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Thursday, 13 January 2011
Website and Blog Update: Computer's All Fixed Up
Mood:  a-ok
Topic: I can has topik?

After a break for christmas and a break to get an essential part of my home computer repaired I can finally get back to regular blogging. our old hard drive died and so we have a new hard drive. We also have a new monitor, a nice LCD wide screen that's much easier on the eyes.

I've spent the morning updating, installing, fixing and other stuff.  It's still the same computer, but with a new almost empty hard drive it's like it had a massive stroke that wiped everything and now the computer needs to re-learn even simple tasks. Right now I am re-installing the scanner driver, the camera sofware, the printer... and then I will create a few user accounts and change some settings...

Which in my way of saying it will be a couple of days before I have a real blog entry with real content in it.  For all those wondering, I've been making arctic and polar fleece jackets and accessories and I'll be posting a few helpful tips and tricks that I have learned over the years.  polar fleece is a fabulous fabric for the absolute beginner because it is so easy to sew, doesn't ravel at the edges, doesn't need pressing and doesn't need lining or interfacings.  Plus is stretches and is naturallu warm and water-resistant.  It's perfect for Canadian weather and it's why everyone needs several for fall, spring and layering under winter coats on super cold days, like today.

Sadly, this gap has made me miss a couple things, like the offer for a super deluuxe VIP passes to see my favourtite band in concery in TO, complete with special collectors vinyl pressing of the new album, a free t-shirt, souvenir lanyard and pass, sound check pass, backstage pass, meet and greet pre-concert buffet, select seating, and after party pass. That would have been so cool! I adore OMD, and it would have been a thrill of a lifetime to have full VIP access to the concert and worth the price.  And because I'm a member of their fan club/sites the deal was an absolute outrageous bargain. Oh well.  That's the way it goes sometimes.

So if y'all can be a bit patient, I wll be back to regular blogging soon.  Thanks for the concern -btw, I'm not sick or anything, I'm not ticked off at everyone, and it really was just computer issues.  So I'll see everyone on Monday next week! Later

Posted by lincatz at 10:15 AM EST
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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Topic: I can has topik?

Not much to talk about, I'm still going through all the pictures i took on Sunday.  i think I'll be going to my dad's soon and we'll be off to somewhere that does digital prints straight from the camera.  If I want them instantly it's about 7 cents a picture.  If i want to wait a day it's 2 cents a picture.  If I wait 5 days it's 1 cent a picture.  I can wait.  For almost 1000 pictures?  one way is 70$, the other 10$.  You bet I can wait!

In other news, Dave is once again on call.  He got called right at the beginning of CSI:Miami.  The new episode was not a television show but a comic book: The Secret Origin Of SUPERCOP! And the Secret of The Sunglasses of Justice! It was lame lame lame... It supposedly took place in 1997...but the set up of the police station and the attitude of the officers and detectives was more like 1947...and even then they weren't such dinosaurs.  I think I would have preferred to see Dirty Jobs" and see mike Rowe clean up more animal crap and dive into yet another pit of industrial waste. 

I harvested about 15 tomatoes, three spaghetti squashes, and there five cukes almost ready to pick. And there are still about 20 onions sitting in the soil, yet to be harvested.   My garden has done very well this year.  I'm quite pleased.

So that's all. I'm working on those jeans and they are going quickly.  Now i'm adding mushroom appliqués to everything, some in leather, some in other fabric.  I'll take a pictures when i'm done.  the skirt fits well, but it's now too warm to wear a denim skirt.  It's also raining.  Oh well.  Maybe tomorrow I'll have more to say!

And that's all for today!

Posted by lincatz at 11:36 AM EDT
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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Mood:  lazy
Now Playing: The Tour de
Topic: I can has topik?

As I'm sure we all know, yesterday was the 40th anniversary  man's first walk on the surface of the moon.  I'd say moonwalk but like you I am sick and tired of the wall to wall Michael Jackson coverage. To commemorate the even TCM ran the 1902 masterpiece movie "trip to the moon AKA For the Earth to the moon"  It's the first time I have seen this little gem in it entirety.  I've seen scenes out of context, but never the whole movie.  It was an absolute delight from beginning to end. It was one the very first movies, and one of the very first movies was a special effects laden sci-fi fantasy.  I can't imagine how the first movie goers felt when seeing this; it must have been pure magic.  from the flickering images on the screen to a time and place where travelling to the moon was possible.  My son Ben noticed right away that the shape of the movie's moon capsule was the same as the one that went to the moon decades later, and that the movie capsule landed in the ocean the same way the real one did.  My favourite part of the movie?  Why the giant mushrooms inside the moon of course!

Back to the moonwalk:  I was just a little kid and for years I cursed our miserable television for giving us such a miserable fuzzy picture.  Years later I realized everyone got the same miserable television picture because all the first pictures from the moon were miserable and fuzzy.  The next day it was all everyone in school talked about, except the one grade six teacher, Mrs Bulldog.  He name was mrs bullard, but everyone -including a few teachers -called her Bulldog. She was universally hated. She said that we should get off the moon and out of space because it was distracting everyone from god and church and our eternal salvation.

She was the one who helped me to form my opinions on religion.  She had daily bible readings in class and anyone who wasn't a good christian could stand outside in the hall while the rest of us had the daily bible lesson.  Out principal at the time was a mennonite minister so he saw nothing wrong with this.  When I was in school the standard time out punishment was to stand in the hall, in her bible class, the jewish kids had to leave and stand in the hall.  Lots of kids "did the math" so to speak.  It was then that I wondered if this religion thing was really as great as everyone said. She also hated boys and stated as much many times in class.

I found out recently that's she's still alive, over 100 and still as much of a miserable bulldog as ever.  I got an invitation to her 100th birthday to share our memories of our time in her class, as tempting as it was to share the memory of how she sent all the bad jewish kids into the hall and have answer for her reprehensible behaviour to boys and anyone she deemed un-christian, I passed on going.

In other news, I have a whole bunch of tote bags waiting to be painted. I have some in the cotton drapery liner and some in muslin.  The muslin will make some really nice novelty bags and the liner will make some really nice shopping bags.  I timed myself yesterday and it took an hour to make four bags from cutting to final pressing, and that included one thread cone change. That's about fifteen minutes a bag.  Because of the width of the fabric I'm using cutting is very easy and there's no waste, the left over fabric is the perfect size for a pencil case size bag. The most time consuming part is securely sewing the handles. Forwards, backward, pivot, angle pivot backward pivot to final corner, secure.  Boring!

Today I get to do the fun part, I can bring out the paints and be creative.  I want to include lots of cute mushroom pictures and few cute mushroom one liners and puns.  I also want to include a few non-mushroom ideas for people who may not share my love of mushrooms. i hope it is nice so I can take everything outside and paint outdoors.  This has not been a good summer for spending time outside. 

And that's all for now.  The race is over, the sun is almost shining, and a box of fabric paint awaits.  Later!

Posted by lincatz at 11:25 AM EDT
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Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Topic: I can has topik?

Today would have been Douglas Adam's birthday if he wouldn't have died a few years ago.  Rather than place the usual towel day banner on my entry, I post this lovely LOLFord.  Be sure to carry a towel with you at all times today.

Something sort of cool from yesterday: I was doing a little reading, and while i was reading i had the TV on.  Much More Music's top ten, at 4:00 pm the next program was classic albums, and I turned to see who or what was on Oprah.  it was the Osmonds.  ICK!  I went back to MMM and the classic albums was Queen's a night at the opera and suddenly the irony and the appropriateness struck me.  When I was a teenager, around the time A night at the Opera first came out, my parents hated Queen.  They wanted us to listen to good clean music.  So every friday night they would have "family time and plop us in front of the Donny and Marie show, and we would try not to laugh too hard at how stupid it was.  (mad magazine called it "dummy and Ma-reek, a name the stuck with my brother and me, to the disgust of my parents)  We would dutifully watch dummy and  you know...and then play A night at the Opera on our own time.  Having Donny and Marie on Oprah and Queen on Classic Albums at the same time was quite the coincidence.  I enjoyed the whole show, and I enjoyed their take on the songs thirty years later. 

And as an additional point, several things I already knew about the back-stories to several song on the album,  and that John, in his infinite arrogance said were wrong...well...this show confirmed that I was correct all along.  Now once again I can do the I was right and he was wrong song and dance. He was wrong soooo many times it would be funny if it wasn't so sad.  But sad or not, it's not going to stop me from doing the I was right and he was totally wrong song and dance.

In other news, I've been complaining about the amount of snow and I'm not alone.  It's so bad that it's driven some people out there into fits of SNOW RAGE!  One of Dave's most memorable Beaver's strips, the one that still makes him laugh,  the one that got the most mail when it ran in the record, was the one with the one beaver freaking out and chasing a snow plow.  The snow plow dumped a load of ice and snow in the driveway, as plows are wont to do, and the beaver who had just finished shoveling freaked and chased the plow while wielding his shovel in a threatening manner.  Dave said he drew that one from personal experience.  My son feels his pain.

Speaking of my sons, here's a story only they could love: Battlebots revival coming to ESPN  I hope they revive Vlad the Impaler!  Or Dead Blow!  Not that I ever watched battlebots, that would be geeky... The one named Ziggo was named after a psych russian blue cat named mother in law had a psychotic russian blue cat named Ziggy...  Coincidence?  ....probably.  Russian blues are always somewhat psychotic.

While looking through the What's new pages in the various sewing pattern catalogues i noticed this incredibly intriguing pattern from Kwik Sew:  Fold and stack and go furniture!  I like these!  A bit more sophisticated than bean bag chairs, and far more versatile! stack 'm up for chairs,  Line 'em up for a quick couch, and un-fold 'em for an extra bed.  And changing the fabric can make them casual for a rec room, or elegant for a spare bedroom.  Quite nice!  I wish I could come up with something that interesting and cool!

In one of those strange moments of convergence, the latest Burda pattern magazine and I have come up with two similar blouses:  this wrap style here.  I cut the pattern yesterday and I come down here and see this same thing in the magazine.  Mine is a bit longer in the body and has three ties instead of one, but they are so similar it's spooky!  yes, I know that's the german page. 

And that's about all for today.  We need to somehow get to the roof of the pack porch and clear off the snow.  It's melting, so it's no longer soft and fluffy, it's now wet and heavy and I don't want the roof to leak.  Or collapse either.  Later!

Posted by lincatz at 11:45 AM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 12 March 2008 12:32 PM EDT
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Friday, 29 February 2008

Mood:  cheeky
Topic: I can has topik?

Did I mention yesterday that I had an earache?  I did.  I felt like a three year old because toddlers get at least five earaches a year.  So I had a terrible earache in the morning.  By about three in the afternoon I realized I had an earache because I was coming down with a cold.  So this morning, I have a cold.  Not too bad, yet.  Dave has a cold, too.  He has a co-worker who is off because she had a cold and then developed complications.  So in the interest of not getting bronchitis, I will take the next couple days easy and try to recover from this cold.  I still have the earache, too.

It's leap day! Here's a brief history of leap day, complete with something about Julius Caesar and Cleopatra and how their affair is responsible somehow for the extra day in February, and why it's also such a short month.  I dunno, I've never been able to sit through that whole movie, it's about five hours too long and about ten times too over acted and way too bloated for its own good. 

I cut out my purple fabric after testing the design in muslin.  It looks quite nice and it will look good with the blouse and bags I made.  The bengaline has a wonderful drape that gets softer every time it's washed.  I washed it several times to remove the stiffening that was in it, and I noticed that washing improved the fabric.  So I will post a picture of the design when the sketch is coloured and the pencil lines erased.

Every once in a while our local newspaper publishes a story that ends up in one of those "stupid headline" aggregator, or there will be a line in a story that is poorly researched or poorly worded and inadvertently funny.  Once again they have a story with an inadvertently funny paragraph.  I will give the record credit, it's merely quoting someone else, so the stupidity is not theirs.  This time.  The story is an interview with someone from, the guys who were trying to hijack all my open browser tabs with their pop-ups.   I hate them.  They are notorious for third and fourth party tracking cookies trying to insert themselves on the computer merely by going to a page with a monster ad on it.  But that's not the stupid part.

The stupid part is when this so called expert talks about the hiring practices of many businesses.  He says, and I quote:

many employers still take the same passive, old-school approach to the recruitment process, he said.

When they have a job, they simply post it on an online job board or company website, and hope the best talent will come to them.

Back in the 1960s, that worked, "but those days are gone," he said 

here's a link to the story with the quote.  Uhhhh...websites? online job board?  In the sixties?  what else is this guy clueless about?  I remember computers in the sixties, those mainframes were horrible web  There was no web back in the sixties!  There were no BBS's for that matter.  There were mainframes and to get data from one computer to the other you had to use big hard disks the size of truck tires(that maybe held 1KB) paper tape, or punch cards.  Damn, the internet was slow back then, you had to snail mail you e-mail, install the hard disk in the reader and then run it through the main frame and then place all the punch cards it spit out in get the idea.  Perhaps a well worded and well researched e-mail should alert these people to the error of their ways.  I have the Wayback Machine's archive of the first true http posting bookmarked and it's 1992. The date is on the top of the page.  I'm looking at it now and it's not very impressive, just plain text with blue underlined links. it's a very basic blog entry.

And that's all for today.  My nose in running and my ear feels funny.  I think I'll go and plant my butt on a chair and do nothing but draw.  It requires little in the way of physical effort and I still accomplish a lot! I think I will also place my little box of lettuce and spinach seedlings beside me so I will have something living and green beside me.  And That's all for today!

Posted by lincatz at 11:07 AM EST
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Thursday, 28 February 2008
ot much happening other than it is cold
Mood:  chillin'
Topic: I can has topik?

BBBBBRRRRR!  It's cold again.  Time to bring out my fur lined thong, that always gives me that little extra boost of warmth on these cold winter mornings.

So I might be making a bunch of balloons so a bunch of children can have balloon heads.  Last year I turned a bunch of little girls into flamingos. Who know what i might do next year... I might also be designing the costumes for the lead dancers, too, and possibly for the modern and jazz dance groups.  The dance recital is "the Wizard of Oz"  so there are farm hands, hot air balloons, dorothy, monkeys, lollipop kid munchkins...and all need to be cheap and easy to make, especially since some mommies don't sew.  Yikes!  This will be fun.

It's been such a long long time, and I thought I would never ever see another, but out of the blue with no advance warning Something Awful brings us a long awaited update to the much loved Fashion Swat.  This edition features very ugly knitted items from germany. The site is apparently a fetish site, or a health site...I'm not certain.  The good people of something awful don't care, they just want to point out how hideously ugly these items are.  Too many wookie suits.

Tomorrow is leap day, an extra day.  Why does it have to be in February, the most miserable month of the year?  Why couldn't it be in July?  Or June?  Or May?  No...they had to put it in February and make the month even longer!  Don't let those 28 little day on the calender fool you:  February is the lllloooonnngggeesstttt month of the year.  June is the shortest, and it wouldn't matter if february had ten days and june had forty, june would still be far too short and February would still be far too long.

 On leap day you are supposed to do something that you otherwise wouldn't do; take a leap into the unknown as it were.  It a day to make the first move, to make expiation for something, to start fresh, to start something new or to make amends for the past and to start a new future.  I dunno about any of that, but I used to go to Len's and buy all new sewing notions like hand sewing needles and straight pins and other tools.  Pins and needles get dull and bent and they can rust too, so every four years i would dump all the old bent pins and replace them.  There are a few rituals in wicca and older witchcraft traditions that require old bent pins and needles. They can be used in atonement rituals and forgiveness rituals, especially if both are difficult to give and/or receive.  Many require broken things such as glass, mirrors, dishes and bent and broken pins and needles to be placed in a glass jar and then buried in the ground.  This will be difficult as the ground is frozen. It still might be a nice idea and bury the jar in the snow, then in the ground when the snow melts.

So what else?  No much.  I began both the dress form cover and I began draping the purple bengaline into a nice top.  Part of me thinks this should be a bubble, but most of me knows I hate bubble shapes.  The dress form will take a while as the fit has to be absolutely perfect, like a second skin.  I also want to make arms and maybe one leg.  Then I can fit everything on the form, and I don't have to constantly try things on a thousand times while I'm making stuff.  Now I'll only ned to try things on a hundred times!

Oh yes, my favourite sewing machine store, KW Sewing Machines  -is moving out of Conestoga Mall and into Fredrick Street mall.  This is fabulous news as there's an excellent art supply store in the mall.  And it's been quite apparent for some time that they had outgrown the old location, the store was bursting at the seams, sewing machine boxes were stacked on the floor, buttons were everywhere...and I know they wanted to carry more notions and supplies.  I guess I'll be making more frequent trips to the new location!  (And best of's only a short walk to the big Factory Shoe Warehouse, a great place to blow one's budget on far too many pairs of shoes and boots.)

And that's all for today.  Later!

Posted by lincatz at 11:18 AM EST
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Thursday, 7 February 2008

Mood:  mischievious
Topic: I can has topik?

Yesterday was a snow day.  it was also total chaos.  Dan had to go to a school sponsored high tech job fair and because the schools were closed his arranged ride couldn't get the car, and there was no bus to RIM park until 2:00, and my Dad's car was in the garage, ours was buried under ten inches of snow and encrusted with frozen rain, and Heather's dad doen't like to drive to unfamiliar places on un plowed finally Heather's best freind's step dad was contacted and gave Dan a ride to the job fair and he made some good contacts and gave his resume to several high tech companies, a few who were very interested.

After that, it began snowing again.  Two separate storms in less than twenty four hours!  Three storms in less than a week!  Five storms since New Year's eve...when it snowed over six inches...but wasn't enough to be considered a storm.  I'm quite happy there is another cold snap on it's way, it mean it will be too cold to snow for a while.  We hope!

One interesting story to relate.  On the corner of King and Victoria a large bright shiny new building is going up, a bright shiny new school of pharmacy...where pharmacy student will learn about drugs and interactions, the history of drugs and modern pharmaceutical practices, for all those who think a pharmacist counts pills, they are the first line of defense in prevent drug overdoses and fatal drug interactions, the pharmacist knows more about the drugs than the doctors in some cases.

This new biting had about five girders up, enough to frame a window, and the first of many windows goes in.  These windows are quite distinctive, frosted and featuring paintings of several old medicinal plants, ones that are still used to this day.  The building is quite impressive now, and everyday more work is done and more of these special glass panels are interspersed with the regular clear glass.  My hubby walks past it everyday.  On Tuesday He stopped for a while to look at while the light was red.

While he looked a man asked Dave what he thought.  Dave said he liked the building, especially the panels with all the healing plants on them, since herb lore was the source of modern pharmacology.  He asked the man what he thought. The guy answered that he wanted to know what Dave thought because he designed the building and the plants are an integral part of the building design, and for the reason's stated by Dave.  The man was positively beaming with pride because Dave got the meaning of the building.  The guy knew i was risky for the city's concrete block architecturally-impaired mentality (why build a fancy building when concrete blocks will do is the usual mantra for expensive and fancy public buildings) (and then they wonder why people think the city is ugly and without character) 

Pharmacology and botany are closely related fields, Linnaeus, the man who invented the binomial method of taxonomy, was a doctor and a pharmacist, and an herbalist.  He wanted a language that was not regional and would encourage consistency in herbal medicine.  No longer would asparagus be called "sparrow grass" in someplace, while other regions would call it different fern names, everyone everywhere would recognize it first as asparagus sativas and then regional variations second.  While asparagus isn't a big issue, if one plant has three names, and the same name in one region is applied to a different and poisonous plant, there are serious problems. 

This history is what is referenced in the design of the building. It honors the plants of the past, and how they are still the medicine source of the future.  In the future a public outdoor herb garden will be part of the school, and further down the road there will be a large indoor herbarium/arboretum where medicinal plants from the past, present and future will be studied.  Science still looks to plants for medicines, and there are still medicines to be discovered in the plants of the world.

So this guy was thrilled that someone liked his building and knew about plants.  And I get an interesting story to write about!  I can hardly wait to see their herb garden.  As I have mentioned I love plants, know about plants, and have been called a "plant talker"  I dunno about that, but I hear some seeds begging to be turned into sprouts!

Speaking of Asparagus, here's a flash game where you use an asparagus gun to kill the evil broccoli!  Of course...asparagus is good and broccoli is evil, especially that vile overpriced stuff imported from unknown central american countries.

And that's all for now.  There's tons more shoveling to do, the snow isn't going away by itself and it won't be melting anytime soon either.

I think the real ones work better!  Later!

Posted by lincatz at 12:11 PM EST
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Friday, 25 January 2008

Mood:  lyrical
Topic: I can has topik?

Wow.  I've been sitting here for a while trying to think of something to say!  So far nothing.

This morning Lucifer was in the sky as bright as a diamond.  And needless to say, it's cold and clear.  I like wearing six layers of clothes, I like wearing six layers of clothes, I like wearing six layers of clothes *bing* wow!  I actually convinced myself that I like wearing six layers of clothes wow!  What am i going to do in the summer now?

I got some Labrador tea for my brother.  Labrador tea is an acid bog plant, a type of heath and it has small oval evergreen leaves with a rusty orange fuzz on the lower side.  The leaves, when steeped in hot water, make a pleasant tea that tastes like mild orange pekoe tea.  It's always a treat to go out and gather the leaves in the wild and have labrador tea around the camp fire in the evening.  I found this tea in Distinctly Tea, a specialty tea store where I buy my Chai tea and Dan gets his Japanese green teas.  They have an amazing selection of weird plant materials that you can steep in hot water and drink.  Including nettles.  Everyone loves nettle tea! I would link to the site but it's an exercise in flashturbation and takes forever to load.

I'm taking it to him on Groundhog day.  I'm helping my sis in law with some dance costume patterns, then helping my niece with making a Bellatrix from Harry Potter pendant out of fimo and then I'm going to hang out with the zoo full of kids. The youngest wants to go canoing again.  That would be cool.  I liked the cliff swallows and the caves.

My dress in now finished.  Yay!  I began my two velvet tops and I now have enough for one more thing.  Would shiny pink velvet Yoga style pants look weird?  Or would they look sort of cool?  I dunno... I'm now twisting cord to embellish the tops and I have enough nailheads and crystals.  This will take some time but it will be worth it.

Oh heck, I NEED shiny pink yoga style pants, don't I?

I got to see this weeks episode of Project Runway US on a little tiny screen on the computer.  It was hard to really get a good idea of the clothes, but I think the winner was second place at best.  I liked the fierce pant outfit far better.  And I'm not unhappy to see Victorya go.  I dodn't get her.  She seemed so bland, yet the judges loved her.  Totally mystifying.  Chris and Christian are becoming my favourites, and I still like Sweet P. Denim is difficult to sew, but it's easy to re-imagine into a thousand different new ideas.  It would have been fun to be really ambitious and make a denim ball gown, use the pants and plenty of zippers and rivets for the top and jackets for the skirt...somehow make the zippers somehow fit the dress so the fit can be adjusted with zippers and have the skirt adjustable with zippers... and use the white cotton for a poofy underskirt.  That would have been cool.  The secret to these reconstruction challenges, in case you haven't noticed, is to use tops to make bottoms, bottoms to make tops and be certain that both are turned upside down.  This, according to the judges is creative and innovative. Yeah.  Right.

It's not that anyone really needs shiny velvet pants, it's just that they are cool to wear at the end of the day as something cute and comfy.

I forgot to mention I got some really nice yarn to make a nice little shoulder bag from it.  i have the free pattern from the site, only I didn't like one of the yarns so I substituted a pair of yarns, which should give me the correct thickness.  Here's the pattern for the bag.  And here is the yarn I'm using, Idol in "jennifer"  Berrocco has a wide selection of free patterns.  According to the ladies at the yarn store, there's no need to buy patterns for any of their yarns, not when the free ones are so nice. 

So I wrote up and submitted a knitting pattern.  I had to ask through a message board for someone to try the pattern and give me feedback.  I Incorporated the feedback into the written pattern.  We'll see what happens, won't we?

And that's all for now.  I'm on my way to my mom's soon.  Ben and I have some things to do. I hope it doesn't snow like it did on Wednesday. Or tuesday.  Whatever day it snowed.  Later!

Posted by lincatz at 11:41 AM EST
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Monday, 14 January 2008

Mood:  not sure
Topic: I can has topik?

Hello!  I took a few days off. I was busy on Wed.  Had a headache on Thursday, felt awful again of Friday and I was busy on Saturday.  I hate headaches.  I only get them when my aunt flo comes for her monthly visit.  Menopause...bring it on! Last week all the snow melted and the temperature went up to 14 one day, exactly one week after it was -14.  I think I preferred the minus 14 as plus fourteen was a dirty stinky wet rotten black muck and mire mess.  It's snowing again and once again everything is pretty and white.

I zoomed through the mending pile that had stacked up.  I have one a couple pair of pants to finish and that's it.  Have I mentioned how much I adore my sewing machine?  It makes quick work of everything.  I also cut and marked my muslin half-coat, the back pleats are sewn up and all the panels.  Now I have to do the facings then the sleeves.  The best part is it doesn't need to fit anyone. It will be done on friday and then it can grow gossamer wings and fly off to far off and exotic Brooklyn.  And then who knows...

I also fitted a basic pattern for myself again.  I think I know why everything has been a bit large, I have a small error in the old one that just enough to be ridiculous when graded up to a wearable garment, and if the pattern is slashed and spread then the error is even worse.  This one is much better, I hope.  I made the upper chest a bit too wide and I didn't compensate for a bit of a hollow chest.  This time i rotated the hollow off to the shoulder seam, so that should fit a bit better.  Oh yeah...the top where nothing went right?  That's why.  I took it apart and made it again.  Now it's really nice, sort of sexy victorian...I think it would look really great in shiny black, in a  sort of dominatrix kind of way.

Dumb fashion question of the week: "how do I polish my canvas shoes so they have a nice bright shine?" DUH!  They are fabric!  Unless they are satin, they won't have any kind of shine.  And since no one makes Chuck Taylors, the shoes in question - in satin...then no shine for you!

This Sunday was the Boshart family christmas party...rescheduled.  There was far less snow than in December!  It was at Rockway Golf Club, it was nice and pretty, there were a couple fireplaces, big windows, sandwiches that I couldn't eat...but as I said I was there for the people, and not the food.  The youngest addition this year was a little 4 month old boy, named Connor, cousin Susie's latest addition.  He looks like uncle Murray!  only smaller and with less hair. We are all getting older!  More grey hair, more wrinkles, our kids are all getting older...Sigh. It was fun and we are likely doing the same thing next year. 

And that's all for today.  I want to turn the fitted muslin into a hard copy on bristol board or something similar.  Then I can make the pattern for my floral dress.  I think I'm going to do fine pleating rather than gathers, and do a bit more with the midriff area.  And I think I need to shovel snow. Later!

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Wednesday, 28 November 2007
Happy Birthday Dave!
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Topic: I can has topik?

That's a special message for my hubby!  And next, here's a special plushie just for him:

Isn't that delightful!  A plushie roadkill toy!  I bet it doesn't smell as bad as real roadkill! And one more silly picture for Dave:


An annoying gif of Horatio Caine SuperCop!  And that's all for today!  I know, nothing yesterday and very little today!  Yesterday I was cutting patterns and today I'll be cutting fabric.  I decided to participate in the official "buy nothing" week, a week that protests rampant consumerism by urging everyone to buy nothing except a few "bread milk butter" items.  And after the orgy of spending last week I need to put the skids of spending this week.  And it's sort of a hippie protest kind of thing to do.  So, Buy...I mean Bye!

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