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Friday, 19 June 2015
HI DAVE!!!!!
Topic: Rants and Raves




Posted by lincatz at 8:30 AM EDT
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Monday, 9 June 2014
I'm skipping THIS sewing lesson!
Topic: Rants and Raves

Pro tip: So when you are advertising yourself as a sewing expert, and you are offering expert level lessons, and you are making your video about sewing quickly and accurately without sacrificing quality it behooves YOU the so-called expert to choose a photo without loose threads, inconsistent stitch length and wibble wobble seam lines. And when people ask if this is a "before the lesson" picture you can save yourself a world of embarrassment by saying "yes, it's before" rather than attacking the people asking. And saying "let's see you do better" means that your comment stream will be flooded by pictures from thousands of people who can do better. Just an FYI.

And here's the picture used in the ad annotated with some of the flaws I found.  It's like that one "sewing expert blog" who posted a picture of a finished dress where the center-back zipper didn't line up and the bodice/skirt waist seam intersection. The left bodice was an inch longer than the right bodice. It's a silly beginner error, one easily fixed by proper cutting. marking and sewing. It's something a beginner can easily fix and a mistake an "expert" would never make.

And that's all for today. sewing expert my aunt fanny! 

Posted by lincatz at 10:00 AM EDT
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Tuesday, 29 October 2013
Worst. Designer. Ever.
Topic: Rants and Raves

I follow fashion. Not slavishly -but I do like to stay aware of what's new, what's up and coming, what's on the way in and what's on the way out.  And I love finding absolute train-wrecks so bad that you can't help but stare and rubberneck.  Recently the line of a design team has been brought to my attention. These people are so new they have only three collections and the latest one is the only one that's been reported on and the only one offered for sale. I do like to keep my eyes open for what on the way out and this collection is merely WAY OUT -and in way out there in WTF land Like these WTF is wrong with them Jeans:

These are selling for 430$.  Please note the second detail picture -the side view.  Here's a close-up:

They have a clear case of back-gap and they are drooping at the front -two very easy to fix fitting problems for people who know what they are doing. And these are the worst of this collection: 

There are so many things wrong with the fit and construction of these pants that I don't know where to begin.  There's deep vertical pulls from the pleats to the crotch which means the pleats are way off grain, don't extend far enough down the leg, not positioned on the center front line correctly, and angling toward the crotch. And don't get me started on the crotch curve -which probably doesn't exist. The crotch area itself looks like the pants have some weird form of labia torture going on. And notice the one side of the waistband is wider than the other?  Look right at the elbows -it's quite obvious.  These little demonstrations of how not to make pants sell for an astonishing 730$

What's really sad is that I love the idea -high waisted pleated silk trousers in a denim blue -but the execution of these is so awful that all I can do is quote Nina Garcia:

But don't worry, there's a solution.  For a mere 350$ you can cover up the most egregious errors in fitting and cutting with this little so-called denim apron skirt.  Surely no one could screw up the simple cut and fit of a basic straight skirt! Surely no one could mess up pattern cutting and fitting 101...could they? Oh wait:

...not to mention the dip in the front and the front facing tilt  that's formed by the mistakes in cutting make the model look like she's got a poochy belly and a duck-tail-butt.

This is stuff you expect from a couple rich trust fund dilettantes who believe pattern-making is "organic" and best learned by doing and experimenting and should be so hide-bound to technical standards that do nothing but hold the organic process of design back -at least people who make artistic statements like that are amusingly deluded -the pair in charge of this atrocious line are graduates of Central St. Martins!!! A school famous for blending creative and artistic expression with solid technical knowledge. 

I do like avant garde. Nothing wrong with it. I like how it makes me think.  I like how it challenges my thought process and reconsider what is and isn't fashion. Every year I eagerly await the avant garde designers of NY fashion week.  And as much as I laugh at some of the stuff by Gareth Pugh -at least he knows what he's doing and he does it very well. He isn't trying to pass off a lack of technical knowledge as "avant garde"  Even if his clothes are unwearable in the real world -at least they are well made and well constructed.

This is by Gareth Pugh and I would totally wear this coat! And if you want to know where I go looking for real Avant garde fashion and art fashion, this is my favorite site:  some of this isn't wearable, some barely qualifies as fashion, but it's always though provoking and fascinating. Sometimes the greatest compliment you can pay to fashion is "what the hell is that and where would you wear it?"

Speaking of jeans -a week ago I was going throigh my jean drawer trying to decide what to wear.  I went looking right dow to the bottom -where the "suitable for hanging wallpaper and painting floors" jeans dwell. At the very bottom was a pair I made, put away and since forgot that I made them and put them away! They were a perfect pair of silver metallic and blue denim skinny jeans -only back then they were "drainpipes" or "cigarette" jeans.  I made them in 1997 for reason that elude me and put them away. all signs pointed to flare legs and wide legs being in fashion for a very long time. Somewhere in the ensuing years they escaped wardrobe purges and stayed waiting for a day when skinny jeans made their return.  The time is now.  And they look wonderful with my new tan boots and even better with my black knee-high boots. Any day you can find skinny jeans is a good day!

Posted by lincatz at 11:02 AM EDT
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Tuesday, 2 November 2010
a blog posting informing the world that i have man-duck feet
Topic: Rants and Raves

Yes, It's been a week.  Yes I know I said I wanted to get back into the blogging groove.  The problem is that interesting things need to be happening for me to blog about, otherwise I'm just yammering away to myself about stuff no one cares about.  Like going to London to look at winter boots.

I've always had issues with winter boots. All I ask for is nice, stylish boots -riding boot style is fine -then need to have nice heels, warm on cold days,  treaded soles, made of water and salt resistant leather,  and they need to fit.  Many boots that look nice don't stand up to winter.  Many winter boots do not look nice. and many boots are not made of real leather.  Fake suede is nothing more than polyester fabric and it doesn't stand up to snow or slush.  many winter boots look like giant ogres that you tie to your feet, heavy, bulky, thick and ugly. The really nice LaCanadienne winter boots that I really want to buy are outrageously expensive, over 400$. And to further complicate issues, I have wide feet.

I've always had wide feet.  Back when I weighted all of 115 pounds I had wide feet.  Back when I was a girl of 6 I had wide feet. One shoe guy said I had duck feet, wide in front, narrow at the heel. So I'm a FREAK WITH DUCK FEET!  And time, age and gravity haven't made them a centimeter narrower.  So I went off to London to visit a store that sells boots for hard to find sizes.  I went in and sat in their little chair and had my duck-paddles measured sitting and standing, I had my ankles gazed upon with a serious critical eye and they came out with THE PERFECT BOOT. riding style.  knee high. 2 inch heel.  (a little blocky, but so what) corset-like lacing in the back treaded sole, insulated,   Water, snow, slush and salt proof leather. the size? 8 E. E? Yup... E width.  That's getting into Man-feet range. not only do I have duck feet, I now need man width boots. They were also on sale because needless to say there's NOT MUCH DEMAND FOR DUCK-MAN FEET BOOTS! Regularly 250$ and now selling for 50$ I got a different pair in brown, water and snow resistant, fluffy fur lining, riding style with more style details, and these were only an 8D, which made me feel a little less like I had man-clown feet. No wonder I love my sandals and flip flops so much in the summer.

And earlier in the week I realize that I can't find a shirt that I am making for Dave.  The shirt is finished. all it needs is buttons.  I have buttons, but no idea what dimension the shirt vanished into.  Possibly the eighth, dimension.  And I know that the second I remember where the shirt is I will no longer know where the damn buttons went to.

If I don't have interesting things to say, I then will write pissy rants about stuff that ticks me off.  And then I say things I regret later, especially when they ultimately work out in my favour.  Like a credit card dispute.  Normally, most people have a snowball's chance in a barbecue of winning a credit card dispute. This one came because there's a lag time between submitting a payment, the company confirming it received a payment and the idiots actually subtracting the payment from the account.  So because of the fact that time goes at a different rate in credit card land, I made an over payment.  They owe ME about 200$ Their fault. Which they admitted.  Where does the pissy part come in?  When they would not return the money to me or put it back in my bank account. Nor would they give me any interest while holding this money.  I said they certainly CHARGE enough interest, why can't they give some back, they can pay their CEO a trillion dollar bonus for almost going bankrupt during the recession, so they can afford to give a little back to the people who funded the outrageous bonus? 

Wrong thing to say.  Three days later...I get a note saying that my interest rates went up again.  That made me really pissy and I filed an official  complaint.  I wanted the 200$ and  25% interest compounded monthly like they did, and I wanted my interest rate back down.  They said that this complaint could affect my credit rating. I said tough titties I have a blog and I'm not afraid to use it. tens of people will read my rant. So this morning I get an email with a subject that's nothing but a long reference number.  The credit card company's independent consumer complaint ombudsman reviewed the case and ruled in my favor.  The money will stay in the account, but will earn "nominal" interest and the interest rate is back down to where it used to be. If I keep the negative balance for a certain amount of time, then I will be issued a check for the money plus the nominal interest. 

Which brings up the question: if the ombudsman is employed by the credit card company how could he possibly be "independent?"

And because I'm writing nonsense, I miss the single most important event of the past week: Dan and Heather moving into a new place.  It looks absolutely wonderful.  It part of house, there's a big chandelier in the front entry hall, which is big enough for a bench and a coat rack.  They have an amazing kitchen with lots of storage cupboards, a breakfast bar and it opens into a full size dining room and the kitchen has a pass through to a dark  but warm colored wood paneled living room. I think it might be cherry wood, it's old fashioned bead-board wainscoting.  In front of the kitchen there's a large bright sunny studio/office space.   Up stairs is their bedroom and it is twice the size of their old one.  It's an old place, about 100+ years old filled with all the charm, character and quirkiness one finds in older homes.  I'm very impressed. I hope this place is good for them, in just one day of moving it already started to feel warm and homey and it was taking on their personalities.  Their pet bunny was somewhat non-plussed about the whole move thing.  He spent much of his time stamping his bunny feet, and grunting in his bunny voice and tossing his bunny food dish and spilling his bunny water dish. Disapproving bunny disapproved. 

So as you can see, if I don't have anything worthwhile to blog about, I really shouldn't blog.  All I do is fill up the entry with silly stuff about manduck feet and pictures of a bunny who does not approve.  And I'm looking forward to Dan and Heather's big New Years Eve party this year.  You are having a new years eve party...right? And I'm invited...right? I'll bring the sushi and the pigs in a blanket...good I'm now invited!

Off to find a shirt...Later!


Posted by lincatz at 11:01 AM EDT
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Wednesday, 7 October 2009
Dave! An Entry just for YOU!
Mood:  irritated
Topic: Rants and Raves

If you are Dave, keep reading, if you aren't then come back next week.  I'll be gone for a while.  Anywho:

So I did come digging around.  It seems that this is a problem with some Samsung TVs and the company knows about it. There is a problem with some blown capacitors on the power supply board.  These capacitors are supposed to be easy to replace at home, or you can take it in for a servicing.  Some people report that it's covered by the warranty, some are saying that it isn't.  The Samsung tech rep on C-Net says the company is aware of the problem.  We'll need to first contact Samsung, then Best Buy, then back and forth a few times.  If they try to charge us 500$$ for a new board it might be better to replace just the blown caps.  I'll ask Steve on the weekend.  There's a kit sold at US radio shacks and several forums have the parts list.  But we should try Samsung and Best Buy first to see if they can help.

I have a folder in my bookmarks with links to places that talk about this issue with Samsungs. There's a lot of info out there.  It sound like this is embarrassing for Samsung.  If we want to tackle this before we leave we can, but I've got enough on my plate today and tomorrow as it is.  Mayhaps when we get back it would be better?

See ya later Dave!

And for everyone else, Here's a LOLSquirrel to keep you happy!

Posted by lincatz at 8:20 AM EDT
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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Topic: Rants and Raves
I just spent most of the morning looking up stuff on the internet for mom.  Stuff like phone numbers, addresses, postal codes, crap like that.  It's time for them to become part of the year 2001 and and get an internet connection! NOW! It's not difficult, setting up security is easy, there's free programs out there and Dad can get tons of exposure if he would get himself a website.  They need the internet. NOW!

Posted by lincatz at 12:01 PM EDT
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Friday, 12 June 2009

Topic: Rants and Raves

You know what is burning my backside these days?  The whole "organic" movement in cosmetics.  The ads claim that things made with certified organic botanical sourced ingredients are far better for skin than the harmful toxic chemicals used in other products.  They say chemicals are toxic, harmful and you should not use anything with chemicals on your skin or hair.These ads are ignoring one very important fact: EVERYTHING IS MADE OF CHEMICALS. HUMANS ARE COMPRISED ENTIRELY OF CHEMICALS>  Organic chemicals are some of the most toxic on earth.  Technically, crude oil is organic!

Everything is made with chemicals, whether it is certified organic or not. Plants are amazing chemical factories, from the chemical process called photosynthesis to the chemical processes that make viable seeds, sap, colour pigments in the flowers...everything on earth is made of chemicals. You are filled with chemicals and many are quite toxic. Fortunately our bodies have ways of handling toxic chemicals through the liver and kidneys. You 100% certified organic botanicals are the same chemicals as non certified and non botanical. When you break things down to the molecules, there's no difference between organic botanical or's all the same. certified organic botanical is more about marketing and playing on the fears of gullible consumers.

In cosmetics I prefer products whose ingredients are carefully tested for effacity and safety. I have sensitive skin and many plant compounds are highly irritating to my skin. look at poison ivy, nettles, and belladonna. they may be certified organic all they want, but that doesn't make any of them harmless or safe. There's a mushroom called Gyromitra esculenta, the false morel -that produces monmethylhydrazine (a chemical also found in rocket fuel). Is certified organic botanical rocket fuel any safer than synthesized rocket fuel?

It's all hype, there's nothing wrong with chemicals, if anything some are more harmless than untested unstandardized unknowns from plants sources. Some plants are highly toxic and cause severe dermatitis reactions. Some chemicals have been purified and tested as harmless and very effective. Chemical doesn't always equal bad and botanic organic does not always equal good.

So would the chemical in stinging nettle be less painful if it were certified organic?  Would the poison in Hemlock be soothing and healing because it came from a plant and plants are soothing and healing? Would poison Ivy cause less of a rash if it were grown according to certified organic standards?

It's all hype and nonsense.  One product that drove me crazy was a lotion for sensitive skin that contained "The calming essence of feverfew" FEVERFEW??? That's related to ragweed and it is highly irritating.  It's used to treat migraines and one caution is that chewing the leaves can lead to mouth cankers, open sores and bleeding gums.  There are strict warning not to swallow the leaves because they can perforate the stomach and the small intestine.  Yeah, that's really calming on my sensitive skin.

Another contains St John's Wort.  The plant has several proven medical benefits , but none are for the skin.  In fact, it will sensitize the skin to the sun, making it burn far easier.  Yet one company put it in all their skin care products, emphasizing how it's anti-depressant qualities will brighten the mood of skin.  My skin doesn't have a mood.  Really. But a sun burn will damage it.  I think I'll pass on the St John's Wort.

And that's my rant for today.  It's all the same elements found on the old periodic table, they all come from the same source.

Posted by lincatz at 10:59 AM EDT
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Monday, 6 April 2009
Complain Complain.
Mood:  don't ask
Topic: Rants and Raves

This image fits right into my impression that the internet is a big seething cesspit of stupid right now.  So I have the whole image leeching problem taken care of.  Goatse's hello.jpg is gone and now they've got something better.  It was a message board, as i thought.  It was a post your favourite vote for the best type thread, and the first post has a clicky-linky to a GIS page.  From the page people post their favourite lolsquirrel.  There were close to 1000 visits a DAY from the google image page.  Then someone decided that my "the chix are all up in my nuts" was the funniest and linked to it in their message.  Did they save the image and use tiny pic or photobucket or imagebucket and then use that URL as the img src tag?  NO!  They directly linked to my webpage, using my complete URL.

I don't have a domain, I have a subdomain. It's only one below a full domain, and above a tripod.members/myname type site. I don't have unlimited bandwidth, and every time a picture pops up on your screen and bit of my bandwidth is used up.  I don't mind people reading my blog, checking my webpages or looking at my photo albums.  i don't even mind google image search.  The problem is that once all my monthly allowance for bandwidth is gone, I don't get anymore unless i pay for it.  I already pay a small annual amount for the site, and extra bandwidth is expensive.  I pay for this, and the people who link to the picture on whatever message board don't pay.  They are literally stealing my money when they hotlink.

Now they are getting a super larger 1000px square table busting image of Horatio Caine  looming giant sized over the Miami skyline.  He's holding his super-powered sunglasses of Justice and saying "I see you are leeching my images.  keep on leeching...and I will leach you...a lesson you will never forget!  YYYYYEEEEAAAH!"  It has some special coding embedded in it, it wears the JPG extension, but it's so much more than that.  Horatio isn't the only one who can see you! PING!

Speaking of cesspits of stupid, I joined "vote for the worst" and I am now having fun pointing and laughing at some of the stupidest American idol crap out there.  What I like about VFTW is that they don't take it all so seriously.  They have a whole bunch of killer GIFS and graphics.  Like this seacrest FAIL picture. The funniest thing on line is the Fans United Christian Kingdom  for Adam prayer group. Rather unfortunate acronym, don't you think? And I love the woman posting in "Grannies for Adam" asking if he's one of those "Transvestypes." My dear...if you only knew...

 Last AI GIF, I promise. This question was PM's to me from a sewing board.  I hate these, I get far too many of them:

I want to make a dress which is corset type dress like gothic and medievil.
But I did not take textiles in school I do electronics.
So I don't no where to start or anything!
Can anyone help.
I just was like off the shoulder corset dress which kinda is like tight around my waist then like flows down to my feet.
I would buy one but like I am an unusal size and boning does not fit me.
Help please. :)
They always end with the stupid little happy face emoticon.  Why do people always pick a complex advanced level evening dress for their first freaking sewing project?

Anything else to complain about?  How about the weather.  There was a windstorm that lasted two days, then Yesterday was picture perfect, and now today we're in the middle of a snowstorm warning. And It's that time of month...fortunately due to The Change that's nowhere near as much of a headache as it was in the past.  Too much information!

And that's all for today.  Coming tomorrow: Sewing pattern reviews!

Posted by lincatz at 11:40 AM EDT
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Friday, 15 August 2008

Mood:  don't ask
Topic: Rants and Raves

I just got hit with a nasty robot, the thing froze my site for a couple hours.  If you couldn't visit it in the evening, it's because a bot was invading my site.  So it's off to robots.txt to add yet another to my disallow list

Here's an interesting article from the world of comics and comic fandom: A serious note about sexual harassment in comic book fandom.

I first began buying comics in the early seventies (about 11 or 12 years old) and at the time I was the only girl in the local comic store; one Books Now and Then in Kitchener Ontario. I learned about harassment at a very young age. The owner of the store, Harry Kremer would let me sit beside the cash desk and he would keep the guys at a safe distance and keep them moving along.  As I got older we had an agreement, he would not give out any personal information about me without my direct permission first. Only once did he ever go as far as asking my permission, usually he would shrug his shoulder and say he didn't know anything about me.  And he told me some of these guys were quite persistent.  Most girls my age hated the comics shop because they didn't like some of the more obnoxious guys and some of the off colour comments.  You wouldn't believe some of the things I heard in there! 

It's quite sad that even though females in the world of comics is no longer rare, the same issues that kept many of my peers out of the stores still exists today.  It would be easy to blame the unrealistic and overtly sexualized images of females in the comics, but the idealized male images are just as physically unrealistic as the male images and we don't see the same reaction from girls.  That's a distraction and not the real issue.  The real issue is that the fans who harass women have never had to face consequences of their actions; they do it because they believe they have the right to do it and every girl is fair game.

Let's just stop for a moment and get rid of a few weasel words and foggy terminology here.  Not all comics fans are harassing sexist jerks.  Most are nice people who happen to enjoy their literature in graphic format.  I am proud to be a comics fan, and proud to be a female comics fan, the first in my hometown.  Comics fans are proud of what unites them, what they have in common, what makes then unique in our homogenized society where difference is discouraged.  We can be different and we can be together.  However there is a small group who are just plain obnoxious, the comic book guy of Simpson's fame, the stereotypical socially maladjusted fan-boy, like the guy I call "assy mcasshole"

These fanboy type believe they are the centre of the comics universe.  They take the limited edition hologram UPC box seriously.  They believe that having the edition with the double cover somehow makes them better than everyone else and they are ENTITLED to say and do whatever hey want because they are TRUEFANS ™  as opposed to the rest of wannabe fans.  If you don't have the limited edition double cover hologram edition of "thessaly's adventures in dreamland" then how can you be a TRUEFAN™ ?

Those comic fan-types who believe they have the right do and say whatever they want whenever they want are the ones who also feel they have the right to do it and say it to anyone.  Those who harass women must be made responsible for their own actions and they must face consequences for them if they are hurtful or damaging to others.  And it must be done consistently and fairly.  If a clear written policy against harassment is required then one must be put in place.  There's no reason why comics conventions should be exempt from the rules of common decency and common courtesy. We grrls have money to spend, and if harassment in the world of fandom doesn't stop, then don't be surprised to see our money go with us to places where we are safe. 

There is a difference between "hey cool n sexy catwoman costume" and "look at the ass on THAT" while grabbing the mentioned body part.  Everyone, even the ass grabber knows the difference. If a person doesn't know the difference then it is time for them to learn.  And if they have to learn by being tossed out of comic convention, store or whatever, then so be it.

I did some sewing yesterday.  I took some of the brown bamboo/rayon and made the same top that i made from the purple bamboo/rayon.  I have some crystals and beads to embellish it with and I found some acrylic stones and pearl buttons for the purple top.  The brown top, from laying out, cutting to finishing took less than an afternoon.  It will go with my brown capri pants, my brown and turquoise peasant skirt, my brown and gold hippy skirt, my brown shorts, and my brown and pink peasant skirt.  De we sense a colour theme here?  Could it be brown?  I still have a yard and a bit left.  Perhaps another brown top of some type?

And that's all for today.  Today is hubby Dave's last day of work before his vacation.  He'll either work really late, or get out really early.  Later!

Posted by lincatz at 12:11 PM EDT
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Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Mood:  irritated
Topic: Rants and Raves

The Worst Sewing Question Ever Asked:I want to make a ladies suit, how do I layout, draw/draft and cut my suit without any pre-made pattern? I would like to measure myself and make any pattern of suit of my choice. how can I arrive at forming patterns and cutting out the material and then sew it up altogether. thank you

That person doesn't want much: only an encapsulation of the bespoke master tailoring technique in five paragraphs or less.  This is the opening paragraph i posted, the first one I wrote was far more harsh:

Wow. Make a suit pattern for yourself and then how to sew...all in one little message board post?  Sorry, not likely.  It takes time and practise to learn pattern drafting, and suits are the most complicated of all because not only is there the fashion fabric shell, you need to draft facings, underlinings, interfacings, the lining, and then you need to put the pieces together, and suit tailoring is very challenging even to an experienced home sewing enthusiast.  That's why even highly experienced home sewers, even ones who do make patterns for dresses and tops will turn to commercial patterns for suits.  It eliminates the guess work and the endless adjusting of the roll line, the placement of breakpoint, the shift measurement that allows the collar to lay flat, etc.  People who draw patterns on fabric with chalk, then cut and sew are master bespoke tailors and this require many years of learning and practise. It's not the place to start, it's like saying you want to learn ballet by dancing the lead in The Nutcracker in the Met on Christmas Eve as your first lesson! Or singing the lead in Madama Butterfly for your fist signing lesson.

And that's all for today.  I have things to do.  Yesterday I said i would do nothing...until I looked down at the kitchen floor and wondered when the pale oyster grey had been replaced with blotchy beige.  Oops...time to wash the floor, which i did.  Three times.  It's not a mottled beige and oyster grey.  I prefer laundry over floors, laundry at least lets me play with clothes.  And that's all I have to say for today.  Except that we had another torrential downpour with hail and thunder yesterday.  And that's all.

Posted by lincatz at 10:34 AM EDT
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