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Wednesday, 11 May 2016
Search for the elusive Gillot's pen nibs: Complete!
Topic: Happy Kat!

After searching for what felt like FOREVER I finally found a Canadian source for my much loved Gillott's 404 pen nibs! YAY! I love their thick and thin flexible lines and nothing else comes close -even the japanese one that are supposed to be identical to 404's.

I found them here:  and found the page on a UK calligraphy site. I was about to buy some from the UK but balked at the ridiculous shipping charges. After looking around a couple more message boards for calligraphy I found a single link to the site and I will now have new 404's and 303's to replace the last of my old 404's. The last one broke a while ago and I haven't been able to source new ones locally. Or even in Toronto! Finding ink is no problem but the special nibs proved elusive.

Even better was the selection of Speedball and other nibs. I love working in pen and ink -Sakura ink pens are a third rate substitute for a real pen dipped in ultra black ink. They even had the super hard to find left-angle speedball C series, so I got one of those, too.

And that's all for today. I have finsihed the white blouse and will give it a good washing and shrinking later today. The fabric was pre-shrunk but working with it, pressing, steaming and more distorted some areas and stretched others. Rayon Challis can be a difficult fabric to work with. I I ended up using a bit of spray starch on some areas to keep them from stretching out to the point of no return. After a good washing the blue vanishing pen marks will be out and the blouse will be ready to wear. 

Posted by lincatz at 11:06 AM EDT
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Monday, 14 December 2015
Brush with fame: Metting Anthony Daniels AKA C3P0
Topic: Happy Kat!

I am a Star Wars Geek. This isn't a secret, it's not anything I have hidden or denied. And when the news came out about new movies -a sequel trilogy -even though I remeined calm on the outside I totally geeked out on the inside. As time has come closer and closer to opening day it's been more difficult to keep my inner geek from going SQUEEEEE. About two weeks ago they announced a pop-up store featuring a few costumes and movie props along withg some special limited edition T-Shirts available only at this pop-up place. The place was in the middle of the Queen West area of Toronto -one of the hippest neighbourhoods in the world. (vogue magazine confirmed this recently) Even more squee inducing: It would be open during our annual christmas trip to Toronto.

But wait! There's more! Two days before our trip a note came across my facebook feed that friday was C3P0 day and that the actor who played 3p0 would be making a personal appearence and would hold a very exclusive private Meet and Greet Q&A session for 30 fans.  Details for obtaining passes would be announnced on twitter minutes before the passes were handed out. We shrgged and decided that there was no way we would be able to see the guy, but we would make a stop at the Star Wars thingy before christmas shopping.

We got to the store about 20 minutes before it opened and there was a line up in front. Me, Ben and Margaret decided to get in line because, like I said: Star Wars line ups always lead to good things. The others in our group weren't as patient and didn't wait. About 10 minutes later some guys came out with clip boards and lanyards. They said to the people in front of us: "There's going to be a Q&A session with Anthony Daniels at 1:30 this afternoon. Would you like pass?" I quickly counted and we were 12, 13, and 14th in line. All three of us were "OMG I think we might be seeing Anthony Daniels!!!!" sure enough we got a pass and bit after 1:30 we were inside with MC Ben Mulroney and actor Anthony Daniels!

And it was amazing. He talked about the character, the costume,. some of the subtext and themes and more. The entire Qand A session was taped and put on line and can be found here: 

I can't get the the player will show up so you will need to click on the link to see the video or not! You can see me several times, and Ben and Margaret. She gets force pushed in the beginning! 

So we had an absolute blast. Didn't get any shopping done and by the end of the session the brilliant lights abnd the heat thrown from the lights had given me a migraine. Didn't matter! I still had a blast. And thinking back now I don't rememeber the headache -I just remember having a blast! 

Posted by lincatz at 9:51 AM EST
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Wednesday, 20 April 2011
A Sewing Success Story.
Mood:  celebratory
Topic: Happy Kat!

I have some black slinky knit idea of the fiber content.  All I know is that it is quite fine, light weight and clingy.  I was pondering what to do with it.  The evening I was pondering and sketching I was also fiddling with the tops I was wearing. It has a draped sort-of-cowl-like neckline.  I was wearing it with the cowl neck twisted and pinned in place with a brooch.  I remembered that I have a rhinestone ornament that was attached to a ponytail holder that I wore when my hair was down to my waist. I found it.  I returned to my sketching and twisting the top and then draping it up on one side and pinning it with a vintage stick pin from the 80's (remember stick pins?  They were a huge fad back around '80-'84) I was randomly thinking that it was too bad there wasn't more fabric in the draped cowl, and it was too bad it wasn't split in two so I could...


I grabbed some polyester jersey that I use for draping and testing knitwear patterns.  I fiddled around with a one fifth scale pattern and cut and draped and sewed and twisted and draped and pinned and took apart and re-cut and resewed and twisted and draped and re cut and re fiddled...

And I cut a paper pattern based on my one fifth scale pattern.  Yesterday I got out the slinky fabric and began cutting.  I took it down to the machine and began sewing.  I looked at the upper front with it's super wide bodice part and pleats at the shoulder and long dangling bits with the tie that seemed to be pointing the wrong way and and suddenly it no longer made sense.  I had a "WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING?"  moment but I decided not to second guess myself or doubt my original vision and follw my gut.

Often these what the hell moments are followed by re-thinking and over-thinking and second thinking and re-cutting and over-fitting and re-sewing to the point where I lose my original vision. When I can see that something isn't working -usually it's something obvious, like saggy bodices in the boob area or seams not lining up or something looking wonky -I stop and think for a while to see if something is really wrong or if I'm being too critical.  Sometimes my gut is correct and by listening to it  I save myself a fitting hassle later.  But sometimes wonky looking flat does not mean wonky looking when finished...the problem comes when something is working and I should keep plowing on but instead I stop and  make trouble for myself.

This time I remembered the lessons of the past, trusted my instincts and continued on.  I got out the little metal and rhinestone ornament and threaded some new elastic through it, placed the top on my dummy, twisted, draped and secured the long parts of the upper bodice and


Often these things end is disaster or they end in a whole re-cutting and re-sewing.  Not this time.  This time it worked.  And it worked better than I expected.  I've been playing with this new top and I have over a dozen ways to twist drape and secure the ties.  I can do it with the ornament or without.  Without the ornament I can drape wrap the ties in even more ways.  I can go super sexy or sophisticated and classy.  I am quite pleased with the outcome.

I have to fix one my sewing zeal the knife of the serger nicked a rather large and obvious hole in the lower front so I will need to re-cut and re-sew the lower front.  The fabric's slipperiness and slinkiness made it challenging to sew, it slipped and slid around quite a lot when I was serging it. ...but nothing else will need changing.  Tomorrow after I resew it I will post a couple pictures of the different ways the top can be twisted, wrapped and tied. 

I could also make this top into a very versatile dress.  I'm thinking knee length, red, and with a vintage red rhinestone pin.  Or with an ornament made of natural stones, leather and feathers.  

I could also make it floor length and black with a couple ornament options, crystal and gold, silver and sapphire, amythyst...

the mind boggles at all the options and opportunities for design variations. 

So all in all yesterday was a gold star good day!  The only real problem was that the fabric leaked black dye all over my hands, my sewing machine, my workspace and the ironing board. I still have a bit of black under my cuticles. I really hate when dyes run and leak all over everything. But all in all, a small price to pay for a great success. 

See y'all tomorrow! With pics!

Posted by lincatz at 11:20 AM EDT
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Thursday, 3 February 2011
"bricking out" what dead hard drives become
Mood:  a-ok
Topic: Happy Kat!

To catch up: our dead hard drive is a seagate barracuda and these, including our model have a reputation of "bricking out" meaning they become nothing more than heavy, useless bricks. There's a lot of stuff on the web that I wish I would have seen sooner.  Ben and I got a Hard drive dock to try and get whatever data we can off the old drive and we are successful in fits and starts.  We can suck off data as long as the drive is ice cold, and there are some areas that are corrupt. The good news is that we might be able to get seagate to honor the warranty and recover some of our lost data; since the problem was their fault after all.It affected hard drives made through to 2008 and we got ours in 2007?8?  so it is an affected drive. 

I have the wedding pictures and all the other pictures back, and most of my music.  The movie files were corrupted. sigh.  A few other things were corrupted.  We aren't sure if we'll be able to restore Ben's stuff.  That hard drive dock works like a charm. I'm tempted to get a second SATA drive for back-up purposes.  Internal drives are so cheap right now, the new one was maybe 30$I also think a professional recovery of Ben's things is worthwhile.  He's worked hard on his stories and novels and he deserves to get them all back.

Ben and I walked to mile to Canada Computers.  We are both a little out of shape, but managed to get there are back in spite of the challenges, including one that had nothing to do with snow, sidewalk ice, big heavy boots, or lack of exercise.  At one point were were walking up Moore and a woman was coming toward us.  She suddenly got this wild eyed look and started grabbing at me.   I tried to get away. She managed to squawk out "i'm choking" and Ben said "I think she's choking" and then I so stupidly ask "are you choking?" Once we established that yes indeed this woman was choking, I said I'm going to Heimlich you" and then to my self, I hope I remember, under the breastbone, up and into the diaphragm area as hard as possible. Last time i did it was on a first aid dummy at one of the schools in a first aid for parents course. So I did it and it worked. And she could breathe again.  And she was  -needless to say quite grateful.  She was panicky, Ben was panicky, and I was surprisingly calm. Until about five minutes after when it all sort of caught up. That's when a bit of panic set in. I got over it.

It's one of those skills you really do need, it works, and it saves lives, but you don't know if it will work until you actually are in a position where you need to do it and there isn't time to consult or to call 911.  In the time it takes to call 911 it's too late.  So in the public interest because this is so important and everyone really should be able to do this,here's the official Heimlich Website:  Choking is one of the leading causes of accidental death and easily prevented if someone knows the Heimlich.

Public Service announcement over. 

in other news I have moved on from polar fleece and I am now making spring shirts and blouses.  I have a stash of cotton batiste and voile, including a couple embroideries.  I want to make a some loose, flowing tops with hand worked embellishments.  I want to add a Honiton Lace motif the the center front of a delicate voile blouse and add some hand embroidery, other bobbin lace, and maybe some pin tucks, shell tucks, puffing and other fine hand-sewing techniques.  I don't know if I would wear this, I might just hang it on a wall as the work of art that it would be. One of the embroidered voiles is so sheer that I will need some kind of lining so I'm thinking of doubling it up with some super sheer pink voile. the embroidery is sort of pink so I'm hoping it will look really nice. 

And that's all for today.  Maybe tomorrow i will have a couple sketches of what i am making.  I have lots of time: I don't care what the miserable rodent says, winter isn't ending any time soon. 

Posted by lincatz at 11:52 AM EST
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Thursday, 22 October 2009

Mood:  happy
Topic: Happy Kat!

I feel very smugly proud of myself today.  Remember that goldstone heart that I wanted to turn into a necklace but couldn't due to the fact it had no hole for stringing?  The I decided to wrap it in wire but couldn't because I had no idea how to do it?  And how I tried five hundred different things and still nothing worked? Well, at the festival I got  brochure on wire wrapping lessons complete with pictures and after studying the picture carefully I tried to copy it and GUESS WHAT????? I did it!  I now have a perfectly AWESOME wire wrapped heart pendant.

And there it is, half finished. I'm going to add a few more elements to this, and I'll make matching earrings and a bracelet.  The whole set will be finished by this evening.  I hope.

We got the curtains hung in mom's place and they look quite nice.  So that's all done.  Next will be wallpapering the stairs.  They have a couple showings next week starting on Saturday. They get their new place on the 15th of December and they have a bridge mortgage in place so they don't have to move so close to Christmas, instead they can do a few needed repairs on the new place.  Like ripping out candy floss pink carpeting.

Dave got in touch with the good people of samsung bestbuy samsung bestbuy and then once again samsung.  Samsung will be sending a repair person to our house to fix the television within the next few days.  It's under warranty and it shouldn't cost us a penny. I miss the big television.

The roofer is painting all the metal work for our roof and the shingles are there. The paint has to dry and cure. Things are progressing. 

Dan and heather are coming over on Sunday for a very belated Thanksgiving dinner. I'm going to prepare a duck, veggie risotto, spaghetti squash, and roasted potatoes, garlic and sweet onions. Yummy!  Then follow that with a gluten free desert of chocolate sponge pudding.  That's the where you make the cake on the bottom, sprinkle sugar and cocoa over it, pour hot water over everything and after baking you get a cake on top and gooey chocolate sauce underneath.  Yummy times two.

So everything is going swimmingly.  I'm really thrilled with my newly wrapped heart pendant.  That's the best thing all week, considering that it's been giving no end of trouble.


Posted by lincatz at 11:39 AM EDT
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Wednesday, 19 August 2009
Mood:  energetic
Topic: Happy Kat!

I got a new Digital Camera.  I was looking at the Fuji Finepix ultra zoom (but secretly wishing for the Canon Powershot Ultra Zoom) The Fuji was far less expensive, the Canon I really wanted was over 500$ at Best Buy.  So we went off to the mall and checked out WalMart.  The fuji was 50$ less than at Best Buy.  We then went to Radio Shack, now called The Source.  (where's Darkseid when you need him?) They were discontinuing the Canon powershot and it was clearance priced, almost 200$ less than Best Buy. 

Needless to say, I am now the very happy owner of a Canon PowerShot Ultrazoom.  This camera does everything!  And then some.  it has special modes for shooting sunsets, beaches, fireworks -you can adjust the aperture, shutter speed, ISO -it has both manual and auto focus -macro and super macro -and it will automatically stitch together ultra wide angle panoramic pictures.  I can set the picture size to 4x6 8x10 or 12x16 so I'm not posting huge 14MB photos on my blog.  The 4x6 is nice because I can put almost a thousand pictures on the memory card. 8x10 is best because you get more detail when shrunk down to 4x6, and I can still take almost 500 pictures.  Now I am in the process of registering the camera and installing the image viewer printer. This camera comes with yet ~*ANOTHER*~ image editing program. sigh.  I have four already, but this one is *integrated* with the actual camera itself!

Also, Ben has been moaning about his old MP3 player.  The database updater was freezing and it was filled with all sorts of crap files and folders.  I told him to go to the hardware website and search for help.  He didn't, it was all hopeless and he needed a new one, an RCA like his last one. So we got him a new RCA MP3 player and he gave me his old defective one.  So I went to the hardware website.  I checked the KB for the freeze issue.  i followed the instructions, updated the firmware, ran the disk check and disk repair utility, and then changed the USB mode as instructed and reset the player. TA DAA!  all the crap is gone, the known database bug is gone and it's now got a clean and tidy list of songs.  Later today I will put my music on it and get rid of Ben's stuff.

Now Dave and Ben are off getting Ben a new health card.  Ben is lacking one piece of ID, a credit card or student card or some piece of plastic with a signature. The world is really stacked against anyone who doesn't have a driver's licence, credit card and three other forms of photo ID.  But to get the proper ID cards you need at least three pieces of photo ID, but you can't get the cards unless you have photo ID but to get the ID you need to have them already.  You know what was funny/sad? A hospital administrator giving a mom a hard time because her 2 year old no longer looked like the newborn on her photo health card. 

Let Dave deal with that nightmare, I spent enough time over the years with stupid ignorant bureaucrats while the kids were in school.

So the camera software is installed, the camera is registered with Canon and now I can spend the next two hours learning how to use all the cool features of the camera.  I'm sure that at first everything will be done on "auto"  but I hope to be able to soon use all the special features.

my pet tarantula, Rachel

And here's my first picture, this is the spider I'm looking after for the summer, Rachel the Spider. She resides in our dining room on a cabinet where we usually place the sugar and salt and extra placemats.

The picture isn't the greatest, I was attempting to use the macro for the first time and I set the flash wrong and the ISO wrong. 

Oh yes, There is now a Coach store in Fairview mall.  If I ever feel the need to spend minimum 300$ on a wallet or minimum 500+ on a purse I now know where to go.  As nice as they are, I find them horrifyingly overpriced. After the sticker shock of 350$ for a wallet and 650 for a clutch bag, the camera seemed like a bargain.

So that's all for today.  Ben read what i wrote and now he wants his old MP3 player back and I can have the new one.  Tough tits, kid. four day until we leave for the beach!  Later

Posted by lincatz at 11:16 AM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 19 August 2009 12:16 PM EDT
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Tuesday, 10 March 2009
The beads are calling me by name!
Mood:  lucky
Now Playing: New Order and Joy Division
Topic: Happy Kat!

My bead muse refuses to leave me alone.  Yesterday I laid out all my bead tools, my design board and design mat, a tray of findings and some of my recent bead purchases.  Usually this array is enough to induce a creative block and I run from the table screaming "Bead overload!  No F*****G clue what to do with all of them!"  And then I can't decide what to do with them and I put them away. 

No such luck this time, instead I gaze at the array of stones, crystals, chains, wires and other assorted stuff and my mind is all "I can make earrings with that!" and I can thread these on wires and interlace them for a bracelet!" and WOW! I can make a matching set of bracelet earrings and necklace with THIS" and then promptly began to work and then proceeded to completely loose track of time.

So i have the start of the heart of stars piece, I have a pair of earrings made with an ammolite shell fossil bisected down the middle showing the interior chambers, I have a bracelet of jasper and i have a really cool four piece set made dyed shells cut into tooth like shapes.

I also took a bunch of feathers and turned them into usable jewelry components.  Feathers are fiends when it comes to using them in jewelry.  There are many methods of incorporating them into the piece, most of the methods suck.  Over the years I have bought feathered jewelry to see how others have done it, and they suffer the same way I do.  Feathers can be wrapped in wire, but that's bulky and thin wire can cut the feathers.  Feathers can be jammed into the holes of beads and then glued in place, but then the bead's hole is useless and filled with glue.  There are feather cones, but they limit the design options. You can jam the feathers into a crimp bead and then the wire/fireline/nymo thread/tigertail/whatever into the other end of the crimp bead and then crimp the crap out of it, but jamming all that into a crimp bead is almost impossible as everything tries to fall out while working on it.  I finally discovered a way to handle the feathered fiends.

I use fold over crimps with a hole in the top, a dab of tacky glue, and two pairs of pliers.  A dab of glue goes into the crimp, the feathers are laid in place where the glue holds them, the sides are folded over and voilà!  Feathers have become workable jewelry components with no limitations in their use. 

Fold over crimps are usually sold as cord ends or cord tips and used with thicker leather, linen, silk, or cotton cording.  As I have found out, they can also be used for feathers.  Here's the Fire Mountain Gem's web page with these fold over: 

I think these feathers will look great with some of the natural tumbled and polished stones I have.  I enjoy working with real stones and they make such a fascinating contrast to the rich sparkle of swarovski crystals.  Adding the warmth of real feathers gives the pieces and extra textural dimension and adds a touch of softness to the designs.  The feathers can be a focal point or an accent, depending on the size of the feather.

Which reminds me, when it warms up i need to go to the park to collect more feathers.  A molting duck is a great source for lots of feathers, and there are more than enough ducks at Waterloo Park.  One afternoon gives me enough duck feathers to last a looooooong time. 

That's all for today. 

Posted by lincatz at 11:19 AM EDT
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Friday, 19 September 2008
I Can Haz Pizza! OmNomNomNom
Topic: Happy Kat!
I had Gluten Free pizza at Pizza Pizza.  It was three hours ago and so far so good.  I really enjoyed my pizza.  I hope it doesn't make me sick.  the guy at the place checked the list of toppings and helped me pick the wheat free ones and made sure that it was baked in the special place in the special oven.  It was a flat, cracker-ish crust and quite good. If I don't have problems then I have somewhere to go to no matter where I am because their gluten free pizza is supposed to be chain wide.  YAY!

Posted by lincatz at 9:22 PM EDT
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Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Topic: Happy Kat!

Happy Happy Joy Joy!  According to the menu page, Pizza Pizza is now serving pizza made with a Gluten Free Crust.  I Kan Haz Pizza!!!  Here is the menu page from their website, and it says that the gluten free crust is chain wide.  Now I can have pizza when we go to Toronto as there is a Pizza Pizza on almost every freaking corner, right beside the TenBux coffee place.

The weekend was nice.  It rained on Saturday, like it always does.  On Sunday we packed up the van and went off to Goderich.  The drive was quite nice, albeit a little slow all the way to Stratford.  The drive takes us through farm country and the summer of rain has turned the countryside a rich lush deep green.  The forests are all deep green Mirkwoods, with the tree tops so dense that the forest floors are in perpetual dark with little other than the occasional wildflower as a beacon in the dark.  The fields were green and gold, no failed crops, no bare earth, a surprisingly little storm damage.

The beach was quite nice.  We prefer the beach that's beside the salt mine and the channel to the harbour.  If we are really lucky we can see one of the big great lake freighters come in for salt.  Guess what? We were lucky!  A 200+meter behemoth came into the channel and stopped for a load of salt.   It was one of the big Algoma Central ships for Sault Ste Marie. It wasn't as big as the Edmund Fitzgerald, the ship of legend and song.  Yes, I did see the Edmund while it was sailing.

It was when i was a kid, and we were in Sault Ste Marie to visit relatives.   We always made one trip to the locks to see the ships pass through.  This day the US locks, the ones that handle the biggest ships; were closed for construction.  The lock master said a big ship was due to arrive in half and hour and it was worth the wait, one of the largest on the lakes.  We waited and were rewarded with a ship named Edmund Fitzgerald, a ship almost too big for the smaller Canadian side locks.  It scraped the sides and it filled to lock end to end.  It passed from Huron to Superior, meaning it began at the bottom of the lock and it rose up to the top.  Then it went off into the river and many years later into history and song.

The ship first appeared as a huge black blob, it's forecastle appearing over the horizon before the rest of the ship.  It was big enough far away and soon the pier along the channel was filled with people.  We watched in come int the channel with two tug boats pushing it into place.  It's quite impressive and if you want to see some pictures I posted then all on facebook:

I wanted to take pictures of the family, instead I took more pictures of the ship! We all had a good time, we all got a little bit sun kissed and we all got a little bit of beach sand in places where we didn't want sand.  the water was as warm as Lake Huron can get and my new bikini bathing suit worked well.  No one ran screaming from the beach.  In all honesty, i don't know why i worry, there were plenty of women far larger than me in far skimpier suits.

Yesterday Dan was tied up with homework.  He's still officially enrolled in college and he has to prepare frequent co-op internship reports with his professors and he's a bit behind, so yesterday gave him a chance to catch up. Me, Dave and Ben went off to a few places to look for some fresh picked in the morning corn on the cob.  We went to a place on Erb Street, it was at one time someone's garage, then it was a small stand in front of the house, now it's a big store with a website, which you can see here:   it's much bigger now and smells like pies fresh from the oven.  We got some special extra sugar enhanced super sweet with a whole bunch of small letters behind the hybrid name bi colour corn with a minimum 50% sugar content.  None of that stuff matters, all I know is that it was the sweetest corn I have ever tasted!  And as a bonus, it keeps its sugar content for over a week before it turns to starch. Wow!  It was also quite expensive, 5$ a dozen, but well worth it.

And that's all for now.  I have nothing to do today, and most of the day to do it in.  That's cool, and doesn't happen very often.  So I'll get out my art stuff and spend the day painting.  Later!

Posted by lincatz at 11:00 AM EDT
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Monday, 17 December 2007

Mood:  d'oh
Topic: Happy Kat!

Wow!  What a busy weekend!  Friday was decorate the house and start the shopping day.  i went out with Ben and Mike and we got a bit done, which was nice.  Dave, Ben andI went out in the early evening to Canadian Tire and got a few more things. As we were walking in the parking lot I saw a man that looked so much like Paul from long long ago that I almost went up to him and said Hi Paul!  Same hair style, same glasses, same style of clothes, but he was wearing a coat that looked identical to my Pervy McPerv vintage London Fog coat.  So much so it was borderline creepy!  But Paul would be fifty now, he wouldn't still be holding onto the eighties,  and there's really no reason why he would be in Waterloo at the Weber street Canadian Tire.  He lives in the deepest darkest depths of suburbia north of TO. 

Still; it made me think -if it was him, I said hello and he said hello, then what would I say?  Where would I begin?  Probably something like: "hello Paul.  It's been such a long time, and I have a few things that I desperately need to say.  Long ago I was deceived about you; I was told things that turned out to be not true.  I regret not fighting more for what I knew in my heart was true, and I regret giving into things that turned out to be lies.  I should insert an I'm sorry here, but I'm not sure an apology is needed because  I think that you were told things about me that also weren't true. I think we need to sort out the lies from the truth, I think we both have issues with the past and maybe it's time to deal with these issues.  I don't care about the people who told the lies, they mean little.  Right now it's time for this to be between you and I and not them. I don't want to waste this time slamming others, it won't help make anyone feel better.   It's not for revenge on anyone; it's not about going back in time, not for going back to where we were and picking up the strands of what was once torn aways from us, It's about finding a way to go forward free from the burdens of the past."  And then let the conversation either go on from there, or end there.

Saturday...I think we spent maybe four hours at home all day.  We were out from morning to evening.  I didn't see anyone who looked like anyone else, fortunately. We also finished the tree.  The house looks a bit more christmassy. 

Yesterday...oh yes, the boshart family party that wasn't.  By ten it was obvious there was far too much snow, with still more snow on the way.  awe didn't go anywhere, other than to dig out.  The guys are still outside digging out this morning. 

Spring storms are freight trains.  You hear them come before they arrive.  They are loud and big and they make noise and you know to get out of their way and they soon pass.  Summer storms are quick,  they rise up from the ground in swirls and eddies and whirls of warm moist air, they churn across the sky and they explode quickly and violently, then they are over and followed by sweet sunlight and starry nights.  Autumn storms come in and take off their shoes and roar and bellow and complain loudly and then leave. All three you know there's something terrible happening, you stay out of their way, or try to get by without too much distress.

But winter storms are quiet, winter storms lull you to sleep, they muffle the noise, they make everything soft and fluffy and white.  They come in on silent footsteps, they look so nice, they cover anything that's grey or dirty, they make everything clean and pristine.  It's not until they are over that you feel like you have waken from a dream and then you see the destruction.  Snow piled into six feet drifts.  Cars upside down on the highways.  Silent and peaceful destruction.  Beautiful and terrible.  Cold and hard.

Today there's more snow shoveling.  The silent storm was a doozy!  It started early sunday morning and it's still flurrying.  The party was canceled by the country club and they will help to reschedule it in the first week of January at their expense.  So that will be fun. I worked so hard on that outfit and the jewelry so I'll wear it there.  I'm also wearing it on christmas eve.

As we get closer to Christmas, lets remember other traditions, such as the pagan traditions that our modern christmas draws inspiration from.  But mostly, lets remember Festivus!  A Holiday for the rest of us!  In wisconsin a priest is trying to get a festivus pole in as part of the town's christmas display.  This is such an excellent idea; I myself have been training all year for the feats of strength.  Every year I join a seinfeld internet chat group and every year me and George Costanza challenge each other and each year I win.  Like so many, I find tinsel distracting.

And now for today's end of the year list: the fifteen coolest gadgets from cool gadgets dot com.  I've seen the banana case in stores...and that newborn pillow looks like a great idea.  Babies sleep best in mom's arms; but sometimes mom needs to do other go to the bathroom. I think I would like to give my CSI addicted hubby the crime scene towel.  what could be better for a guy who happily watches every CSI marathon on Spike?  And for Dan...the transparent toaster...that kid is always burning toast!

I made Portal Of Evil!  Not this site...but one of my submissions made it to the main page and main forum!  Yay!  Fifteen more minutes of internet fame.  I submitted this a while ago, almost nine months ago; and it finally made the front page. I think it's perfect for their "People Insane" category.  I leave it for everyone to figure out which Portal of Evil main page submission was mine. And I think everyone can find portal of evil on their own.

Toninght's the final episode of Project Runway Canada.  Lucien?  Bidell?  MG?  Hmmm, according to the fashion week website, the choice was quite easy for the judges.  We shall see, won't we?

And that's all for now.  We have more shopping to do, I need to get dressed and wrap my knee up.  I hope the malls aren't too busy today.  if they are...oh well!  Later!

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