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Friday, 14 October 2016
Friday Fabric! New and new-to-me
Topic: fun with fabric friday

Happy Birthday to me! Yup, another birthday has come and gone. I did some fabric shopping for my birthday and got some great stuff -both new and from the vintage stores!

Recently a vintage clothing show came to town and I got these two tie-dyed pieces. One is a dress and the other a skirt. The skirt is one the left and the shirring elastic in the waist band is crumbling to dust but that's okay because I don't like the shirring. The right side is a dress and it fits and looks fantastic. The dress will remain as is because I really do love it. I've worn it twice, once as is and the second like a jumper with a shirt underneath. I wore that lace and embroidered shirt I wrote about earlier this year!

This is from the local Goodwill. It's new with tags and appears that it was never worn. The brand, size and care tag are all in mint condition. It's a similar style to the tie-dye skirt above. I am planning to turn one into a nice top and the other will stay a skirt. Right now I think this one is winning the skirt competion and the other will make a wonderful long summer top. I have lots of things that go with this skirt and the other is a little too long and a little too large and full. It has more fabric so it becomes a top. 

This is an elegant long evening skirt made of taffeta with a flocked velvet print. The base of the zipper and the the linings were badly ripped and damaged but it's easy enough to fix.  The waist is way too small for me but the pleats are very deep and there's more than enough fabric to make smaller pleats, attach a satin or grosgrain ribbon waistband and have an elegant evening skirt.  OR I can cut off the bottom few inches so the velvet flocked band is closer to the hem and use that to make a nice waistband. Austin the cat is guarding the skirt!

 This is the prize peice. It's five ounce pig suede, never worn, still has tags attached and the tags appear to have late 70's early 1980's SKU numbers.  The skirt is a wrap one and the fit is really wierd. The hips measure 25 inches across flat, so it's about fifty inches circumference. The waist is a mere 13 inches flat, which fits a 24 inch waistThe hips fit me with room to spare, the waist is inhuman! I will probably take it apart for the suede. I might make a sude skirt and some type of purse and wallet. THre's plenty of suede. It also goes well with the turquoise suede leftovers from the purse I made earlier in the year.  Her's the price tag:

Originally $355-I'll guestimate that to be over 500$ in today's dollars -marked down to 40$. Many years later it ends up in a Goodwill shop and sells for 7$. I can imagine whoever bought it at 40 bucks  tried it on, saw the wierd waist to hip fit and put it aside to have it altered and never looked at it again. Their loss, my gain.

This is brown suede patched together with crochet stitches. It's only a couple inches too small -I could wear it as is if I don't mind it being too tight across the waist -so I am pulling out the center joining line and adding a band for a snap closure. I can make the band anywhere from two to three inches wide and it will still fit in with the style and mood of the skirt. I had one just like this in 1974. It might be the one I had in 1974. It's possible, who knows?  The tag inside is lost, but I am quite certain this was from Eatons back in the day. Now for some new fabric!

On the left is a soft brished nap jersey that's warm and somewhat cuddly. I want to make an easy to wear soft, comfy, and warm winter dress. The bold paisley is a rayon twill and will be either a dress or a cute skirt and top combination. The dark teal is fake suede and will be either a fringed western style jacket or a fringed motorcycle jacket. The different is length -the western jacket is longer and below the hip line and and the motorcycle is shorter and right at the hip line. Either or -there will be fringes and some embellishments on the yokes. I will add snap closures (something inside is whispering you want swarovski crystal snaps and also crystal rivets from dreamtimecreations)

I have a couple desicions to make, such as turning the one skirt into a top or leaving as is for now, How all-out do I want the teal suede jacket to be, sghould I sue a modern or vintage pattern for the paisley and more. But for now I will look at my new stuff, touch it, and let my muse whisper wild ideas into my ear. Like the one about crystal snaps and rivets.

Posted by lincatz at 10:17 AM EDT
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Friday, 19 August 2016

Topic: fun with fabric friday

Vacation timne is over! It was acturally over on Tuesday but I've been taking a few days as a vacation from my vacation. I feel mostly recovered and It's time to get back into the swing of things.

I got some fabric before going away and some really cool trim to go with it. Here's the fabric:

with big blocks of black and white primitice/tribal inspired motifs. And here's the trim:

I do not belive that a dress can design itself, but this is close. The V-shape of the trim dictates the V neck shape of the dress. The tribal-primitive inspired fabric dictates that style - a loose tunic or caftan shape.   Something similar to this:

Only dress length with a band under the V for a casing which will hold a satin cord trimmed with black and silver beads. The cord will be used to draw the dress closer to the body so it is less of a muumuu look when longer. And withouit the harsh square angle in the neckline. Or possibly a caftan similar to this:

...only with a little less sleeve-age in the sides. The lace-up front would have the satin cord and the silver and black beads. I'm leaning toward the caftan, a bit more romantic and flowing and less square and boxy than the tunic. I COULD play with the stipe blocks, but no. Too mush work, not enough reward.

I'm also finishing the not-so-fu-with-fabric-friday! dress I started at the end of summer last year. The hand sewing of the thousands of little pleats took longer than expected but now it's almost all done -zipper and all so all I need to do is add straps and I am finished. 

I am planning to wear either the not so fun dress or the new black print one to Fan Expo in Toronto. It will be hot and I want something cool and comfy while I am there. No, I am NOT cosplaying as Squirrel girl. No way I am wearing fur on a day that might be as hot as 30 celcius. 





Posted by lincatz at 10:32 AM EDT
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