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Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Topic: Jeebus sightings!

Regular entry below, I let off a little steam!

This weeks jeebus is a classic! It's got everything we here in the litterbox expect from our religious figures when they appear in ridiculous places.  1. it's in an odd place for a Deity.  This one is in the fungal infection staining of a delingifying heart rot found in many hardwoods.  Seriously, what would a self respecting Deity be doing in a heart rot?  2. It looks vaguely like something...although exactly what is open to interpretation.  It could be jeebus, or an angel, or a fairy...or it could be one of those arena artsy rock star poser poses.  I think it looks more like Jeff Lynne posing in a UFO back in ELO's heyday. Or maybe Stevie Nicks at the height of her solo career. 3.  Miracle or religious experience?  Oh yeah, the guy is catholic and they have religious experiences when looking at anything, from toast to ice pillars, as we have well witnessed in the litterbox.  So finding this image has re-awakened this guys faith in delingifying heart rots and he now goes to church. 4. profit? Of course and it's to be on e-bay!  Where all true icons end up, in that great repository of TRUE!!1! sign of ThE POWer of GOD!!!11 mirrors, tree rings, grilled cheese sandwiches and greasy pizza boxes that all symbolize that god is sending us signs and if you have enough money, you too can buy a sign from god.

Now if they said it was Stevie Nicks and it was a sign from Stevie that I should go out and buy more peasant skirts, then I might believe! It does look more like her than jeebus!

Here's the story:  Man finds jeebus in a tree!

Posted by lincatz at 12:07 PM EST
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Friday, 25 January 2008

Topic: Jeebus sightings!

Regular entry below, so read it!

Todays jeebus in the news is your basic and classic what the heck would a deity be doing in there? type.  Our story comes from Florida, and from Fark.  Something about fark and florida, isn't there?  So this woman was peeling and slicing potatoes and what to her wondering eyes should appear but jeebus in the slightly rotten and dried out center of the potato.  I'll give them credit for one thing, it looks vaguely more like jeebus then the jeebus in found on a dog butt hole. And at least they didn't try to sell it on e-bay.  But otherwise it's a classic jeebus story:

Ascribed miracle? Check.  Unlikely place?  a rotten spot in the middle of a tater so check.  Heart warming drek?  check.  looks only vaguely like anything? like I said, only marginally  more convincing than christ in a dogs ass, but essentially: check.  On it was consumed.  Over all this is a good four out of five on the jeebus scale.  Now excuse me...I need some potato chips!

Posted by lincatz at 11:48 AM EST
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Thursday, 15 November 2007

Topic: Jeebus sightings!
It's been a while, I guess jeebus has been too busy with real work to appear in oil stains or wood or items of food.  Whatever has been keeping jeebus busy must be over because both him and his mom have both appeared on a pancake.  This is a  classic jeebus sighting.  It looks nothing like jeebus or anyone else, it's on an item that no self respecting Deity would appear on, and it's being offed up for sale on E-Bay  It sold for a whopping 338$.  Here's the story:  Jeebus appears on a pancake! 

Posted by lincatz at 9:54 AM EST
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Monday, 16 July 2007

Topic: Jeebus sightings!

happy Monday Morning!  And what better way to celebrate a fresh new week than with a sighting of jeebus!  And what jeebus has been sighted this week?  Is it a St Theresa jeebus?  and Darwin jeebus?  A madonna jeebus? NO!  It's something new!  Woman see face of Elvis on a Rock! This is a classic jeebus sighting, complete with many of those wonderful details we look for in our sightings of jeebus.  We have someone predisposed to seeing the person in question.  The woman was an elvis fan.  It sort just appeared in an ordinary object.  Can anything be more common than a rock? It's now her prized possession, she shows everyone, people come from miles around to see it, and finally, she's now planning on selling the elvis rock. Sorry, no easily linked-to picture available, but trust me, it looks only vaguely like elvis.  It could be elvis presley, although to my eyes it looked more like Elvis Stojko. 

And that's all for today.  Dave is home again and we are going out later. Bye!

Posted by lincatz at 10:09 AM EDT
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Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Topic: Jeebus sightings!
We have another jeebus!  The jeebuses are flying fast and furious around here and it's difficult to keep up with them.  This one comes to us from India.  Bleeding Jeebus Portraits!  apparently a pair od paintings are bleeding in the heat and humidity, and rather than assume the logical thing, melting paint--it's assumed that it';s a miracle and these things are a sign from someone somewhere...There are the requisite followers, the miracles, yadda yadda yadda...I assume the e-bay auction will be in the near future.

Posted by lincatz at 10:44 AM EDT
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Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Topic: Jeebus sightings!

Real entry below the squirrel and this!

Not to be outdone by his mother, jeebus himself makes an appearance on a baking sheet!  This one is from Kamloops and it's a classic jeebus story!  Ridiculous item where no self respecting Deity would be found?  Check!  Is it a stain or defect?  Checkers!  Does it look vaguely like Ted Nugent?  Checkadoodle!  Is it on ebay? Checkeroony!  Does the guy have a business partner to help him with the piles of money he hopes to rake in?  Why of course he does!  I couldn't find the listing on e-bay  but I did find this stunning jeebus in the lime scale on a shower handle, which can be yours for 100$ starting bid!

 Edit:  I found the listing! I was a little too soon! Here's the miracle jeebus baking pan!

Back to your normal lives...

Posted by lincatz at 10:49 AM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, 13 March 2007 11:50 AM EDT
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Thursday, 8 March 2007

Topic: Jeebus sightings!
Reg'lar entry below!  Today's jeebus comes to us from Sacremento California, where a woman lost everything in a fire...but gained a wallpaper stain.  The stain of course resembled middle age era paintings of jesus, so now she's convinced that this is a sign of something.  Here's the story complete with a picture of the stain. so far no word on gatherings of the faithful or the shrine or the ebay auction.  Once again, it looks like Ted Nugent.  Or Meatwad. Or or or...

Posted by lincatz at 11:59 AM EST
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Friday, 2 March 2007

Topic: Jeebus sightings!
Regular entry below.  The 2007 madonna tour continues as we find her making an appearance on a pizza pan.  A woman noticed a stain on a pizza pan resembled the standard picture of the virgin mary and decided that this was a miracle so she's now set up a shrine where the fathful can venerate a pizza pan. I dunno...I think it looks vaguely like stretched out nipple...but that's just me.  At first I thought it looked decidedly male...then i chnged my opinion to nipple.

Posted by lincatz at 10:49 AM EST
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Friday, 16 February 2007

Mood:  a-ok
Topic: Jeebus sightings!

(My original entry vanished into nothingness when tripod crashed.  That's okay because once again I heart tripod.  It' the anniversary of when I started my site with these guys lo...some hundred years ago...and they gave me a present!  I heart tripod. I don't care that ten paragraphs vanished into nothingness!  The surprise more than makes up for it!)

So the good people of Crystal City Texas now have their own personal Jeebus hanging in the branches of a tree.   usual stuff about faithful, pictures, lining up, etc.  Why didn't anyone notice the jeebus in the tree before?  This story is your typical generic jeebus, nothing more to add, other than the property owners are keeping a low profile, likely out of embarrassment!

Posted by lincatz at 10:47 AM EST
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Sunday, 14 January 2007

Mood:  mischievious
Topic: Jeebus sightings!

After a three week vacation, Jeebus is once again hard at work appearing in places a real Deity would avoid.  Like the freezer chest in a grocery store.  What self respecting Omnipotent being would want to appear in a grocery freezer?  How many of the faithful would that reach?  Only the ones who prefer frozen strawberries to fresh, and are those the people you want following you?

But that didn't stop this weeks Virgin mary jeebus, who made a spectacularly frigid appearance in Morton Texas, in a freezer in the Morton Thrifty Food Store.  Needless to say, the faithful are all a flutter and flocking to the store to witness this apparition in ice.  And there is already a miracle...a woman said she had a lump in her breast and after the visit to the icicle, it's gone!  There is profit from this prophet as the store has never been busier and in the unlikely event of the  inevitable power failure, small bottles of water that came from the former ice virgin will be available for sale...and likely through e-bay.

Posted by lincatz at 4:12 PM EST
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