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Friday, 2 October 2009

Mood:  rushed
Topic: Busy Day in the Box!

Dan came over for a visit yesterday.  Yay!  He needed to get a few things from his room.  he moved out, but his room is still full of stuff he has no room for.  So he got his Ubuntu disc, one sock and a shirt.  How he left only one sock behind is a mystery. After he went home he called to say he has a job interview with RIM for a job after he graduates.  It's the same job he had as a intern.  It seems he's been gone long enough that they realize how much they need him.  The interview is today.  I hope he gets the job!

Ben and I went to the mall to get him shoes that have not been used as a cat's litter box.  The store had a BOGO promotion going on so he got a nice new pair of runners and I had to buy a pair of fuggs.  fuggs=fake+uggs.  fuggs.  They are midhigh sand and really comfy, more like slippers than boots.  they aren't for rain or snow, they are for whenever its cold with no precipitation.  real uggs are far too expensive for what you get and they are in such high demand and short supply that its difficult to even find them. Not to mention they are a fad and it doesn't make sense to spend so much money on a fad.  So fuggs are good enough. And they are cuddly warm and because they aren't heavy real suede and fur I can wear them inside and they don't feel like lead weights on my feet, like the real uggs felt like when i tried them on.  So fuggs=all upside and no downside.

Today I have a roofer coming to check the attic for any "OHMYGOD" problems.  I hope there are no major "OHMYGOD" problems, but I'm sure there are.  I new need to tidy up the house for the roofer.  How can i tell I'm approaching middle age?  By this need to tidy up the whole house for a five minute visit by a roofer who is only interested in my attic.

So now I will be off to clean up the whole house for a ten minute visit from a roofer. I have other things I need to accomplish too so I have to get off the computer, put down the paints and brushes and scissors and thread and just do them darn it!

Posted by lincatz at 9:12 AM EDT
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Thursday, 30 July 2009
We are going on a trippy trip!
Mood:  rushed
Topic: Busy Day in the Box!

This will be my last entry for several days.  Tomorrow morning Ben, Dave and me depart for the wilds of the Haliburton-Algonquin area.  I have lots to do today including: laundry, groceries, making ice and some packing.  Yesterday we took a trip to Canadian tire and got ourselves some camping stuff, mostly a kitchen stand and a new camp stove.  This one has a burner and a grill.  The camp stove sits on the new kitchen stand. (duh!) I also got myself some waterproof rubber boots and some good hiking sandals that can be worn through creeks and rivers.  Flip flops are unsafe for hiking in the shield (ow my ankle!) and running shoes get soaking wet when crossing rivers. squish squish.  And rubber boots are good for mucking in swamps, and for walking through the city in the rainiest summer EVAR!  Ben got himself a swiss army knife to take along. It has about 10+ tools, we haven't checked them all out.

To add to the stress Dan moves out on Saturday while we are gone.  NOOOOOOO! He's learning all kinds of valuable grown up skills, like waiting in line for hydro service, waiting in line for phone service, bureaucratic foul ups, simple fifteen minute paperwork jobs taking two hours...and the horrifying expense of starting a household from scratch.

I'm looking forward to our trip, I just wish it wasn't at the same time as Dan's moving.  But we planned the trip back in March, and Dan got the apartment a little over a month ago.  So the trip has been on the calendar longer and according to the rules of prior engagement (and when Dave gets the time off from work) the trip takes precedent.  Not to mention Dan and Heather are adults and this is an adult thing for them to do, move without mom and dad. Heather's parents will be around.

The weather forecast for the weekend is improving all the time, only one day should be rainy, the rest will be sunny and warm.  We should be able to get in some hiking, canoing, rock-hunting, maybe some dip netting for critters, and whatever else we can do in the great outdoors.  I'll take a sketch book, and some sock yarn for the evening or if it rains, and my trusty old Walkman cassette player with the radio that gets stations from far far away.  That's all I need, I hope.  No make-up, little jewelry, and the only scent I'll wear will be that of Deep Woods Off.  I hope they have lots of mushrooms and fungus.  if there are a few sunny warm days we might be enjoying Hedgehogs, icicles and chanterelles.

This is quite unusual for us, going somewhere other than a beach on Lake Huron. Dave and I are both beach bums in the summer.  Dave's favourite part of his vacation is going out on the lakeshore in the early morning when it's quiet and deserted.  We have a big cup of coffee and enjoy the cool quiet morning.  By the time we get back to the cottage the rest of the town is waking up and getting busy.  We've already started planning what we want to do, we're going to try a few more Bruce peninsula back roads, check out the lighthouse beach at Tobermory, visit Owen Sound in the daylight, and maybe Lion's Head or one of the other small towns on the cliffs of the Niagara Escarpment.

So that's it for now.  I'll be back on Wed. with a report on how everything was.  It should be lots of fun, even though neither Dave nor i are looking forward to a 4+ hour drive.  Since this is a long weekend there will be tow times to avoid the highway, after two when the main rush begins, and between seven and ten when there's the rush of people who want to beat the rush and traffic jams, creating their own rush and traffic jams.  Anyone who needs to get in touch with us has our cell phone number and we'll have some internet access.

See y'all later!

Posted by lincatz at 10:39 AM EDT
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Monday, 27 July 2009

Mood:  rushed
Topic: Busy Day in the Box!

This coming weekend we are going to my brother's cottage.  Dave and I were looking over the maps and it appears that is about an hour's drive to Bancroft, the rock hound capital of Canada.  Needless to say, we MUST visit there.  So I checked the town website...and the next weekend is their big Gem-Boree festival.  There's going to be all sorts of activities for rockhounds and it's one of the biggest rock collecting festivals in North America!  YAY!  I love crowds!  Here's webpage:  YAY!  I'm already packing my rockhound pack: old clothes, check!  Shovel, check Safety glasses, check. Pick check.  bug spray, check!  I'm ready to go!  Yay!  I love traffic jams and no parking anywhere...There's also going to be several bead merchants there.  Does it get any better?

The town's website also has direction to a few mining ghost towns.  I don' know how much time we'll have or if my brother has the whole weekend planned out, but I do want to take the time to visit Bancroft and maybe one ghost town. 

So this week will be upside down, inside out and twisted sideways.  We have to get our poo-poo together for the trip over the weekend, and Dan is moving out on Saturday, while we are not home.  We are helping him with some of his stuff during the week, and he's got people helping him over the weekend.  Additionally, my Dad is going to the hospital for tests and he might end up with heart surgery at the same time.  He appears to have a clogged artery.  If he gets the surgery then he can't drive for three? Four? weeks.  So we will need to help my mom with a few things.  And we are also going away on our vacation at the end of August and Dan begins college at the beginning of September.  But he'll be in his own place so he's not my responsibility any more.

Gosh, that's a big fat loaded statement, isn't it?  He won't be my responsibility, he'll be responsible for himself.  This is the kid who, on the weekend, spent 45 minute telling me that he's all growed up and he can make his own decisions...and two minutes later complain because i didn't want to go to Zeller's to help him buy blinds and window shades.

And that's all for today.  i have 13 loads of laundry to do and I have to make a list of what we need for camping, and I have to do a bunch of other crap.  Later!

Posted by lincatz at 11:37 AM EDT
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Thursday, 4 December 2008

Now Playing: Simon And Garfunkel
Topic: Busy Day in the Box!

A winter's day...
In a deep and Dark December...

Today's a busy day.  The kristkindle market is going on at Kitchener city hall and it's always got so much interesting stuff there.  I always manage to get a couple xmas gifts from there.  There's music, decorations, skating, lots of food including the most delightful roasted turkey legs, sausage on a bun, bacon on a bun, smoked porkchops, hot cider, mulled wine.  There's also a big room filled with miniature trains, including Thomas the Tank Engine.  (Or Thomas the Asperger's Symptom) music, sparkling things to look at and maybe buy...there aren't anywhere near as many authentic from Eastern European countries that i can't spell hand crafted blown glass decorations.  They've been pushed out of the market by cheaper molded glass knock offs from china.  The ones from out there that I can't spell are far better made, the colours are less harsh and more luminous and the decorations overall are lass tacky and more classy.

And I will also be going again tomorrow.  Thursday is shopping day, Friday is socialize and eat till we burst day. 

So I FINALLY got to watch the DVD of Superman Returns. At a whopping two and half hours running time the biggest thing holding me back was finding a spare two and half hours.  I wanted to see it at the theatre but that didn't work out, and then we got the DVD and Dave and the boys saw it but I didn't.  When we were at Best Buy waiting for them to re-program their cash register in a way that accepted their own stock number a preview for SR came on one of the really big screens, which reminded me that I haven't seen it yet.  Yes, i know...I married a guy who looks like Superman, yet I hadn't seen the latest incarnation.

Side note: when I was younger, about 13 I think I said that my idea man would look like superman.  Some kids laughed, but as it turns out I get the last laugh, don't I?

So it was okay, long on style and short on substance.  Most of the emotional bits seemed contrived at best, the only scene that seemed emotionally real was Mrs Kent outside the hospital, unable to see her son.  That and superman and the kid at the end.  That wasn't a surprise, the whole "I ve been with wimp-ass four years and my kid is six" was a BIG FARKING CLUE and as subtle as superman setting a jumbo jet down in a ballpark.  Boy,  giving superman a kid...they sure screwed with the fanboys on that didn't they? did Lois and wimp ass assistant editor afford a 10 million dollar minimum mansion like that?  Hmmm?  And wow, Kevin Spacey did an bang up job playing Gene Hackman as Lex Luthor.   I think Clark Kent totally got the shaft.  All he did was bump around in the background, barely a secondary character in his own story.  I like that the kid figured it out right away that Clark and Superman are the same guy.  Like DUUUHHH!

So I'm surprised there isn't yet a "superman returns again" or "return of Superman returns" or "Superman meets rocky"  you know?  They sure set up for part two...where superman teaches his progeny how to jump tall building in a single bound, run faster that the plot of the movie, of course a turtle could have done question...would his alien DNA be so incompatible with Lois's that he'd be just as likely to produce off-spring by making it with a petunia? Or is this one of those places where I need to suspend my disbelief and my understanding of basic biology?

So that's all for today...I really have a lot planned for today.  Later!

Posted by lincatz at 10:50 AM EST
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Tuesday, 18 March 2008
OMG!!! It's a Blog Entry!
Mood:  caffeinated
Topic: Busy Day in the Box!

OMG!  it's an entry!  Wow!  After like...almost a week!  it's not like anything happened to me that was exciting or's just a few things conspired against my usual morning inter-web wanderings for a while.  Yesterday I was feeling my wheaties in a manner of speaking, I suffered a severe gluten reaction to something i had eaten on the weekend.  Nothing too big...more annoying than anything!  So what kept me from the computer the other days? Nothing really, just stuff.

First and foremost, the arrival of hundreds of little swarovski crystals in the mail.  After receiving them, I had to use them.  If you don't use crystals within minutes of receiving them, the sparkle falls out.  No...not true, but I was so thrilled with them I had to use them right away.  I crystallized the pink velvet tank top and it looks quite...sparkly...understatement...and i used some special clear ones with clear hot melt glue on some floral chiffon.  The clear crystals look like there are dew drops scattered on the flowers.  The effect is quite nice.

The floral chiffon blouse is all finished.  It a simple style with a tie front and a frill down the front.  It's meant to be worn in the summer with t's and tank tops indoors, as a cover up for air conditioned places or aver a bathing suit at the beach or whatever.  I'm quite happy with how it turned out.  I used a rolled hem on all the edges using six decorative threads blended together in the upper looper.  I used the same rolled hem and blend of threads over gold braid to make some decorative cording for some other project yet to be made, so the braid and the decorative threads don't just sit in my stash doing nothing.

I have several items on the go that I should really finish before i start anything new.  Most just require a few boring things, like buttons, hems, that sort of stuff that presents no challenges, stuff that's merely time consuming.  But it needs to be done, so I think I'll put aside a day and do nothing but finishing.  it's not like I can go outside and rake up a winter's worth of crap from the grass as the lawn is still buried in eight feet of snow.  it used to be buried in ten feet of snow, but we've had a few warmish days and a couple feet have melted from the top.  Winter still shows no signs of leaving any time soon.

Easter comes in a few days.  On friday we will celebrate "Life Of Brian" day by watching the DVD of the old Monty Python movie.  Saturday we have Dave's brother over to do our taxes and then on Sunday we will be having easter dinner over at my mom's place.  I need to make little easter favors for the kids.  that shouldn't be too difficult, as long as they have glitter on them the kids are happy.

Within a few days the new sewing patterns will be released and i can do a review of some.  I really don't like laughing at stupid patterns, but some that have been released lately are ridiculous!  Like the dress that looked like it was pooping fabric.  I don't know who they are trying to impress, or if they merely want to destroy the building interest in garment sewing...but some patterns look just awful.

I'm also doing a review of website editor for someone.  The benefits are two fold, I get a free web editor, a nice new site design, and I get to write a review.  Wow.  how can I go wrong?  So far it looks pretty, I'll have to see what it does.  It has the ability to make webstores, photo albums and some other things too.  We'll see how it works.  If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, then my knowledge of HTML and web building makes me a hazard to all web tools I meet.  The program is called "web idea tree" and it looks not too difficult, so far.

So that's all for today.  I have been busy, and on the computer, but not on the blog!  Later!


Posted by lincatz at 10:38 AM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, 18 March 2008 11:41 AM EDT
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Friday, 18 January 2008

Mood:  not sure
Now Playing: Amanda Marshall, then Stevie Nicks
Topic: Busy Day in the Box!

Good morning! My coat muslin is finished, all the thread markings are now traced over in red sharpie, the pleat lines are in blue sharpies, the grains are in black sharpies, the original paper pattern is cleaned up and all is folded up and ready to be sent off, where it will likely be rejected! Or not.

I also finished up the paper pattern for the floral dress.  I'm making it just above the knee so it will be perfect for warm weather.  I also started the pattern for the shiny stretch velvet.  I like the idea of gold and pink together, I think I might explore more of this combination. 

Friday is traditionally the day where the interweb plays silly flash games, courtesy of metafilter.  Today's flash friday game reaches new levels of both suck and fail.  It's a game where you must arrange books according to the library of congress system of numbering.  Seriously.  Click here to start shelf sorting books.  I never got the hang of the library of congress system, for me Dewey Decimal is far better.  I know exactly where to go to find the porn books on pattern drafting and sewing.

So I got an email and it was someone asking about the "now playing" thing...It's a little widget that's part of the blog editor, right under topic and above mood...sometimes i say what I've got coming from my speakers, sometimes I don't.  This person said they noticed i listen to a lot of chicks.  They said that many times I'm playing chicks.  Why do I play so many chicks?  Well, Beavis and case it escaped your notice...I am a chick.  Last summer I posted a picture of my tits, which you can see by clicking here.  And what I listen to is no one's damned business but mine. So I listen to chicks. And if you've never listened to Amanda Marshall's first album, then simply shut up. So there! 

I don't mind email and comments, it's just the douchebag ones like one that tick me off! Especially when they question my taste in music, then go and recommend something I've heard and absolutely despise! 

And so to end on a positive note, here's site that tells how to make a half circle skirt pattern for a manskirt.  Mean a skirt for a man.  Click here!  It's actually an excellent pattern, whether for men or for women.

So now i must get ready to go out.  it's snowing and it's supposed to get colder.  I will need to bundle up!  Later!

Posted by lincatz at 11:46 AM EST
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Friday, 23 November 2007

Mood:  rushed
Topic: Busy Day in the Box!

Yesterday's horrible snow storm fizzled out part way through the afternoon.  I went out for my daily walk and after the first blast of wind ot was quite nice; as the old Thomas the Tank Engine story said "thomas felt cold but comfortable" only replace Thomas with Linda.  It was cold but comfortable, as long as one wore proper winter clothes.  I found my hiking boots, so the winter boot crisis isn't such a big crisis.  They won't look good with a skirt, however.

So today i need to get a present for Dave, Dan, Kaitlyn and Steve.  And I need to get nice cards.  And I need to get party decorations for Dave.  And I need to meet Dan at Fairview after school. And I need to make a food shopping list.  And I need to make some food.    And I need to shower and get dressed for a very long day of shopping till I drop.  It's a good thing Dave is only having one fiftieth birthday party.

I should have my dress finished for Sunday.  I discovered something very interesting.  I discovered that the babylock does not like bent needles.  And I discovered that when the needle screw is loose that the needle can slip down fractionally.  And i discovered that a slipped needle will hit the looper and bend.  And I discovered a bent needle will make a horrible clanging grinding noise in the machine.  So bent needles are not good for the machine.  I also discovered that it's possible to strip a needle screw.  Fortunately the machine came with a dozen replacement screws.  For a few moments I thought I ran over a pin with the knife.  Once i sewed over a tenter hook. those are the things that lever those little holes in the selvage of fabric, they stretch the fabric after weaving...I ran over one of those and nicked the blade.

Here's todays most disgusting picture!  And the most disgusting story!  Woman has 18 pound hairball removed from stomach!  That picture is only slightly less gag inducing than "tubgirl" and "goatse" 

And that's all for now!  I gotta wash my hair...change my clothes...poop...make a shopping list...and try to get ready by one and then sit and wait a half an hour because my parents are late...AAAARRRGGGHHHH! 

I just updated my spell checker from the website...and it no longer flags goatse as a spelling error.  It did, however, flag gotse and wanted to correct to to goatse. GOATSE! GOATSE! GOATSE!  I need a few moments of levity before the start of my running around willy nilly day!

Posted by lincatz at 10:25 AM EST
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Thursday, 18 October 2007

Mood:  cheeky
Topic: Busy Day in the Box!

CSI:New York was beyond stupid!  And they've had some pretty stupid episodes lately.  That time machine made the same noises as the Tardis for a second or two.  Why has that show become so stupid?  We need more Flack, he's hot and he's just getting hotter.  And we can see Mac and Stella getting together from a mile away, can't we?  STUPID! And what in the name of Cthulhu is a "sewing factory?"  did they mean a shirt factory?  A garment factory?  A sewing machine factory...I've never heard of a clothing manufacturer called a sewing factory before.  Talk about pin head professors, though.  Or were they just needling us?

Seriously stupid episode.

The Santa Suit was finally picked up. I'm happy that Santa was happy.  Maybe he will give me something super nice for christmas! Also got a bit of information on the family christmas party.  This years is going to be somewhere else and it will be catered.  That's nice because then i don't have the whole panicky making a pot luck dish at the last minute.  I won't be able to eat anything because of the wheat thing, but I can still enjoy being with all my relatives, even if I can't eat.  If it's where the sandwich meat and the bread is separate, then there's no problem, I'll just eat little rolls of ham all day!

I'm almost finished my lumberjack shirt.  I love Mr Anderson!  ha make all my sewing go so fast and easy!  I don't know why I waited so long to bring Mr Anderson into my life!  By tomorrow I should have a nice shirt to wear.  And I will sing the lumberjack song while wearing it.  I'm singing the lumberjack song while making it!

Speaking of anderson, my brother Mike is doing the artwork for a story in a Dr Who magazine.  The story is being written by a guy named John Anderson.  And he lives in Toronto and he works for a computer company and he contribute so a few sci fi fan sites and he list the aardvark as one of his favourite comics.  Ya think?  Wouldn't that be ironic beyond all reasonable scale of ironies?  It would;d be like all ironies imploded upon themselves into a quantum singularity of irony.  Wow.  If it is the same guy...HOLY CRAPADOODLE!  Life goes in some strange circles, doesn't it?

So here's a Picture of a top I just finished.  As you can see , its got a high waist, slight puffing at the shoulder line and under the bust and on the sleeve caps. The fabric is a pink/blue/black print yes, it's very loud and black knit.  the band under the bust and the arm bands line up.  There are black knit insets in the front, the back and in the sleeves.  The bodice band carries around to the back, so there's no "low end trap" look to the back. There's a black knit underbodice added to allow the look of a tank under without having to actually layer a tank top under.  I like the way it turned out, it looks quite nice for something that took a little over and hour to make from start to finish.  I cut the whole thing out except for the underbodice without a pattern, I made the over part a bit too long, but it does have a nice full effect because it's a bit long.  I'm wearing it now!

I was thinking of going out today to check out the vintage stores, but I might wait for tomorrow because THIS is my horoscope for tomorrow!

 If you are going shopping today, try to stop off at a used furniture warehouse, vintage clothing shop or antiques store. There is an undiscovered gem waiting to be found, and you're in just the right place to discover it, today. You have an exceptional ability to understand the true value of something that no one else appreciates. Turn away from the flashy and the new. Instead, look for something weathered and old -- find something that has a story to tell and integrate it into your life

Okay...that sounds like good advice, but if that suede coat is's your fault mr horoscope man! 

So that's all for today.  My internet connection keeps dropping due to the destruction work they are doing around the neighborhood, so i hope it stays up long enough for this to post.  Later!!

Posted by lincatz at 12:48 PM EDT
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Monday, 13 August 2007

Topic: Busy Day in the Box!

My dad's operation went fine and he came through with flying colours. black blue brown and fading to a dull yellow.  It's one thing to tell everyone that you see no need to spend at least a week in bed recovering and that you'll be out and about in three's a whole 'nother thing after you've had the procedure, as Dad has found out.  Now he has no problem with spending a week in bed and two weeks recovering.  Today Ben and I will be going over there to visit and to lend him some DVD's.

I met Dan at the mall on Friday.  Ben and Dan both got a couple graphic t-shirts from Bootlegger.  I got a couple t's and a pair of Jeans from Suzy Shier.  After dinner we went to the grand opening of the new Bad Boy Furniture store.  We looked a TV's and Mattress sets.  One was so soft that we sunk so deep into it that we couldn't roll over.  We tried all of them and we found one we liked, a thick, pocket coil pillow top with memory foam, convoluted foam, high density foam, more memory foam, and a layer of wool, covered with luxurious velvet instead of satin ticking.  Now comes the hard part, convincing ourselves that we desperately need a mattress that doesn't make that spring noise when we roll over and when the mattress is uncovered we can see the spring outlines through the satin damask ticking.   Gee...when I look at it like can we NOT buy a new bed?

So I'm finished the bathing suit.  It looks really nice.  All I need to do is the put three buttons on the front for decoration and to tack the bra lining in place.  That will take all of five minutes.  This one presented a few challenges.  I've made bathing suits in the past, but with my old serger and old machine.  And I used braided elastics, not clear sew through elastics. And I used cotton spandex, not nylon spandex.  Finally, his time I used a commercial pattern, instead of my own pattern.  The back isn't scooped out enough for my tastes, so I need to make a note of that.  And the fabric and elastic were both sticky and rubbery and slippery all at the same time.  The biggest challenge was the edge elastics, all the edges on a bathing suit must be elasticized for fit.  Next time I will use the overlocker and the elasticator foot, it will make adding elastic much easier and the rate of elastication will be far more even.  In spite of the challenges, it looks fine when it's on, and that's all that matters. 

Now I'm going to make the tankini.  It's my own design and I'm going to use the proper foot on my machine. And I will finish the edges with the cover stitch instead of the three step zig zag.  And I will remember to get a ball point needle for My Anderson!  Mr Anderson is like all other machines, he skips stitches when he sews spandex with the wrong needle.

Oh yes, yesterday was Vinyl Record Day, to commemorate Edison's invention of the phonograph.  So go out there and give a record a spin!

Now it's off to visit my dad.  Later!

Posted by lincatz at 11:08 AM EDT
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Friday, 10 August 2007

Mood:  incredulous
Topic: Busy Day in the Box!

Wow!  I had seventy five entries in my guest book!  Which is odd because i disabled the guest book on the index page.  But it's not odd because all the entries were spam!  To quote the late great graham Chapman...I DON'T LIKE SPAM!

My dad is in the hospital this morning for a minor day surgery operation.  I'm waiting to hear from my mom on how he's doing and when they are finished, so needless to say I've gotten almost ten junk telemarketing phone calls this morning.  No, I won't spend a few moments answering your survey.  No, I don't want to help the blind deaf disabled incontinent those less fortunate by buying your overpriced greeting cards light bulbs address stickers coupon books.  No, I don't need my lawn drenched in pesticides, my carpet cleaned, my ducts cleaned, nor do i wish to send money to a church in africa.  These guys seem to know when there's a home crisis going on because the phone is swamped with this trash when I need the phone the most.

Like when the tree fell down during the storm.  One moron wanted me to do a reader survey so I could get deals on magazine subscriptions.  I said a possible tornado struck and a tree fell on our house and we need the phone for emergency use only, then I hung up.  The moron called back!  Apparently it will only take a few minutes, tornadoes aren't a good excuse and the deals will be worth it.  I hung up, of course.

I fell asleep thinking of what i had to do today, from working on the santa suit to going to meet Dan to get him a cell phone to going to the bank to going out to look at new TVs.  Our old one has an odd green blob on one side, it can't stand the colour yellow and the sound is going.  So needless to say i spent the entire night dreaming about what I had to do today...and since it was a dream, nothing got accomplished.

In addition to the santa suit I started a bathing suit for myself.  I am using a McCall's pattern.  Yes, you read it correct, I am using a commercial pattern.  The fabric is some of that pink spandex I have.  I got the pattern a long time ago, back in 99 after I had lost over forty pounds and was no longer over 200.  The style is a wrap front and quite nice.  It has a shelf bra, I'm going to add some good bra cups it.  I'm also getting a bit of power net for the tummy area.  My tummy is far flatter than it used to be, but after losing all that flab, things can be a bit saggy at times! The power net will keep the sags in place.  I'm going to add a bit of bronze foil and some stretch fabric paint to it.  I found where to buy Jones Tones paint nearby, it's the best for embellishing spandex.  Next I'm making a bikini top and bottom and a tankini style with a boy short bottom.  I've got the entire bikini cut and the tankini bottoms cut.

I think I'm going to stop now...I'm totally distracted because of thinking about my dad in the I'm stopping now.  Later!

Posted by lincatz at 10:25 AM EDT
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