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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Topic: Fashionable Kat

It's Haute Couture fashion week in Paris! Ripples from the worldwide economic crisis have been felt in the fashion world already.  new York seemed to have a whole lot of "seen-it worn-it already" clothes and even high fashion boutiques are featuring clothes that are best described as safe. One can safely wear clothes from as far back s seven years ago because there has been very little radical change.   So how will the creme de la creme of fashion respond to the crisis?  Will they be over the top opulent? Will they be eye searingly ugly that no one will wear or buy?  Or will present pared down collections of beautiful classics that every woman will want to own?

Of course they will be over the top and eye searingly ugly at the same time!  like...duh!  haven't you been paying attention?

We should begin with Givenchy, a house that's been a bit of a problem.  they've seen a revolving door's worth of creative directors/head designers and and they've released several less that stellar collections.  This fall bring a mere 22 looks to the runway, and like Jessica of PRCanada, they present two separate collections. One is suitable only if your name is "Padme Amidala" and the other looks to my eyes like figure skating dresses with lots of white and jewel encrusted sheer illusion fabric I think it's best expressed in these head scratchers:



John Galliano of Dior took the approach that Vivienne Westwood took back in the early nineties when her line was hit by that decade's recession.  She presented two seasons of "you still need to buy underwear" and Dior sees women stepping out in fifties era underpinnings such as basques, stockings and garters and petticoats.  Most of his models were only half dressed as they strutted down the runway.  He presented a very lean 36 looks.  If all the lingerie was eliminated and the models wore complete outfits it might have totalled 36 looks. Credit where credit is due; the colours are absolutely stunning, clear pure saturated blues, pinks purples, nothing muted or pale here. There are a few stunners, and he does an admirable job of recalling the era of "the new look"


As nice as the lilac coat is, I doubt the whole look would be suitable for a Canadian winter.

Speaking of being hit hard by the recession: No one has been hit harder than the house of Lacroix.  The company laid of everyone except administrators to untangle the financial mess and the collection almost didn't happen.  It was put together is a few weeks and on a shoe-sting budget.  The dressmakers, beaders and artisans all worked for no money to help keep the house going.    Lacroix presents 24 strong, classic looks any one of which would be a welcome and worthy addition to anyone's wardrobe.  The coats. suits, and dresses are all finely tailored and detailed with nothing superfluous or needlessly flashy for drama's sake.  These two are my favourites, the dress is so nice the model is actually smiling!


Can you imagine wearing the cape over the dress?  Very chic! 

Over at Chanel Karl Lagerfeld presented a collection of pared down looks featuring little in the way of extravagant conceit. There were plenty of signature look suits, coats and dresses and few surprises.  Lagerfeld used plenty of  burn-out velvet flocked sheer illusion as tights, leggings and body stockings and this is a look I can see trickling down in about two years.  Be prepared for flocked burn-out velvet tights! The following suit best sums up the collection:

There have only been a few shows so far, there will be more to come, but not many. There are fewer than a dozen Couture houses, and if a big name like Lacroix is in trouble, it doesn't look good for the future.  I though these took the most interesting approaches to the problems facing the fashion industry.  Givenchy went over-the-top, Dior went back to what used to sell long ago, Lacroix gave us pared down must-haves, and Chanel played it safe and did what it always does best.

And that's it for today!  Later!

Posted by lincatz at 10:08 AM EDT
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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Topic: Fashionable Kat

I haven't entered anything lately because I'm attempting to turn sewing patterns into PDF format.  PDF's are 7x10 on a good day, and most sewing patterns are far larger.  As the large pattern pieces are cut up and made smaller, errors can creep in.  What I need is a scanner that can scan large 24x16 sheets, or larger and The software to slice them into smaller PDF's. Right now I have to trace the pattern pieces onto large paper, then slice up the paper, paste it down, paste printed lettering on the pieces and then scan and export it to some program that tuns in into greyscale and then into a PDF.

That's a lot of work, and I'm not sure if it's worth it. Oh well, I'm sure that there's some mystical magic shortcut that I am missing, and once i figure it out my life will be so much easier.

Today is the New Moon.  It's a good day for recalling unkept promises to one's self and unkept resolutions and make them happen. And because of moon phase's position in relation to the passing of seasons, it's a good time to start the garden seeds that need to be started extra early.  last week and the next week or so will be winter's last gasp, and after we can begin to look for signs of spring.  As the snow melts, it's time to scatter Larkspur seeds.  They will begin to germinate the minute the hit the cold wet ground and by may they will be in full bloom.  Allow them to reseed themselves and you'll have larkspurs next spring too.  As the moon waxes into spring moon we should have a warm spell in about two or three weeks.

Let's hope we don't have what last spring brought: a devastating flu bug.  Dan was out of school and on an asthma inhaler for a week because his lungs were so inflamed.  He also took horse sized antibiotic pills.  We were all sick through much of April as the flu wreaked havoc on us one by one.  if there was one silver lining to this; it was when Ben and I couldn't sleep and we watched some Charlie Chaplin movies on TMC, and in one a woman was wearing an authentic Paul Poiret outfit with the pants under a lampshade tunic from his ground-breaking Scheherazade collection.  That almost made the flu worth it! That collection led to the invention of the modern bra by Mary Phelps Jacob.  The bra was created by a woman, not a man, and it was created for comfort and release from uncomfortable corsets.

I'm catching up on New York Fashion week.  I totally HATE Miss Sixty, and i totally LOVE Betsey Johnson. Betsey channelled the spirit of the 1950's malt shop and came up with a well edited collection of dresses that are fun, happy bright.  There were more shows held away from the tents, and many collections featured fewer pieces.  Marchessa is gorgeous, I expect to see all the dresses on a bunch of "well played' lists and very few fug lists. (Am I th only one who thinks that OMG writers are a pair of twelve year olds?)  (or two year olds?)  Anna Sui has the lushest, warmest and most intoxicating colour palette EVAR.  Even if she did stuff her mode's heads into the stupidest hats EVAR!  This is my favourite:

I covet those boots.  alice+ olivia showed nine looks only.  Someday Christian Siriano of Project Runway will be the biggest and best designer in the world.  Someday he will have Chanel.  (And PRCanada's Even Bidell will have Dior or Givenchy)  Chado Ralph rucci's star is rising, he gets better with every collection.  Almost everything in the Rodarte show seemed to be the same thing over and over few variations on the theme.  Miss Sixty was a Miss-take.  rag&bone is intent on turning short-shorts into winter attire by pairing them with leggings and Doc Martin boots.  I can imagine this actually taking off as a fad. For the most part, no one twists, contorts and updates classic tailoring like rag&bone.  I love it all, even the most totally out-there stuff.

So what was wrong with Miss Sixty?  The big thing for me was: ACID WASH JEANS!  I'm serious, acid wash jeans marched down the runway more than once, more than twice, there were EIGHT acid wash bottom featured, including something that looked like the model mistakenly wore a jacket as pants.  And some looks seemed...I something that I possibly wore back when I was pregnant with Danny:

This is wrong on so many levels.  Keep the eighties back where they were: in the past.  (yes, I owned acid wash maternity jeans and i had glittery maternity tops, I had one almost just like that!)

Michael Kors featured Cousin Eddie's trapper hat on most of his models including such odd colours as bright yellow, eye searing orange and bland not quite black but too dark for know that faded colour black clothes get when you wash them in too hot water with too much powdered detergent?  Yeah, that colour.

The designers of the new season of Project Lawsuit..I mean Runway USA all had their shows, identified as designer one, two and three.  Designer One was a complete meh. I could see puckered stitching in the seams and the fit was off a few items, there seemed to be little continuity and it was a mash up of evening and day. Designer Two took more chances and everything was quite elaborately seemed, pieced and constructed.  Very well done and a few pieces were simply outstanding. The collection was all high end evening. Designer Three showed a sportswear collection featuring plenty of black, lots of leather, classic proportions and silhouettes. Three was the riskiest of the three and the judges could go either way on it, either loving or hating it.  I would have an impossible time picking a winner, three is the better day collection, two is the better evening collection.  Three took more risks, the details on both are breathtaking, and I am very happy I am not a judge.

So, is the recession hitting fashion? You bet it is!  These were all quite safe and there wasn't much that was radically different from last year.  Lots of greys, lots of blacks, lots of jewel tones, lost of timeless cuts and silhouettes.   Last year's wardrobe will work well with this years stuff, there's no need to toss out everything.  Well, there's never a reason to toss out everything, but this coming fall you don't need to toss out anything, it's mostly unchanged.  The collections all seemed smaller and the number of designers featured also seemed smaller. There were no celebrity lines this time around.

That's all for today, be sure to visit back tomorrow for my Project Runway Canada re-cap of episode 5.  In this the designers are re-styling old wedding dresses. Polyester satin city, here we come!  Remember that guy from the US season who sneered "I don't doooo polyester satin" and then he didn't do anything cause he was eliminated?  Later!

Posted by lincatz at 11:55 AM EST
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Thursday, 25 September 2008

Now Playing: Rammstein.
Topic: Fashionable Kat

I love waking up in the morning to the smell of fresh skunk!  MMMMM!  I still can't open the window for fear of being gassed by eau de skunk!

I'm taking a pattern cutting break today.  Last night I dreamed about number and red sharpie lines and green sharpie lines and calculating and I think I need a break.  I have the basic block adapted into a fitted t-shirt pattern and last will be a tight stretch top.  It's fun and head spinning at the same time.  And if you're as mathlexic as me, the old left side of the brain needs a break after awhile.

By next week I should have some really nice tops for that place.  I'll have to spend a few day with the nose to the grind stone, or rather the nose to the sewing machine wheel.

Last night was CSI:New York.  They live in a world where you can perform autopsies on 3-D hologram bodies.  Wow!  Almost like science fiction!  So totally hot detective Flack has a sister.  Wanna bet she becomes a semi regular? The show itself was okay; Did Mac borrow Caine's magic teleporting sunglasses because he did a bit of his own appearing out of nowhere in the show.

I think the guy in this next article is thinking that right now:  This guy went to the stockyards, bought a small weanling and is raising him so he can be the special guest at his next kegger.  The pig's name is -of course -Bacon. Is there any food more perfect than bacon?  Bacon, is there anything it can't do?  You can even make it into a delightful Tiara:  (with more bacon-y goodness.)  I have bacon in the fridge and my tummy is growling! 

Finally, Project Runway's latest episode was a designer make-over challenge, they were turned into music star personalities.   My biggest criticism of Leanne has been that she is mousy, bland and more beige.  She's talented but her look makes her almost invisible.  Until yesterday, when she was transformed:

Yes, that's the no longer mousy little Leanne.  I think she should keep her new look.  True, it's not really hip-hop; it's more 1980's flock of seagulls new wave. It actually has NOTHING to do with hip hop, and Kenley should have been booted,  but who cares, Leanne looks amazing! Kenley has become an absolute Ass, but you just know shes being kept on because she's this season's Santino. 

And that's all for today.  It's quite sunny and warm outside so we'll have another barbecue this evening!  There aren't many nice warm days left, we need to take advantage of them!

Posted by lincatz at 12:10 PM EDT
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Thursday, 14 August 2008

Now Playing: David Arkenstone-Dream Palace
Topic: Fashionable Kat

This week is somewhat of a washout.  it's rained everyday, and I had a terrible migraine Monday evening, all day Tuesday, and early Wednesday morning.  And it's rained every day this week.  The whole city smells like a damp basement.  Yuck.  I hope we have nice weather for the last week of the month.  That's when we go to Sauble beach for a week. It will be quite different this year.  Dan will be home during the week because of his job and coming up on either Friday or Saturday.  We plan to stay until Monday because Dave doesn't need to go to work on Tuesday and we don't have any kids starting school so there isn't any need to feverishly unpack, do laundry and get all the school supplies together by Monday evening.

Dave's off for the next two weeks, so maybe we can go away during the day and do some interesting things, like maybe a few local hikes and stuff, maybe visit a few conservation areas like Elora and Rockwood and get in touch with nature. Or something.  I do need to spend one day doing laundry so everything is clean and sweet smelling for the beach.  Sauble is quite laid back, it's the only place in the word where I would feel comfortable walking down the road to the coffee shop while wearing pajama pants.  My favourite part of the week is the early mornings when Dave and I go to the coffee shop and then walk along the beach on the cool clear clean morning air.  The lake is as still and smooth as glass, the sky is blue-ish grey and you can't see the horizon, the sky and water lines are blurred and you can't see where one ends and the other begins.  And of course the SUNSETS!  The Lake Huron shore line is famous for its sunsets and quite rightly so.  Every night it's a new blast of colour as the sun sinks down.

But that's still over a week away, and I should focus on what's here and now. . . . . nothin'

This is for Dave: I found the bus schedule for Kitchener to Owen Sound, If he goes on a Thursday or Friday it takes a bit more than three hours, if he leaves on a Saturday it takes eight hours  The bus leaves town at 6:30 in the evening and arrives around ten and it costs a little under 35 dollars.   Hm...We'll have to discuss this with Dan.

So I just finished watching a teeny tiny episode of project Runway.  I like Brooke Shields, she's not afraid to show her age, like Annie Lennox and Jamie Lee Curtis, she's happy with the changes life brings. Her challenge is to come up with a day to evening look for a high profile Glamorous professional woman. 

Okay, so, glamorous professional women don't wear shorts and a chambray shirt.  Everyone knows that. And shorts don't adapt to evening wear.  It's fine if you are working as a cubicle slave in business casual land, or if you are off to the mall to buy more chambray shirts. Total miss, but not as bad as the loser:

Is that a teal bra peeking out? Or what is it?  Is it leopard print?  leopard print is so 80's and it should stay there!  IS that leopard print lining showing from the jacket?  Poor craftsmanship. The whole look is poorly put together and trashy.  And you don't show off your leopard bra, unless you are on a prime time soap opera.  (and speaking of those: could some one PLEASE shoot Heidi and Spencer on the Hills and put us out of our misery?)

I agree with the winner, the flounced pencil skirt and colourful blouse, it would grab everyone's eyes and make the wearer the centre of attention.  In the highly competitive world of female dress, it's an automatic WIN.

The on line challenge is to submit a sketch for a young woman entering the workforce.  I think the shorts and top would be perfect for that, not for the boss, perfect for the intern.  (And speaking of interns: could someone tell whiny Lauren from The Hills to shut up with the drama?)

Speaking of Drama, all these whiny baby designers did was fight the entire time.  These have got to be the most unlikable bunch of whiners ever!  From the leath-ah lady to Korto's Miss Attitude thing...there isn't anyone I actually like.  (sort of like The Hills.  Why is this considered THE show for those in fashion to watch?)

And that's all for today.   I need to check the bus schedules a bit further, Owen Sound is a far better than Port Elgin, Port Elgin by bus takes eight hours and three transfers.  I think he could WALK there faster!    Later!

Posted by lincatz at 12:05 PM EDT
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Thursday, 31 July 2008

Topic: Fashionable Kat

From my favourite fashion toy store:

If you are a Pink PussyKat then how can you resist a hoodie with Kat ears, tiger striped pants, and everything in funky fuchsia?  LOOOOOVVVE! the hoodie, I should figure out how to make a kat eared hoodie for myself.

That's all for now.  It rained like gangbusters again last night.  My mom and sister in law love my green shopping bag design.  I'm going to look into turning into a pair of films for silk screening the design.  The bag is simple unbleached organic cotton and it took a little under half an hour to make a few.  Since painting took far longer than making, silk screening will cut down on the amount of time it takes to put on the words and pictures.  Later!

Posted by lincatz at 11:43 AM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 31 July 2008 12:05 PM EDT
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Monday, 12 May 2008

Mood:  d'oh
Topic: Fashionable Kat

Good morning.  The blog entries have been few and far between because of technical issues.  I make them, and then they vanish. yesterday there was only a blank edit box, no icons no WYSIWYG...nothing.  We'll see what happens today. 

I mentioned on Wednesday that i had found a few new toys on the web.  First is a new radio station service.  It's Accutunes, and it's much like the old MSN radio from about five years ago.  They have plenty of different categories and subdivisions of each category.  right now I'm listening to an electronica radio station, all sorts of odd Warp stuff.

Another toy I'm enjoying is something called "polyvore"  It's a little whatsit that allows you to snip out clothes, purses and shoes from on line catalogues and put them together in outfits.  It's like the fashion scrapbooks I used to keep when i was a kid.  Here's my very first set.  it took me about five minutes.  It's all stuff that I would wear.

Here's an on line store where  I've found some really cool things.  it's called Free People and it's very boho.   I totally LOVE this skirt here.  And i think it needs a simple top like this  And I adore this little mixed fabric babydoll top in purple. And of course we need shoes...these little birkie style flats are perfect for a neat little boho outfit.

I've found plenty of cool clothes, shoes and other accessories at a store called "good Goth."  It's loaded with pseudo victorian, steampunk, goth and more.  I love this little top, I would wear it anywhere and everywhere! And with it, instead of going for tulle lace and satin, I would try this sexy vamp skirt.  And to finish the look, here's the shoe page, any of these would be nice but I do love Flora and the top two steam punk shoes.

Here's another polyvore set, this one is for when you want to be conservative, but still ridiculously sexy

In my own fashion forays, I've got a bunch of things that need finishing details such as zippers and buttons.  I have a border print and embroidered skirt that needs a bunch of small bronze beads, they are out on the table waiting for me.  I also need to add a zipper to a top.  I had to massively adjust the fit, it was cut on the bias, cut in strips and re-pieced together.  one little mistake was soon magnified and the boob area became weird.  In the past i would have tossed it in the UFO box, but this time instead i decided to take it apart and fix it.  It looks much better now!  I'm happy I didn't abandon the project.

Now I'm off to play with my new toys!  Later!

Posted by lincatz at 10:52 AM EDT
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Thursday, 14 February 2008
How to be a Fashionista
Topic: Fashionable Kat
How to be a fashionista. Lesson one:

Love what you wear, wear what you love.
Be yourself, don't imitate anyone. You are not a clone!
Be confident about yourself, confidence makes everything look better.
Be true to yourself, don't wear something just to fit in or just because someone else wears something.
When shopping, buy what you love, love what you buy.
You are a unique individual so express your uniqueness and don't hide it.
And once again, have confidence in yourself. A confident manner dresses up everything, from formal gowns to t-shirts and jeans.

That's it. There is no lesson two, that's really all you need. It has nothing to do with following trends, buying a certain label, shopping at any one store, slavishly following Vogue or any magazine or even how much you spend. It comes from inside, once you have the confidence you can make jeans and a plain t-shirt look good. You know what looks good and what looks and feels good on you.

Some people mix up the fashionista with her less confident cousin, The Fashion Victim. If you want to be a fashion victim, then do the opposite: be so unconfident and unsure of yourself that you must follow trends, you feel worthless wearing something that's more than thee months old, dress like everyone else, shop where everyone else shops, when the seasons change dump all of last season's clothes, if some celebrity says (fill in the blank) is sooo yesterday then dump the item and laugh at anyone who wear it, believe that an ugly purse somehow makes you a better person because it has a designer label on it, shop at one store only and be sure the store's name is visible on everything and always  laugh at people who don't shop at that store, spend countless hours pouring over magazines, websites and pictures trying to imitate someone else's "look", never feel quite right in your clothes, feel horrible and worthless inside if anyone is dressed in something a bit more expensive or newer than you --and you often wonder  deep down inside if perhaps you might look a bit odd in shocking pink leggings, a tank style baby doll top and spike heeled sandals when it's snowing outside and maybe boots would have been a better idea even if Elle Magazine said boots are unfashionable for winter.

No one should become fashion victim!

Posted by lincatz at 10:43 AM EST
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Saturday, 9 February 2008

Mood:  down
Topic: Fashionable Kat

It's Caturday!  Dan is off doing homework with a school buddy while Dave and Ben are out shoveling snow.  I'm all alone and I should be doing dishes or laundry...but I'm suffering from PMS shoulder finally gave out yesterday ...and I had a horrible migraine in the middle of the night's all gone now I am sort of taking the afternoon off.

I must admit that it's hard to feel sad when Prada makes such amazingly beautiful shoes.  I think if i wore these I would walk out in traffic, walk into walls, or just stand there and block the sidewalks...I would be unable to take my eyes off my shoes.  They have my size, 38 which is the same as a garden variety 8.  for some reason I am thinking of spring and gardens.Perhaps I will buy these shoes and hang them on my wall.  Perhaps if there is anyone out there who wants to prove how much he loves me then this would be a wonderful valentine's present.  And if that isn't heavenly enough, it also comes in a wonderful heeled version.  Those are shoes that I would leave my hubby and family for!

I saw a preview of the Project Runway Bryant Park collections.  Chris and Christian.  WOW.  I can't make up my mind.  Both are just WOW.  I Like Chris's colourful goth thing better, but I see Christian someday taking over Dior from Galliano.  Seriously!  Sweet P was sadly way over her head but she tried hard.  Gillian and Rami were okay, they would have won in other seasons...but not this year.  I am sooo happy they brought back Chris!

So I checked out a few shows at the NY Mag.  Alice+Olivia was a real hit and miss, the hits were fabulous and the misses were atrocious, especially the black and purple leather thing.  The grey dress was perfect and I loved it.

Anna Sui seemed to combine Irish folk dance with hippy dippy trippy.  I think i might have enjoyed the collection more had I eaten some of those red mushrooms with the white dots.  It was all a little bit too much, I think a few looks could have used a bit of editing.  And once again, she also had something hideous in purple and black. The following exemplifies the whole collection.

Sadly, there is no comic relief from Heatherette as they didn't present a show this season.  Neither did any of last season's crop of celebrity lines have anything this season, although we can forgive the hideously pregnant Jennifer Lopez.  The others...too many have this huge "look at me I'm a real designer" big show and then never ever show again as they have no imaginations.  No LAMB, either

I did like the team of Rag and Bone.  Aside from a few misguided pairs of leggings and mini kilts, which looked only marginally better on the women than they did on the men, They presented a wonderfully British Tweed collection that was neither boring nor stuffy.  Very nice!  One pic of a man's look, and one of a women's look.  They too had purple and black, so if one wants to be fashionable then one must run out and get some purple and black! 

And that's all for today! 

Posted by lincatz at 4:08 PM EST
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Monday, 10 December 2007

Topic: Fashionable Kat

Many times I'm asked about "design a dress" websites.  Where are they?  Do they exist?  do they work?  Do they deliver?  Are they any good?  This next site has the endorsement of several respected fashion bloggers and so far there are no complaints about them.  You can select fabric, style, colours, sleeves, skirts, and several other details, and then the dress will be made in you size and shipped to you.  There's not a lot of variations as it is template based, but there are certainly more options that if you just shopped a catalogue.  The place is called "styleshake"  and at the very least its a pleasant design a dress type game, even if you don't want to buy the dress.  It's a great way to get a dress you've designed, even if you can't sew a single stitch.

For some reason I feel the need to talk about shoulders and shoulder pads.  I also feel the need to talk about Alexander McQueen's spring summer show.  I've noticed very high, small sleeve puffs showing up in a few places.  They began in the summer, with small puffed cap sleeves on a few high end designer clothes.  On PR Canada, Iman has been wearing these small high shoulder pads and small high just at the top of the cap puffs. 

Which brings me to McQueen.  I've always admired his work.  His collections always consistently trickle down to the mainstream.  In spite of his flashy shows and the outrageous runways styling, many of his pieces are wearable and very flattering.  This october he released what could be his most wearable collection ever, one that's already being knocked off.   Once you ignore the exaggerated hip silhouette, which will not need padding on the bodies of real women -indeed the clothes being sold in stores do not have the padding, just a bit of draping --the collection is quite practical and wearable.  What impressed me the most is the small high, squared shoulders.

These aren't Joan Collin's shoulder pads, and if you haul out your Prince Purple Rain jackets, you'll look foolish. These aren't the 1980's shoulder pads and these shoulder lines have nothing to do with looking like a linebacker and everything to do with bringing a little balance to the silhouette.  a higher and wider shoulder balances out the hip line, narrows the waist and gives everyone a flattering feminine hourglass shape.  I hope to see more of this high shoulder line; the plain look was getting quite tired.

I think this is a wonderful spring suit that shows off a real woman's shape. And note the high shoulder line.  I expect we'll be seeing much more of that line in the next few seasons.  Still no Couture shows yet on  Those will be soon I hope.

Tonight the final Three on PR Canada will be decided.  Bidell, MG and Lucien are my picks.  I think they are designing for Iman, she was the celebrity guest on season two and she campaigned to be the host of the Canadian show.  All the designers blew it when they were to make a dress for her.  The final four challenge has always been a tough one for the US version of the show.   All three seasons the designers were way off the mark, except for Uli in season three.  She was the only one who did well and didn't suffer from designer's block.

in my own designs, I finished my christmas dress.  Now I'm going to make some nice beaded jewelry to match.  I have some focal point beads, findings, wires, charms, chains and wires.  I'll work on them in the evening.

And that's all! Look down for a new squirrel story!  Later!


Posted by lincatz at 12:12 PM EST
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Wednesday, 26 September 2007
I'm a bit cranky!
Mood:  a-ok
Topic: Fashionable Kat

You know what I hate?  What I really really hate?  The word cute when applied to clothes!  Everyone is using the word cute without any thought.  they go through racks and racks and all they say is "oh that's really cute.  That's cute.  That's sort of cute.  That's totally cute.  that's cute.  It's not as cute.  That's cute."  With absolutely no thought at all.  I've seen girls go through a whole store in five minutes with no more though that cute cute cute doesn't matter if it fits, if the colour is flattering, if the cut works with her shape, if the item is well the only thought is "that's cute" and off to the cash desk. I've seen girls go to cash desks and say "show me all your cute tops, I need a cute top, don't show me ones that aren't cute." That was at fairview's LeChateau where the wide eyed in disbelief clerk said, "we have close to two thousand tops!" And the girl said, well then only show me the CUTEST ones!"

And I hate being asked for my life story at the cash desk.  No, you don't need my phone number, no you don't need my postal code, no you can't have my address, no not yours!  When I'm asked I give the postal code for general delivery at The Frederick Street Mall Postal Outlet and i give them the phone number to the local telerider bus stop for route four at the cemetery.  One time that got me a raised eyebrow from a sales clerk, but she didn't cancel the transaction.  I've seen someone refuse to give any personal information and they had the transaction canceled. 

And we can't exactly trust these people, can we?  They aren't the most careful with out personal information, as many found out the hard way.  Look what happened with the store Winners.  News story on the privacy commission report.  There really is no need for the stores to collect so much information when all you want to do is buy a pair of shoes, or buy a shirt, and at last someone is telling the stores off. Here's the official report from the privacy commission, complete with the recommendations.   The one that was almost humorous, if anything in a legal document can be humorous, was when they pointed out a driver's license proves the individual is capable of driving a car, and should not be used for any other purpose.  That is quite provocative, considering the number of places asking to see driver's licenses, places that have nothing to do with driving...

In the press conference the privacy commissioner echoed what I have believed all along, they don't need that information and we as consumers MUST stop giving it.  If they refuse to sell to us unless we give them the information, then we must refuse to buy from these retailers.  Some places need this for warranties, some places I willingly give my information to so I can have an enhanced shopping experience or because I shop there frequently and I can get gift cards after spending X number of dollars.  I use this at art supply stores, the bead store, and fabric stores all the time.  Other places I'm far more reluctant to participate in their programs, such as the very invasive air miles, (you would freak if you found out how much information they gather about your shopping habits) Shopper's drug mart optimum card, I don't want to carry a wallet filled with spyware, it's like having pop-ups block my way in the store! Like in the ATHF episode, The virus.

What else is ticking me off?  Plenty!  I have a lot to say and I'm going to say it, just like Meatwad! Actually, that's all I want to complain about.  The weather has been amazing, yesterday was over thirty!  Last night it rained, but can't complain about that either as there's nowhere near enough moisture in the soil. If you've wondered why I haven't had many flower stories it's because burnt brown leaves and dried up petals aren't very interesting, and that's all there's been.  Even trees are wilting from lack of rain!

I've been working hard on designing, yet I'm reluctant to put any drawings on the site.  Why? you may may ask!  Why are you reluctant to put pictures on your site?  Glad you asked!  Because when i do I find them in stores six months later.  I don't know if it's a coincidence or if i'm paranoid...but it's happened often enough that it's made me paranoid!

Oh yeah, from vogue patterns website, Sandra Betzina has lost her freaking mind!  This is sooooo ugly, unless you are going out for halloween as Peter Pan! Can't you just hear Heidi Klum saying Auf weidersen? I don't know who would look good in this, the hip ruching would make even skinny girls look four feet wide, the points of the skirt are ridiculous and not flirty and no only because they are the wrong length, I don't know if it's too short or two long...the shapeless sleeves and bodice won't look good on skinny girls as the sleeves would expose too much of the body, and it's wrong for larger busts as it would make the sides open up at the sleeves and once again, expose things that shouldn't be exposed.  It would be impossible to fit. Nothing about this works.  The idea is wrong and the execution is worse.  Truly an "Auf worthy" dress.

If you make one thing this year, then make this jumper dress in grey and wear it with matching tights and sweater.  this is THE jumper.  I would make it a bit shorter, perhaps, just grazing below the knee and perhaps add trim at the raised waist seam.  Also, here's a really super nice simple to sew cocktail dress, perfect for those slinky evening jerseys in the fabric stores.  Red, gotta be red! This dress will enhance many figure types, from apples to triangles to pears!  The ties could be tied in several different ways, not just as illustrated.  This would be easy to dress up with glitzy accessories, or glam it with some fancy rhinestone trims. on the neck or on the drapery parts.  Making it in plain knit for most of the dress then the drapery in a jersey with gold or silver sparkle would make a wonderful "entrance" dress.

And that's all for today.

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