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Monday, 29 August 2016

Topic: this 'n that 'n the other

It has been over 30 years since I have been anywhere near my grandparents old place and the towns, roads, rivers and lakes nearby. They lived on the North Shore of Lake Huron in an area that is still wild in spite of everyone's efforts to tame the wilderness. The wilderness eventually wins. I often wonder how much the area has changed. Is it more populated? Are the same old houses and building still there? Is there still a beach on Basswood lake? My parents have said many thing are different and many things have changed. There is no longer that truck stop and store at the corner of the highway and Basswood Lake road, many open hiking areas are now private, and some things have changed for the better. They said that somethings have changed so much they will shock me and destroy my childhood memories.

So I went on Google to check things out through street view and satellite view. Yes, there is Google street view on many of the roads close to the Trans Canada Highway. Many things are the same, many things have changed and somethings are simply shocking. Like, for example, the area right where Dumond road comes out to the highway. There's a giant gravel pit there. But the most shocking thing is this:

Where the area is under attack from strange flying creature. WTF Google? In another shot the wing feathers and other parts are quite clear and it is quite obvious that the google truck struck and ripped apart a rather large owl.

The rest of the area has changed. Well DUUUHHH! It's been over 30+ years. There's a road to a nicely groomed and much larger Basswood lake beach. The fields around my grandma's old place are now forests. The old sto5res and diners are gone. but they are replaced with new convenience stores and the dirty truck stops are all nice coffee shops, little bistro type spots and nice little restaurants. Change isn't always bad you know.


Posted by lincatz at 11:19 AM EDT
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Friday, 8 April 2011
This and that: trying to get into the blogging habit again..
Topic: this 'n that 'n the other

Finally caught up on all my e-mails, software installing and registrations and other odds and ends.  I hate going to an e-mail account that tells me I have 325 unread messages. 

So why is there a giant picture from H&M here?  See the skirt?  Isn't it pretty?  It's long, flowy, flowery...and it's MINE! Ben and I went to the mall a couple days ago so he could pre-order "Duke Nukem 4ever"  he's getting the special "duke's giant package" limited edition with special mods and cheat codes.  While we were there we visited H&M and in the window was this long flowy bohemian skirt that I had to have. I checked the rack and there were ten size 2's, eight size 6's and three size 4's.  I sighed despondently and looked for other stuff. And there, in a rack with a buck of ugly cotton maxi dresses was the skirt in a size 12!!! Someone was doing a George Costanza where he hid the suit he wanted in a different rack so no one would find it.  I tried it fit perfectly so I bought it.  As a bonus it was only ten dollars. While I was trying on stuff Ben started trying on stuff and he ended up with a new grey hoodie. 

So I hope who ever did the George Costanza switch wasn't too disappointed...but in the cut throat world of shopping You Snooze You Lose. I also got some music...on CD...see that's the problem with downloading MP3's...your hard drive decides to crap out you have lost your music.  If you have a CD your hard drive can crap out and you still have your music. That's why CD's are better than MP3's.  I got Mumford and Sons along with Ritual by White Lies.  Rootsy hillbilly folk along with this week's Joy Division follower.  I have odd taste in music.

Today is special.  It's Ben's Birthday.  And at Ben's 16th birthday party Dan and Heather started dating.   So Ben is 20 something and Dan and Heather have been together 7 years. 

In other news I am trying to cut through a pile of black cotton spandex. It's a funny story why I have so much, and I would tell it to you if it didn't make me feel so stupid.  it involves buying some black cotton spandex so I could remake a top,  buying the fabric then losing the lace and the pattern, then  making something else, then finding the lace and pattern, then buying replacement fabric not once, not twice, but three times, including once after I had already re-made the top.  So now I have an assload of this fabric and there are only so many pairs of panties you can make before it gets BORING! So I am making tank tops in several styles including a couple that incorporate some hand crocheted lace and some hand tatted lace. 

I  also want to make a couple tops to go with the new skirt.  It needs to be worn with something natural and lace trimmed.  Len's has some natural colored guipure lace for making cafe curtains so I will buy some of that, cut it apart and applique it on some simple t shirts and tanks. I have plenty of beads and sequins so I only need to open up the sequin box and find the right colors. 

So that's all for today.  I had to show off the skirt I got for spring.  Now all we need is some warm spring weather! 

Posted by lincatz at 8:55 AM EDT
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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Now Playing: White Lies
Topic: this 'n that 'n the other

Oh look!  A Blog entry! My posting on turning regular jeans into skinny jeans has passed a milestone in number of views and now qualifies as my all time most popular entry pushing a fashion entry about Givenchy to number two, and ragged edge applique to three.  There's a strange irony to that entry because I've been getting a ton of requests for an article about "how to turn skinny jeans into flare legs or boot cuts."  I hope this means that those super skinnies are finally going out of style.  I like slim cut jean legs, but the skinnies were a bit too much, especially if you had the slightest bit of tummy or hips or ass.  The last pair of jeans i got were wide leg trouser cuts from the Gap. Good luck finding them in the store or the website, they are long since sold out.

Here it is!  My Mother of the Groom dress, all finished!  It was finished a while ago, but I didn't post the picture until now.  

This is my new favourite necklace.  It's made from real Squirrel fur from a tail that some poor squirrel lost.  I really like this one, it exemplifies my Jewelry design aesthetic, combining real natural found materials with real stones, metal and crystal. 

 Also in my email in-box are questions about yet another really bad free pattern.  it's called"the patternless sundress" The instructions are confounding many who try to make it and they want some help. I've seen the photo and I don't understand why anyone would want to make it in the first place.  The hem looks skewed, the proportions are terrible, it's shapeless, the gathers at the bust are unflattering and the belt loop at center front is jarring and disturbing.  I don't understand any of it.  It does nothing but confuse me.  The fabric is wrong and there's no style. Do I need to say more?  No? What does it look like?  Here it is:

Seriously, why is there a belt loop at the center front?  To show that the designer is totally clueless? If you are looking for an easy-to-sew sundress and you don't want to spend a fortune on a pattern then go to the simplicicty website and buy one of their It's so Easy patterns. they are cheap and you get clear instructions and you will end up with very nice, simple hand made sun dress.  In conclusion I am not going to bother trying to make this free pattern easier to understand, nothing will make this mess look like anything other than a shapeless sack.

I've made a few things for myself lately: here's a set of pictures on Flickr: These are the full size pictures of my latest sewing projects. I was inspired by Bollywood movies from India and I checked our videos from a few Indian Fashion shows.  I have lots more sketches, but don't really have the time to make the sketches into dresses.  it's a shame because there is actually an indian fabric store in town where I can get fabric and trims!

So that's what's been happening.  Now I have to go an find some websites about the evils of Aspartame.  I tried it back in the early 80's when it first came out and it gave me terrible headaches.  Now I avoid it because i don't like headaches.  me headaches and before my Mom's liver transplant it made her very sick.  it still makes her sick, but not quite death's door sick. My own take on it that as bad as sugar can be for some people, the artificial stuff is a whole lot worse, at least your body knows how to break down sugar into something OTHER than formaldehyde, methanol and Phenylalanine.  

Posted by lincatz at 12:02 PM EDT
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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Topic: this 'n that 'n the other

Pajamas.  I'm sewing pajamas.  Why? Because Len's had a whole bunch of cheap cotton flannel.  So I am sewing pajama.  And night shirts.  Lots of night shirts.

Cotton Flannel has to be the easiest fabric I have ever sewn.  Once it's been washed and pre-shrunk it's simply a matter of sewing using the five thread safety stitch, that's the one with the seam and serged edge done in one step.  It took me about an hour to make pajama pants from start to finish, including cutting the fabric.  I Like pajama fabric!  Today I am making a nightgown with some white embroidered lace trim that i have.  it's going to be sort of old fashioned and victorian.  Made with some pretty pink skulls and crossbones. What could be more demurely romantic and victorian?

I also got some black and brown denim.  I have a spotty history with brown denim.  For some reason any time i try to make jeans with brown denim something goes horrifyingly wrong.  One pair I made shrunk every time I washed them.  The shorts made from the same fabric didn't.  I don't get it.  A second time I used a pattern I have used before to make some trouser-style summer weight jeans. The same pattern i used when making the mauve shorts. The patterns was originally for pants, and I cut and made both at the same time.  So why did the shorts fit perfectly and the pants end up two sizes too small?  And the last time I used a very simple 5 pocket jeans pattern that I have used so many times I have it on Bristol board, not pattern paper.  Once again, the blue jeans made at the same time were perfect, the brown denim...not so much.

So I am making one more attempt at brown denim jeans.  I have a pattern, I have cut and fit it in muslin and I will use the muslin for cutting the denim.  And I will add eight inch seam allowances.  THAT will take care of any potential problems...and possibly create new problems. 

So in two days it's the sewing and needlework festival. Amy and I are both like Magpies, we gravitate towards anything shiny and sparkly and pretty.  And there's so much there that is shiny and pretty. I think we are going to have a real good time! Now off to the bank for some spending money!  Sparkly pretty things Here we come!

Posted by lincatz at 10:43 AM EDT
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Tuesday, 9 March 2010
Catching Up in The Litter Box
Topic: this 'n that 'n the other

It's been a while, but Spring has sprung and I've been enjoying the warm sun and the melting snow! Spring seems to be here for a while at least.  The snow is melting, the sun is shining, and I'm planning my garden for the summer.  I've got lots of seeds and seed starting stuff.  I'm starting my usual marigolds and celosia and coleus for the rock garden.  Ive got lots of allysium for the flower bed by the porch,  These flowers are Lucky's (the cat) favourite and he loves to lay in the middle of them and sleep in the sun.  I'm quite sure that we will get more snow, but for now it's nice to take long walks in the warm early spring sun.

I put aside the denim jacket for a while.  The bulky seams on the collar and shouilders were driving me crazy so I decided to take a break and picked it up again yesterday.  I graded the facing and collar and under-stitched and it's now behaving itself.  I can start the top stitching on the collar and lapels now and then do the sleeve vent.  I think I'll do the sleeve vent in leather.  It can be worked in a single layer with no turning under, so there will be less bulk.  I hope.  Putting it away let me get a way from the frustrating part which was mostly completed.  Now I can work on the non-bulky stuff.

I'm also thinking about entering a jewelry contest.  The theme is "jungle" and the piece needs one stitched element and it needs green.   I'm thinking orchids, bromeliads, and other jungle flora, maybe with a small stitched critter.  I don't want lions and tigers and zebras, and I don't want palm leaves. Maybe a liana vine with ants? Or maybe something far less literal?  For the Starry Night challenge I did the "heart full of stars"  necklace.  Maybe I should use a large natural stone in green and smaller ones...I think I have my idea! Cool!

I got a whole bunch of crystal beads from Bead Bazaar in pale lilacs, pinks, green, mauve...I feel the need to make a simple "breath of spring" piece with these crystals and some fine gold chains.  I've also got a bit of fabric that's in a similar color scheme so I am also thinking "Elaborate beaded and chain embellished dress."  I can't help notice some old 1920's styles and thinking that there are ways to make them modern and far less old, and thinking that there needs to be a way to work beads and chains in the 1920's and modern and get it to work all together.

Best Google Search That Found My Blog EVAR: mushrooms in my litterbox edible? DOOOOOD!  If you have mushrooms growing in your litterbox your first thought should NOT be "are they edible?"  You might want to look at some cleaning websites first.

Speaking of webstuff, I have a new hobby.  I am collecting, downloading and installing fonts.  For some reason fonts have been tickling the old fancy and I've been searching for as many as possible.  I have some from a Lovecraft site, I have a bunch that look like kid's printing and writing, I have graffiti and urban... Once i learned how to properly install fonts so they work in my drawing and painting programs I've been having some fun. I might have a new Cthulhu inspired banner for the blog.  

I'll try to get a couple pictures of the jacket on my dress stand and also a picture of my new beads.  Later!

Posted by lincatz at 11:39 AM EST
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Friday, 16 October 2009
Exploring the domain
Mood:  energetic
Topic: this 'n that 'n the other

Tomorrow is the Big "creative Festival" in Toronto.  it was called the "Sewing and Needlework Festival"  but they changed the name in order to encompass more crafts such as scrapbooking.  Which totally backfired on them three years ago when all the people who come far and wide for sewing stuff bitched about how it had more scrapbook stuff than sewing stuff and people came fore sewing things. So once again there's more sewing and needlework stuff than scrapbook stuff.

I have a short list of things I need:  Sewing machine needle threaders.  A rubber pad for under my serger so it stops running away from me. A hump jumper for sewing over thicker layers of denim. A couple feet for the babylock.  An adaptor for MR Anderson.  he doesn't adapt very well, you know.  NO it's so I can use generic snap on feet on him and also there's a shank shifter that will allow me to use generic lo-shank feet.  All my fancy feet are low and snap on.  A higher quality invisible zipper foot, one that isn't made of plastic. Lets hope i can see the invisible zipper foot. get it?  That's a joke!

I planned on making a nice top for tomorrow to go with my new high waisted pants.  Unfortunately I began to suffer what is known as analysis paralysis, where I think too much.  Then I thought if i could find some copper and bronze trims that I have it would spur me to action all the happened was well...a fark headline "Linda is in a rush to make a top in less than two days!  Let's re-organize all her trims and embellishments and see if she notices!" 

I did some re-organizing as this one box of bronze and copper embellishments kept being in thew way whenever i opened up my supply closet.  So I decided to re-organize the closet and move the trims somewhere that made more sense.  Apparently it didn't make that much sense because now I can't find them.  This, I don't need to add- did not help in the least when it came to making a nice top from the brown knit and the brown, rust and copper lace.

I think tonight I will whip something together on the fly and hope for the best.

Here are a couple of links worth bookmarking.  this is Dan's blog about his final project for college.  He's making a game and this is about his progress.  Next is:  Heather's website for all her graphic design work.  Here's her blog: 

Much of my site is transitioning well.  in a couple days everything will be at the new .com location.  I'll transferring everything to my new lincatz-at-lincatz-dot-com e-mail address. Now that's real class, isn't it?  Your own name at your own domain! Makes everything easy to remember. I also have some subdomains available, you'll be stuck with lincatz as part of your site, but that's not so bad is it? It will be cheap and there will be no ads. I think Ben is interested in one.    And I have four more POP e-mails available and all are individually password protected and can be used on Outlook express. Although why anyone would want to use outlook express in beyond me, not when there are so many better POP clients out there.

Next will be updating and re-working everything.  Some of the old stuff will be gone and I will make everything easy to find.  I also have a secure shopping cart with paypal so i can set up a small store.  It's cheaper than an etsy and my stuff is less likely to get lost in all the crap on that site. See REGRETSY!  Honestly, what's with the crap they sell on etsy these days?  Tampon air fresheners?  Re-usable cloth toilet paper?   And 600$ for a sock monkey Michael Jackson thriller toy?  Am I missing something?

So that's all for today.  It's a bit of a busy day, today.  Ben and i are going out for a while and then we are meeting Dave and then we are going to the mall for dinner and mall-ratting.  And then I have to whip together a top for tomorrow.  Good thing I just found the box of embellishments that I misplaced.  And no, the location was neither logical or intuitive. It was just shoved in a place where it wouldn't keep falling out of the closet.


Posted by lincatz at 8:40 AM EDT
Updated: Friday, 16 October 2009 10:21 AM EDT
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Tuesday, 14 July 2009
Today in Litterbox History
Mood:  chatty
Topic: this 'n that 'n the other

I received a comment that my blog, The Litterbox, is over five years old.  Wow.  Five years of nothing.  The commenter says that my content has changed over five years an my response is: OF COURSE!  I've changed over five years.  Everyone changes with passage of time.  Lets take a look back at some posts from this week in in the past.

July 2008: We have a Bald Squirrel from England.  His name is "Smoothy"  We have an entry describing how I made a moulange for my dummy and how I stuffed it with the remains of a dead Master Shake. There's also the very popular entry How to Make a Cargo Skirt From a Basic Skirt Pattern. Also I spend a bit of time talking about the new computer.  This computer is now one year old.  Yay!

July 2007: Some general bitching about how the "Live 8" concert was not going to change the world it was nothing more than a bunch of narcissistic back patting.  Live 8...I completely forgot about that!  It introduced us the the concept of "carbon Offsets" as real a commodity as "papal indulgences"  Pay enough money, assuage your guilty conscience, but continue on as if they actually make a difference.  I also complain about how hot and sticky it is. Won't see that complaint this year! A giant 40 pound mushroom was discovered in mexico  Also, two years ago Brian May of Queen became the best guitar player slash astrophysicist ever. 

July 2006: We are in the middle of a killer heat wave.  I have several sketches of tops and skirt that I was working on, all except one are complete.  One ended up in the UFO box because the beaded fabric was giving me fifty fits a minute.  I need to finish it, It's quite nice.  I was quite enamoured with a new gadget that appeared on the market.  Some were saying it was pointless archaic technology because the things used with this technology weren't being made any longer.  It was the return of the record turntable, and I wasn't the only one who wanted one.  And the thing about vinyl records?  The local Sunrise store has a large portion of the store devoted to vinyl. And speaking of analogue the site Music from outer space is still up and running with lots of do-it-yourself electronic projects featuring analogue synths.  Finally: I took the Which John Hughes movie character are you quiz and to the surprise of absolutely no-one I got Andie from Pretty in Pink.  That movie could be my life story; I even had a guy-friend. who looked almost exactly like Blaine!  Hi Paul, if you are reading!

July 2005: This week in 2005 featured heat, haze and humidity. In one entry I complain that it is 29 at 9:00AM.  I went on strike until Dave agreed to buy an air conditioner.  Since Dave was just as miserable as the rest of us he caved right away.  I describe the air as being orange, smelling like an old foundry, and being too crunchy to breathe. 2005 was the golden age of the World Weird Web, where there were bio-pro crystals that would give you mind control powers and save hundreds of dollars on gas for your car!  Astra-web, which offered a complete on line course in Astral projection; CONTRAILS! they aren't airplane exhaust trails, they are secret mind control chemicals! Crater Chains!  Craters on other planets are not meteor strikes, they are the damage left behind from some interplanetary war!  I miss the world weird web.  Now where do loonies go to post their crackpot theories?

July2004:  these are all archived as text, the host site no longer exists.  This was the absolute peak of World Weird Web, geocities was giving away free sites to everyone, so was angelfire, and a free tripod site came with our ISP.  Since the old webhost with our ISP vanished i took advantage of the free tripod site.  I am happy I did, they treat the long time customers very well. At that time the main focus of the blog was the over-all weirdness of the world.  After spending much on my life being told I was weird it was quite refreshing to see that I was actually quite normal, compared to some of the sheer idiocy on the web.  This was the time of David Icke and the Reptilian Conspiracy, the world was still reeling for 9/11 and there was a hotly contested election in the US.  The right versus left culture war was at its peak and there appeared to be a real chance that the US could become a theocracy.  It didn't happen, but at that time there were people in power who wanted it to happen. There's little about sewing and designing because I had not yet discovered the show Project Runway.  That show opened my eyes to how unusual and rare my talent was, These people all did what i could do!  And I could do it far better than many of them! 

July 2003.  my blog is actually a small notebook where I keep track of what I eat and how it affects my health.  I seem to have a problem, but I am not certain what it is.  It appears to get worse after certain meals, such as spaghetti.  I'll be taking all this to the doctors later in the week.  I'll soon be learning the word "celiac" and "gluten" and why I need to avoid it/

July 2002: While i am active on the web in message boards, forums and other places I use my website only for image hosting.  I'm a bit of a siggy-piggy, filling my posts with GIFS, dolls, and other nonsense.  I spend much of my time on sewing sites, some on sites about atheism and some on paganism, and I spend a lot of time reading and learning about Asperger's Syndrome. Here are a couple old signatures, GIFS, and assorted crap I used to use on message boards:


Last one:


As we can see my doll looks exactly like me.  Yes, my head is bigger than my upper torso and my eyes take up 35% of my face.

And that's all for today.  looking at my old blog entries are interesting and boring all at the same time.

Posted by lincatz at 11:31 AM EDT
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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Mood:  happy
Now Playing: Manners by Passion Pit. Cool electropop!
Topic: this 'n that 'n the other

Me and the spider are getting along quite well.  She's settled down in her new home, she spend less time in an attack position with her front legs up and ready to pounce and more time at the glass peering outside. We have her in our dining room on top of a cabinet and she can look over the whole room.  She gets very curious when there's any noise or activity in the room.  At dinner time she's always at the glass with her front legs up on the glass watching us. One thing I didn't know about tarantulas: they make a noise when they walk, a sort of clattering rustling ruffling sound.  it's not loud, it's just weird.

She has systemically murdered all the crickets and she's lined them up along one side of the tank.  She's certainly eaten four, there's one half sucked-dry husk of a cricket, one that's webbed up and one that she killed because it was far too noisy for her.  She hunted that one for a while and he tried digging a hole in the substrate to get away.  i poked him out of the hole and she got him.  She left him at the water dish and the other crickets were quiet for a while.  Then as they began cheeping again she went after them.

So now i am going to the pet store for more crickets.  I have a little cricket cage and I'll put them in only a few at a time.  She can murder small insects to her heart's content.

My mom and dad have their fiftieth wedding anniversary coming up in September and the invitations are going out this week.  I have a dress planned for myself, it's going to be red and made of silk jersey and embellished with bronze and antique gold, there will be eyelets for tightening the bodice, there will be soft deerskin suede lacings and feathers and some earthy beads, I have some sequined trim with soft suede scrolling to use under the bust.  I want to go the whole nine yards with this dress and then I can also wear it to the Creative festival in Toronto in October. I have a couple sketches already of what i want to do. It has to be red, no other colour will do. 

I should also offer to make my mom a dress, I know what i would like to do: a simple wedge/column silhouette in a fabulous fabric with a bold neckline detail, such as a collar or perhaps shoulder detailing. The colour should be jewel bright and not bashful or understated.  I would love to do another rich brocade dress for her, that would look super.

The only wrench in the works is that they want to invite my one ancient aunt who is a missionary up in the northwest of Ontario.  She inculcates indoctrinates slaughters the native culture...she's a missionary who destroys all vestiges of first nation culture...DAMN!  I can't think of any nice way to say that she's preaching a foreign religion to the children in the guise of a teacher.  I think what she's doing is hideous and I find it hard to bite my tongue on this. These are the kind of people who supported the Indian residential schools of a not-so bygone era.  And to make matters worse, she's a raving fundy who thinks that GWB was the best president in the history of the US and thinks the worked is 6000 years old. She's also a cap and cape dress wearing old order Mennonite.  I will bit my tongue, but I'm still wearing a red dress that shows a bit lot of cleavage.

In other news I have a very lush, green and successful veggie garden.  I will soon have more peas and more green beans than i know what to do with, no...I know what to do with them: Freeze them so I can have garden fresh stuff in the middle of winter!  There are blossoms on the cucumbers, the green zucchini and yellow zucchini, the tomatoes are in bloom and the peppers are growing well.  I need to fertilize them with a fertilizer that has a high middle number, that's the one that gives you leaves and flowers.

So that's all, there's not much happening in the old litter box. That's good, sometimes I need a brief time with no drama in my life.

Posted by lincatz at 10:41 AM EDT
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Thursday, 25 June 2009

Mood:  mischievious
Topic: this 'n that 'n the other

Our family has some big news!  Dan is planning on moving into an apartment of his own.  He'll be moving in the beginning of August.  He's busy getting a whole bunch of stuff together for the place, kitchen things, living room things, etc.   My brother mike is also getting an apartment of his own in September and my mom and dad are tentatively planning on selling their house and moving into a condo in that fall. So many changes!  I don't think I can cope.

Oh yeah, Our grocery bill will be only half of what it is now. And there will be one less person to pink up after.  I think I will cope just fine.  Ben will move into his brother's room and Ben's room will become a walk in closet or perhaps a library.  I think we should combine his closet and ours into one large closet and then his room can have one wall turned into built-in floor to ceiling book shelves.  We could also put in a desk and turn it into a small home office. Yeah...I think we will cope quite well when Dan leaves.

It's a big step for all of us.  It will be interesting to see how the next six months unfold.  There will be changes for all of us ahead.

Last night was Amy's graduation.  The dress was absolutely stunning on her and it was well worth all the work. She looked just like the sketch I did!  The ceremony ran about half an hour longer than it was supposed to...but what graduation doesn't run overtime?  Dave's university graduation was almost four hours one hour was for some guy getting a special degree for his work in pure mathematical theory as it pertained to the motion of galaxies and the stars within them, mixed up with Fermat's final theorem and a bit of what has lately been known as quantum theory and string theory.  So after she took me around to meet some teachers and others. Amy and I look very much alike, and we're quite similar in other ways too. Good ways.  When they were talking about who was about to win the English award the second they said "has a flair for drama" I KNEW it was Amy.  Then when they called her "the school's own Bellatrix LeStrange" I think everyone knew it was her.  That's a character in Harry Potter, by the way.

So I still have the burnout velvet that I was thinking of using. Note: it was so hot yesterday that the poor girl would have melted in the burnout velvet. I also have the stretch lace with the Aurora Borealis beading, and some of the other trims, and i think they would be perfect for a new black cocktail dress.  I also have some black aurora Borealis hot fix crystals in 20, teardrop and 60 sizes, so the dress can really sparkle.  Ill make the bodice fitted like a basic sheath with a shallow and broad V in the front and the skirt will be twisted, gathered and quite full. I also have three sewing machine threaded with plenty of black thread and the coolest place in the house in the basement...

After the graduation my brother came over and took out camping trailer away.  We haven't used it since Ben became far too long for the beds inside.  There are still a few (a lot) of repairs needed on the canvas.  I hope it's roadworthy long enough for a trip to where-ever.  Probably should have an expert look at it, it's been sitting for several years  and I hope it's still okay for the road. So far Steve says there are no problems, but all he did is drive it to his place. 

When I got up this morning I had fifty comment waiting for me.  Was it something I said about jello salads, which generated over 400 comments at one point?  Was it the entry where i said phentex yarn slipper looked and smelled like ass, which still generates hate mail?  No, it was for fifty separate entries, and all of them were this:

Good credit history student have got a main target to achieve higher study. Money plays good rolls in their study because money completes the necessities of the higher study that’s why the requirements of money are increasing very fast, how ever the student who have got the bad credit history, they don’t achieve the higher study, due to lack money and they don’t pay the asset to the avail the loans.

...with a link to a website that ended in the .ru suffix.  Yeah, I'm going to go for a loan from an ad that isn't even written in real english, just bad babelfish english. The infuriating part is that it took half an hour to delete this spam crap one by one.

And that's all for today. I have to brave the heat and do some work outside and get a few groceries and then recover from heat stroke.  Later!

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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

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It's finally summer!  It's been warm and humid for three days now.  happy happy joy joy. 

I finished Amy's dress and delivered it yesterday.  I hope it fits fine and looks fine.  I hope she likes it.  i think it looks nice.  At the end i was getting to the part where I get all fussy and freaky-out about little things and I have to stop fiddling with it and touching it because that's when disaster can creep in.  I admit the hem was freaking me out.  I had it on the form and it looked straight, then on a hanger it looked crooked, then I measured it with the tape measure and it was fine, then I hung it up on a different hanger and it looked okay...then i put it in a bag because I was totally freaking myself out.  There comes a point when i no longer can "see" a dress.  It's hard to describe, I see seams and hems and facings and necklines and gathers and details, but I lose the picture of the entire dress.  Then I get hooked on one detail, or I see two little stitches as being wrong...then I start to freak myself out.  So when that started I put the dress in a bag and stopped looking at it.  My SIL wanted Amy to try it on, but I said we had to get going because I knew I was in the middle of that freak-out stage.

So if there are any major problems, I can go there this evening and fix them up.  I tossed some leftover fabric and a few bits of the leftover trim into the bag.  The purple jaquard was easier to sew than I expected and the crinkled black was far more challenging than I expected.  But that's the way it works.  The only real potential disaster was the purple loose weave couldn't hold a curve, even with stay stitching.  It tended to stretch anywhre there was a curved cut.  The neckline came this close to being a disaster, but i had some elastic edged trim the pulled the neck back inot shape.  Unfortunately it raised the neckline a bit, but she is only 14 so she doesn't need too low a U-neck. That's the part that concerns me the most.  And the fact I initially cut it two sizes too big and spent tons of time making it smaller. Her midriff is barely 25 inches, so the midriff band needed to be less than 25 inches, not more.

I cleaned up the sewing room and now i can finish the long t-shaped tunic top.  And i have a pir of denim cargo shorts cut out.  It's lighter 10 ounce denim, one step up from chambray.  I need denim shorts and the ones at stores right now show off too much of my late-forties thighs.

But for today i'm leaving the sewing room for a while.  i need to do some outdoor work and Ben is going to mow the lawn. That's Ben's new job; mowing the lawn.  Dave is allergic to grass, so we decided this was a good thing for Ben to learn.  While he mows I will hoe the garden.  I said HOE the garden, now ho' around in the garden.  There's a difference.

The Roma tomatoes are doing quite well.  Everything is a little behind, it's bee far too cool and damp for a lot of the veggies that require sun, but the lttuce is doing well.  i have to pick some later today.  I will give everything a nice cool mist and by five or so it will be ready for picking.  i don't like picking in the morning because that when some insects are busy, I hate finding earwigs in my salad.  The Roma tomatoes are quite bushy, and many of my marigolds are blooming. 

And that's all for now.  I need to get other things done!  Later! 

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