amazing.  they can live anywhere, they are infinitely adaptable and despite all our best efforts they are impossible to get rid of.  Here's the website:  from now on most of my squirrel stories and LOL squirrels will be moved to "News Of The Squirreled" It's like news of the world...only with squirrels.

I have about 100 pages of squirrel stuff that's been sent to me over the years: squirrel feeders, squirrel traps, squirrel crafts, squirrel books, squirrel art...not to mention squirrels that start things of fire, squirrels that blow things up and squirrels that are newsworthy in their own way. 

Now that the squirrel mess is cleaned up I can focus this blog on sewing, creative stuff and rants and raves. And that's all for today!

Posted by lincatz at 10:50 AM EDT
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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Topic: Squirrels in the news

The tagline in my newsfeed read, "the squirrels condition was not immediately available" Apparently yet another squirrel found electricity lines irresistible and had to have them for lunch, resulting in yet another power failure somewhere. While I was reading the story a brief power failure reset my computer. Obligatory LOLSquirrel:

So I have a nice problem.  When I got fabric for my shirt I also got some mauve twill thinking that I could make a pair of pants to replace the ones that shrank in the dryer.  That's my story and I am sticking to it: the shrank in the dryer.  Well, after letting out a couple seams the mauve pants fit fine, so I now need to make something with the mauve twill. Can't let perfectly good fabric go to waste, right?  So I looked in the armoire where I keep my summer clothes...and I have pants in mauve, capri pants in mauve and a cargo-style skirt in mauve.  I guess I'm going to need shorts in mauve, seeing as that's the only thing I lack in mauve. I was thinking a nice loose in the legs but fitted at the waist city-style dressy shorts.

Wait...I have capri pants? Two pairs? One in black and one in mauve? I thought I didn't like capri pants...I made these...obviously... but when and why?  Capri pants do nothing for me, when I wear them I gain ten pounds and lose six inches in height.  I've tried every length, every leg width, every style and I have yet to find capri pants that look good on me. So I will make a really nice pair of shorts.

And that is all for today.  I have a little article about sewing a wrist pin cushion waiting to be posted, complete with patterns and everything.  But these damn squirrels keep getting in my way.


Posted by lincatz at 10:42 AM EDT
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Tuesday, 18 May 2010
There are squirrels in my website
Mood:  caffeinated
Topic: Squirrels in the news

It has become increasingly obvious that squirrels are out to take over the world.  Okay...if not the world then squirrels are out to take over my website. Just before I logged off yesterday one more story appeared in my newsfeed. one that makes me wish I would have saved yesterday's LOLSquirrel for today.

So here's the story: something something squirrel droppings.  Something something squirrel in bedroom.  Something something girl freaks out. Something something poor building standards for a long time.  Something to do with nuts.

Really, people get over it.  The squirrel was just trying to be friendly, like yesterday's LOLsquirrel.   At my place I had several squirrels come up to the back screen door, get up on their haunches and look inot the porch.  And if they were wearing coconut hats, I'm sure they would have all tipped them politely.

On the coldest day of winter I often have squirrels perched on the outside ledge of my kitchen window where they can steal a bit of warmth leaking out.  I'm very kind to the critters, I invite them inside.  I have a special large enameled home for them with a tight fitting lid and I fill the home with carrots and potatoes and onions and I place them somewhere very warm, about 350 degrees, for about three hours.

For more delicious recipes check out this site:  for over fifty fun things you can do to your pet squirrel.  And there's a page of fun free activities to try out:  including squirrel delight.  Why is it called squirrel delight? I'm quite certain the squirrel is not delighted in the least.

And this is what happens when you enjoy the delights of too many squirrels.

And now for something different: this question from Yahoo Is 69 degrees Fahrenheit warm enough to wear a dress with isolated thunderstorms? Here's a screen grab:

I've seen dresses with isolated appliques, detachable frills and removable sleeves...but I've never see one with isolated thunderstorms!  Wow!  That must be some dress!  I bet it was designed by the people of the Weather Network.  I'd love to have a dress with isolated thunderstorms. That's far better than a dress with an occluded front.  Or pants with mesocyclone in them.  Or a meso anything in them. 

And that's my edifying entry for today.  I have gardening that needs to be done, it appears that this is going to be a superb early summer week, weather wise.  No meso-anythings until the weekend.   Later!


Posted by lincatz at 10:24 AM EDT
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Monday, 17 May 2010

Topic: Squirrels in the news

I am a dirty girl.  Really dirty.  I spent most of yesterday digging holes in the ground in order to plant things.  In the process of planting things I got dirt on me.  Lots of dirt.  So I am now a dirty girl.  A dirty girl with four new phlox clusters in her rock garden in addition to a big new hosta.  I also began planting some of the seedlings that I started several weeks ago, mostly the dwarf french marigolds.  The celosias are not quite big enough and they shouldn't be planted until June. My rock garden now has four flocks of phlox. I guess that's better than phlox of seagulls.  And way better than flocks of ravenous squirrels.

Saturday was Heather's shower.  There weren't as many people as we had hoped, but it still went fabulously.  I guess I could have invited all my cousins. There was plenty to eat, much of it gluten-free and by the time it was over I was stuffed to the gills.  The shirt I made looked fine.  Not much else to say, except what every party should wants as it's final words: A good time was had by all.I have a few pictures, I will post them tomorrow.

And now for a squirrel story: A couple guys from Lincoln Nebraska were soooo tired of rogue squirrels chewing through their brake lines that they decided to take matters into their own hands and chase them down with bows, arrows and blow darts. On their own property this would not have been a problem but they took the chase to the streets, where it was a problem, at least for local law enforcement agencies. Here's their story.

LOLsquirrel, and a very genteel and polite one at that!

And that's all for today.  I have a bit of cold or something.  Off to recover while knitting the last bit of my socks. But first I need to stop being a dirty girl and clean up.  I think there's still some garden dirt in my hair.  Later. 

Posted by lincatz at 10:47 AM EDT
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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Mood:  don't ask
Topic: Squirrels in the news

First Windows updated and restarted the computer.  Then the video driver updated and restarted the computer.  Then the virus scanner updated and had to restart the computer in order to be effective.  Then my camera software had a critical update and needed to restart my computer.  And then another graphics program updated and needed a restart.  It's been almost an hour and I have yet to accomplish anything!  I still have not even had a chance to get to fark and I finally finished reading six very small e-mails.  Frustrating!

For some reason people are sending me squirrel stories.  Not just one or two a week...but anywhere from ten to twenty a DAY!  I scan most of them looking for the ones that A) have cute pictures or B) feature tree rats wreaking havoc upon the world at large or C) feature tree rats getting a big face full of KARMA baby!

Sadly, today's crop of stories are all PRO squirrel: 30,000 cats sterilized in Beijing.  This is to help restore the squirrel population on the city of Beijing, China.  There are so many bad Chinese food jokes just waiting to be told ...but I will resist. instead i will offer this from worth1000.

But what about cats?  Sometimes cats are attacked by squirrels.  Just ask this poor cat:

Our next link is from a high school newspaper Why build a squirrel obstacle course?  My answer: BECAUSE YOU CAN! and it might drive one or two into madness! Or after all that work you might end up with our old friend super squirrel:




They include instructions for several worthy obstacles, and it is tempting to make as a source of crazy squirrel pictures, perfect for LOL'ing.

And after the squirrels are finished on the obstacle course they can go to the animal hospital in this article here, where they care for injured squirrels. Here's a picture of a poor squirrel with its arm/leg in a splint:

aawwww....I almost feel sorry for the little guy.  Almost...but it is entirely possible he broke his leg while transplanting my tulip bulbs from the garden to the lawn.The animal hospital is somewhere in Chicago...hmmm home of the Blues Brothers...I need to sharpen my photoshop skills and give a pair of squirrels dark glasses and dark hats. Perhaps this pair of squirrels: 

Or not.

And in Philadelphia... people are upset because a large oak tree is going to be cut down, displacing many squirrels from their family homes.  Is it wrong that I feel more sorry for the poor old tree than I do for the squirrels.  I'm not that wrong?  Am I supposed to feel sorry for the tree rats...all I can think about is the poor old oak tree, once so regal and proud and stately...soon to be reduced to heart rot infested sawdust and stumps.

And that's all for today.  As if that's not enough. 

Posted by lincatz at 12:01 PM EDT
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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Topic: Squirrels in the news

When the news headline starts out "doomed squirrel" then you just know the story is going to be good! Once again in the endless war between squirrels and electricity the squirrels come up short ...meaning shorting out the electricity!  short..get it?  Here's the story: 

We all know aht happens when you combine squirrels and electricity.

And that's all. Did you know if you look for lolsquirrel blogs the litterbox in now on the second page?



Posted by lincatz at 2:30 PM EDT
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Monday, 10 May 2010

Topic: Squirrels in the news

I spent much of last week recovering from a gluten reaction.  On Wed. I had to clean out a cupboard in the kitchen that was overrun with tiny little beetle bugs.  I found the source, an ancient box of pancake mix made of wheat flour.  While cleaning up the mess there was lots of flour dust and obviously I ingested some.  Wednesday was bad, Thursday was worse.  I had both the foggy brain and the blues.  So I decided to go to my happy place for a while, Len's -and check out the fabric and yarn.  After a while I wasn't feeling blue or foggy.  Yarn was on sale so I got a few balls of colorful sock yarn.  Here's what i am knitting:

The colours reminded me of that ice cream with the pastel colours in it, sherbet or whatever.  It's sort of a childhood memory colour, Popsicle and banana splits, boo-berry cereal and lucky charms marshmallows.  The yarn is one of those self-striping self-patterning yarns so all I do is knit, the yarn does all the color work. It's hard to feel blue whn working with these colours.

I also got some mauve twill for either pants or shorts, and some striped shirting that goes with the mauve.  I am now happy again.  

And now for something completely different: Eight inch laser guided scissors!   I don't think so.  The blade is not integrated with the grip, the thumb grip is too large and not shaped to the hand, it looks like a case of hand fatigue waiting to happen.  My hands are cramping as we speak.

And now for a sad story.  Sad because the squirrels are wreaking havoc upon my garden again: poor hawk starves as evil squirrel escapes his eventual and well deserved fate. A quick no-imagination involved LOLsquirrel:

According to the story the squirrel escaped the hawk. Poor hawk.

 And that's all for today!

Posted by lincatz at 10:47 AM EDT
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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Topic: Squirrels in the news

EDIT: Hey Deviant art users!  Nice to see someone linked to me. Whoever you are could you please let me know who you are, what's so fascinating, and why you linked? I have an account with deviantart myself and I am curious.  If it's the squirrel picture and you have hot linked then please link to the image on rather than hotlinking my blog. Bandwidth is expensive and I have to pay for it.  After a countdown of a few too many hotlinks you will soon see a picture of Mr Goatse with a big juicy leech on his most outstanding feature.  I can turn it off if you are nice.  Yes, I have an obsession with lolsquirrels.  The some of the pictures are one I have taken, some are from around the web, the LOLcaptions are mine.  SO don't be shy, let me see the link! You can e-mail me through my profile, see view profile in the upper left.  My comment system is a bit wonky and sometimes doesn't work. Sorry

From the world weird web I have a few squirrely things.  This was a picture in a caption this contest on Fark and here's what I did with it:

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

And this little GIF is why the forest smell so bad.


What else needs to be said? And also off the cheezburger network:

And one last win/fail for my niece:

And that's all for today!


Posted by lincatz at 9:59 AM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, 11 May 2010 11:13 AM EDT
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Monday, 26 April 2010

Topic: Squirrels in the news

So now Dave is considering taking my picture to all the local Home Hardware stores with the caption "Do not sell anymore solar garden lights to this woman.  She has an addiction to solar garden lights" On Saturday I went to home hardware with Mom and Dad to get a 2x8 and a small  weed digger.  Dave and Ben stayed behind to do some lawn work. Mom and Dad got the 2x8. I left with eight solar garden lights, two weed diggers and one super deluxe stand-up cast iron foot lever action weed picker made by local Mennonites. This thing plucks out a dandelion in a third of the time it takes to use a digger, and I don't have to crawl on the ground. Dave says it's the last time I'm allowed near the solar lights without adult supervision.

So for my mom of the groom dress I've got a drawing of the pattern pieces I will need, I have some bra cups to place in the bodice, so I can make it a halter style.  I want to look for a jeweled centerpiece for the bodice at the local thrift and vintage shops.  Old rhinestone pins are easy to find and not too expensive. I might by the pin first, then match the fabric to it.  I need to go to fabricland to find some nice silk fabric, or wait until Dan and the guys go to anime north and I can go to a Toronto fabric store, maybe that one right by Yorkdale Mall.  I recall that they had tons of silks in plains and prints. I want a nice peau de soie or a simple light silk satin.  For the floral I would prefer a chiffon or voile, if I can get it.  Otherwise a light plain weave will be fine. 

I finished two shirts for Dave, a plain polo shirt and a black with purple pinstripes dress shirt.  I also mended two pairs of jeans, and made a one-seam skirt with a length of border print fabric and thee inch wide elastic.  It took less than an hour, there was no cutting, just sewing the length to the elastic while stretching the elastic to fit the fabric.  I used 2X my hip measurement as the fabric was very light and flowing.  For a fabric with a bit more body I would have used 1.5 times my hip measurement.  I used a plain zig zag to sew the fabric to the elastic.  A cover-stitch would have worked well too.  after sewing the elastic to the fabric I sewed up the back seam and did rolled hem on the serger. Voila! 

And now for the topic story: a newsworthy squirrel.  The following squirrel is named "crunchy" and he has a headache:

His full story is found here:  either crunchy has one massive headache, or crunchy is reality a 90 year old Russian woman wearing a yellow babushka, your call!

And that's all.  Today I finish the pattern for the dress. Later!

Posted by lincatz at 11:48 AM EDT
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